ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/10/13

Body Measures:  Flight Engineer (FE)-3 Hopkins with operator assistance from FE-6 Nyberg, set up cameras and cabin video, performed body marker instrumentation, and collected calibration and body pose photos and circumference measurements.  It is anticipated that body measurements will change due to microgravity and fluid shifts. The goal of this study is to gather preliminary data to better understand the magnitude and variability of these changes. This data is important to be able to determine the changes that may occur during long-duration space flight and to be able to apply the changes to suit fit, suit sizing, workstation design, etc. for future missions to maximize performance, prevent injury, and reduce crew time for altering or adjusting their suits, workstation, etc. to accommodate their anthropometrics.

Ocular Health (OH) Fundoscope: FE-5 Parmitano and FE-6 Nyberg continued their three day series of activities performed in support of the Ocular Health payload.  This series will complete their Return-minus-30-day session and final session.  Alternating as a Crew Medical Officer (CMO) and as a subject, Parmitano and Nyberg performed a vision test with medical ground support that was postponed yesterday due to a laptop resolution issue. They then completed Fundoscope eye examinations of each other after administering drops for pupil dilation. The Ocular Health protocol calls for a systematic gathering of physiological data to characterize the risk of microgravity-induced visual impairment/intracranial pressure in ISS crewmembers. Researchers believe that the measurement of visual, vascular and central nervous system changes over the course of this experiment and during the subsequent postflight recovery will assist in the development of countermeasures, clinical monitoring strategies and clinical practice guidelines.

Reconfiguration of the Combustion Integrated Rack (CIR) for the Multi-user Droplet Combustion Apparatus (MDCA)  Flame Extinguishment  (FLEX) Experiment:  FE-5 Parmitano replaced MDCA Igniter Tip hardware in the MDCA to support operation of the FLEX experiment.  FLEX uses small droplets of fuel to study the special burning characteristics of fire in space. The experiment studies the rate and manner in which fuel is burned, the conditions that are necessary for soot to form, and the way in which a mixture of fuels evaporate before burning. The results from these experiments will provide insight into how fires behave in space and will provide important information that will be useful in increasing the fuel efficiency of engines using liquid fuels.

Cygnus Cargo Operations: FE-6 Nyberg continued cargo operations in Cygnus, stowing hardware for disposal in the vehicle. The Cygnus vehicle is scheduled to be unberthed and released from the ISS on Tuesday, October 22nd. The Cygnus vehicle does not return cargo to the ground, but will burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere upon re-entry.

Today’s Planned Tasks

  • Laptop RS2(1) Reboot  [Complete]
  • SM ПСС (Caution & Warning Panel) Test  [Complete]
  • RSS1, RSS2 Reboot  [Complete]
  • Reading REMINDER [Complete]
  • REMINDER – Crew reminder about the experiment constraints [Complete]
  • ENERGY Diet Log of Breakfast [Complete]
  • JEMRMS – Bus Monitor Stop Part 1 [Complete]
  • EHS MCD Water Processing  [Complete]
  • CASKAD. Manual Mixing in Bioreactor  [Complete]
  • OBSTANOVKA. Download of Obstanovka P/L Data from БСПН to RSS1 (start) [Complete]
  • VIRU. Initiate battery charge  [Complete]
  • PHS Evaluation Setup [Complete]
  • Prep for ISS RS SM fan replacement with low-noise units [Complete]
  • Initiate battery pack 825М3 No. 1268861163 (00060663R, ФГБ1ПГО_2_221_1) charge [Complete]
  • Replacement of BRI configuration file (version 4.2.33) [Complete]
  • Acoustic dosimeters: hardware setup for static measurements (operation 4 of 5) [Complete]
  • VIRTUAL. Set up, Conduct Experiment and Closeout Ops [Complete] 
  • HRF – Close-out Ops and Stowage [Complete]
  • Periodic Health Status – Subject [Complete]
  • Periodic Health Status – Assistance [Complete]
  • Replacement of ВПО12 fan in ISS RS SM with a low-noise unit [Complete]
  • Periodic Health Status (PHS) Data Entry and Stowage of All Hardware Used in PHS [Complete]
  • EXPRS-8 Laptop Troubleshooting [Complete]
  • Testing Remote Laptop in USOS [Complete]
  • Diet Log Photo [Complete]
  • Resubmission of Salivary Markers questionnaire for downlink [Complete]
  • Body Measurement Experiment [Complete]
  • CONSTANTA. Setup and Ops. Tagup with specialists (S-band, VHF) [Complete]
  • БД-2 Exercise, Day 4 [Complete]
  • Body Measures Experiment (assistance) [Complete]
  • CONSTANTA. Assistance in the Experiment [Complete]
  • Crew time for ISS adaptation and orientation [Complete]
  • HRF – Stow Urine Collection Equipment [Complete]
  • БД-2 Exercise, Day 1 [Complete]
  • Body Measures Experiment (assistance) [Complete]
  • Locating Equipment for a stand-alone НОК2 and СМОК line operation checkout. [Complete]
  • Body Measures Experiment [Complete]
  • OBSTANOVKA. Download of Obstanovka P/L Data from БСПН to RSS1 (termination) [Complete]
  • PAO Hardware Setup [Complete]
  • ENERGY Diet Log of Lunch [Complete]
  • Crew Prep for PAO [Complete]
  • PAO Event [Complete]
  • VIRU. Software Upgrade. Tagup with specialists (S-band, VHF) [Complete]
  • Crew time for ISS adaptation and orientation [Complete]
  • Stand-alone НОК2 and СМОК line operation checkout [Complete]
  • VIRU. Conduct the experiment using Photo Spectral System (ФСС) Hardware [Complete]
  • CIR Rack Doors Open [Complete]
  • CIR Front End Cap Open [Complete]
  • MDCA – Hardware Replacement [Complete]
  • Replacement of ВСЭП1 fan in ISS RS SM with a low-noise unit [Complete]
  • Cygnus Transfers [Complete]
  • VIRU. Fill out and Downlink VIRU Log Sheet [Complete]
  • CIR Front End Cap Close [Complete]
  • Cygnus Cargo Transfers Conference [Complete]
  • CYGNUS. Cargo Transfer Tagup [Complete]
  • CIR Rack Doors Close [Complete]
  • IMS and Stowage Conference [Complete]
  • Ocular Health (OH) – Hardware Setup [Complete]
  • Ocular Health (OH) – Prep [Complete]
  • CIR.  Hardware Return [Complete]
  • БД-2 Exercise, Day 2 [Complete]
  • Video Footage Recording for the 15th Anniversary of the ISS [Complete]
  • MPEG2 Multicast test using КЛ-211 encoder and MPEG2 VIDEO SERVER2 Application on CP SSC Laptop (Ku-band) [Complete]
  • Ocular Health (OH) – prep [Complete]
  • Ocular Health (OH) – Subject [Complete]
  • Ocular Health (OH) – Assistance [Complete]
  • Familiarization with an onboard computer network  (Auxiliary Computer Systems) [Complete]
  • Ocular Health (OH) – Subject [Complete]
  • Ocular Health (OH) – Hardware Stowage [Complete]
  • Food Frequency Questionnaire [Complete]
  • CASKAD. Manual Mixing in Bioreactor / r/g 3598 [Complete]
  • ENERGY Diet Log of Dinner [Complete]
  • Reading REMINDER [Complete]

Task List

  • CEO Ops [In Work]
  • ARED Cylinder Evacuation  [Complete]
  • KTO Replace
  • ЕДВ-У R&R
  • Preparation of reports for Roskosmos site
  • Recording video for Roskosmos Press Service
  • ECON-M. Observations and Photography
  • URAGAN. Observations and Photography
  • MSG Access Verify
  • IMV ASV Clean  [In Work]
  • Crew Discretionary PAO Event [In Work]
  • Node1 Liner Inspect
  • Node 3 Reorganize  [In Work]
  • SM Printer Troubleshooting


  • Nominal Commanding  [Complete]
  • Battery 3B3 Reconditioning [In Work]
  • JEM SFA Ground Control Demonstration  [Complete]

Three-Day Look Ahead:

Friday, 10/11: EMU 3005 and 3010 loop scrub, Ultrasound Scan, Energy and Ocular Health Cardiac Operations

Saturday, 10/12: Housekeeping, Crew Off Duty

Sunday, 10/13: Crew Off Duty


QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:



Elektron On
Vozdukh Manual
[СКВ] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”) Off
[СКВ] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”) Off
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab Standby
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3 Operate
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab Off
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3 Operate
Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) Process
Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) Standby
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab Off
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3 Full up