ISS Daily Summary Report – 03/04/14

Aniso Tubule Light Treatment:  Flight Engineer (FE)-6 Wakata retrieved an Aniso Tubule sample from a Minus Eighty Degree Celsius Laboratory Freezer for ISS (MELFI) and attached a Ziplock bag containing the Sample Chamber onto a Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF) door to expose it to light.  This is the fifth of five planned runs.  Later he inserted the Sample Chamber into a light proof bag.  Later this week, the sample will be retrieved and placed on the Multi Purpose Small Payload Rack (MSPR) fluorescent microscope for a 48 hour observation.  JAXA’s Aniso Tubule experiment investigates the roles of cortical microtubules and microtubule-associated proteins in gravity-induced growth modification of plant stems.

Marangoni Operations:  FE-3 Hopkins removed the processed Marangoni Deformation 30 (MD30) sample from the Fluid Physics Experiment Facility (FPEF) and replaced it with a Dynamic Surf-2 sample for the next FPEF sample run.  The Dynamic Surf investigation is part of a series of JAXA experiments that examine Marangoni convection or flow, a process driven by the presence of a surface tension gradient produced by a temperature difference at a liquid/gas interface.  Observations of fluid convection in a silicone oil liquid bridge generated by heating one disc higher than another will provide insight into how such fluids move and heat is transferred in microgravity.  The results are expected to be used in the design and development of more efficient fluid flow-based systems and devices.

Binary Colloidal Alloy Test – Kinetics Platform (BCAT-KP) Experiment: Hopkins and FE-5 Mastracchio prepared sample #6 for a seven day test run. This is the second of 10 BCAT-KP samples.  BCAT-KP provides a platform for material and industrial scientists to investigate colloid phase changes, providing results that may be used to develop new colloidal materials and formulations with unique properties.  The results may support new applications, from new liquid crystals to consumer goods having longer shelf life and uses.

Ocular Health (OH) Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Fundoscope Eye Examinations: Mastracchio, acting as the Crew Medical Officer (CMO), performed OCT and Fundoscope eye examinations on Wakata with remote guidance from ground experts.  The Ocular Health protocol calls for a systematic gathering of physiological data to characterize the risk of microgravity-induced visual impairment and intracranial pressure in ISS crewmembers.  Researchers believe the measurement of visual, vascular and central nervous system changes over the course of this experiment and during the subsequent post flight recovery will assist in the development of countermeasures, clinical monitoring strategies and clinical practice guidelines.

Earth Rim Observation: Mastracchio set up the D3 camera in the Cupola for sequential auto photo shooting of the earth’s surface with the existing JAXA attached payload, Multi mission Consolidated Equipment (MCE). Coordinated operation gives a stereoscopic observation of common targets and clarifies the three-dimensional structures of the upper atmospheric disturbances.

In Flight Maintenance (IFM) Remote Flow Control Assembly (RFCA) Reconfiguration: This afternoon, Mastracchio and Wakata rotated the LAB1D1 Rack to access and reconfigure the LAB1PD1 RFCA from the Moderate Temperature Loop (MTL) loop to the Low Temperature Loop (LTL) loop. This will allow relocation of the MELFI Rack to the LAB1P1 location if the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) MTL pump were to fail.

JEM ORU Transfer Interface (JOTI) Install: Earlier this morning, Wakata installed JOTI onto the Airlock slide table in preparation for the Camera Light Pan Tilt Assembly (CLPA) activity planned for Increment 39.

Today’s Planned Tasks

  • Laptop RS1(2) Reboot / Onboard Computer System [Complete]
  • Caution & Warning Panel Test / Manual Controls [Complete]
  • RSS1,2 Reboot / r/g 1009 [Complete]
  • HRF Saliva Sample Collection[Complete]
  • HRF – Urine Sample Insertion Into MELFI [Complete]
  • Verification and report of antivirus scan results on Auxiliary Computer System (ВКС) laptops / r/g 4860 [Complete]
  • T2-WRS1 – Providing Rack Access [Complete]
  • Aniso Sample transfer from MELFI [Complete]
  • ANISO – Setup of Ziploc bagged samples [Complete]
  • Measuring Mass of Condensate Container (СБК) / r/g 5002 [Complete]
  • Regeneration of БМП Ф2 Micropurification Cartridge (start) [Complete]
  • JEM Airlock Slide Table Extension [Complete]
  • Pre-pack cargo items for return or disposal on ТК 710 / r/g 4739, 4897, 4970
  • BIOME – Data Entry [Complete]
  • БРП-М water sampling to drink bags / Life Support System  r/g 4984 [Complete]
  • MSPR Work Bench Setup [Complete]
  • JOTI installation and maintenance procedure Review [Complete]
  • G1 – Camcorder Setup [Complete]
  • MD30 – Preparation Ops [Complete]
  • СВО-ЗВ water sampling to Russian drink bags / Life Support System  r/g 4984 [Complete]
  • MD30 – disposal [Complete]
  • CLPA/JOTI – Fill indicator Installation [Complete]
  • JEM Airlock Slide Table Retraction [Complete]
  • ABOUT GAGARIN FROM SPACE. Experiment Ops  r/g 5001 [Complete]
  • Crew Departure Prep [Complete]
  • EXPRESS Rack 1 Locker Removal [Complete]
  • EXPRESS Rack 3 Locker Removal [Complete]
  • Reading БАОК ГАНК-4М Data  [Complete]
  • Counter Measure System (CMS) Harmful Contaminant Measurements in SM / r/g 5005 [Complete]
  • EXPRESS Rack 7 Locker Removal [Complete]
  • HRF Rack 1 Hardware Transfer [Complete]
  • BCAT3 – Hardware Setup and Checkout [Complete
  • BCAT – Historical Documentation Photography [Complete]
  • BCAT – Sample Image Setup and Photography [Complete]
  • Filling (separation) of EDV [KOV] for Elektron  r/g 4807 [Complete]
  • ТК 710 Descent OBT and Briefing On Return Equipment List & Stowage. r/g 5006 [Complete]
  • RFCA Reconfiguration  [Complete]
  • СОЖ Maintenance  [Complete]
  • Marangoni Deformation30 (MD30) Core Removal [Complete]
  • RFCA Reconfiguration [Complete]
  • Wastewater Storage Tank Assembly (WSTA) Fill [Complete]
  • EARTH – Camera Setup in Cupola for Photography [Complete]
  • Sampling condensate water [КАВ] upstream of СРВ-К2М Gas-liquid mixture filter (ФГС) to drink bags – end r/g 4984 [Complete]
  • Pre-pack cargo items for return or disposal on ТК 710 / r/g 4739, 4897, 4970 [Complete]
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) – Test Setup [Complete]
  • Replacement of SM МБС (ВСБ-589). r/g 5010 [Complete]
  • G1 – Closeout Ops [Complete]
  • BIOME – Sampling Setup [Complete]
  • ICE-SCOF cable connection [Complete]
  • OH-OCT – Subject [Complete]
  • OH-OCT – Test Ops [Complete]
  • Testing МБС СМ (ВСБ-589) after replacement / r/g 4999 [Complete]
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) – Equipment Stowage [Complete]
  • ANISO -Sample Insertion into the bags [Complete]
  • Ocular Health (OH) – Hardware Setup [Complete]
  • VZAIMODEISTVIYE. Experiment Ops / r/g 4115 [Complete]
  • GLACIER – Connect Glacier Water Lines [Complete]
  • Ocular Health (OH) – Prep [Complete]
  • Symvol-Ts ИТ-ЖК Testing after its replacement r/g 5007 [Complete]
  • EARTH – Saving data and close out ops [Complete]
  • Ocular Health (OH) – CMO [Complete]
  • Ocular Health (OH) Exam [Complete]
  • VZAIMODEISTVIYE. Experiment Ops / r/g 5000 [Complete]
  • Ocular Health (OH) – Equipment Stowage [Complete]
  • БМП Ф2 Absorption Cartridge Regeneration (termination) [Complete]
  • Reading BCAT Reminder [Complete]
  • Crew reads reminder about sample collection in USOS [Complete]

Task List

  • ARED Cylinder Evac
  • IMS Update
  • SM Panel Photo
  • WHC KTO replace
  • Preparation of reports for Roskosmos site
  • EKON-M. Observations and photography
  • HMS Winscat (FE-5, FE-6)
  • HMS Winscat Test (FE-3)
  • Laptop Speaker Audit
  • PPFS Full Stow [Complete]
  • 36S Pre-pack [In work]
  • ETCS LP A Vent Image
  • COL Cable Search
  • Crew Departure Prep [In work]
  • CSA CP Battery Check
  • Data Prep Return (CDR, FE2)
  • Data Prep Return (FE3)  [In work]
  • Dragon Robot Self Study [In work]
  • JEM Stowage Consolidation [Complete]


  • Nominal Commanding

Three-Day Look Ahead:

  • Wednesday, 03/5: Ocular Health, Marangoni Deformation30 (MD30) Core Cleaning, PEPS Inspection
  • Thursday, 03/6: WRS Cat Reactor R&R, HAM Video Install
  • Friday, 03/07:  Soyuz OBT, Aniso Tubule, Emergency Roles and Responsibilities Review

QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:

                              Component Status
Elektron Off
Vozdukh Manual
[СКВ] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”) On
[СКВ] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”) Off
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab Operate
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3 Standby
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab Off
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3 Operate
Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) Standby
Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) Standby
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab Off
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3 Full up