ISS Daily Summary Report – 06/09/14

53 Progress (53P) Undock: 53P undocked successfully from the ISS at 8:28am CDT with separation burn at 8:33am CDT. Deorbit burn was at 11:34am CDT followed by atmospheric entry and destruction.

Biochemical Profile Sample Collection: Over the weekend, Commander (CDR) Swanson collected his Flight Day (FD) 60 Biochemical Profile urine samples. This experiment tests blood and urine samples obtained from astronauts before, during, and after spaceflight. Specific proteins and chemicals in the samples are used as biomarkers, or indicators of health. Post-flight analysis yields a database of samples and test results, which scientists can use to study the effects of spaceflight on the body.

Resist Tubule: Swanson removed the Resist Tubule samples from the +2 Celsius Minus Eighty Degree Celsius Laboratory Freezer for ISS (MELFI), inserted the samples into Measurement Experiment Unit B and attached the unit inside the Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF) micro-gravity Incubator Unit (IU). Resist Tubule clarifies the mechanisms of gravity resistance. Gravity resistance is a principal gravity response in plants, and plays an important role in the transition of plant ancestors from an aquatic environment to a terrestrial environment (about 450 million years ago), and in the consequent establishment of land plants. This present study clarifies the mechanisms of gravity resistance, in particular the processes from signal transformation and transduction, to response.

Salivary Markers: Flight Engineer (FE)-6 Gerst collected urine, saliva, and blood samples for the FD 10 Salivary Markers investigation. These samples will be used to measure markers of latent viral reactivation (a global indicator of immune impairment and infection risk) in conjunction with salivary antimicrobial proteins and immune cell functional assays. This research study will help identify if there are any risks of an adverse health event in crewmembers due to an impaired immune system. Maintaining a robust immune system during prolonged spaceflight missions (i.e., to other planets or asteroids) will be important to ensure mission success. If any impairment in immunity is found due to spaceflight, this will allow the development of appropriate countermeasures to help mitigate the risks.

FLame Extinguishment Experiment (FLEX)-2 Operations: FE-5 Wiseman replaced the Combustion Integration Rack (CIR) manifold bottle within the CIR. Later in the week Swanson will replace the igniters, needles, fiber arm, and fuel reservoirs. FLEX-2 uses small droplets of fuel to study the special burning characteristics of fire in space. The FLEX-2 experiment studies the rate and manner in which fuel is burned, the conditions that are necessary for soot to form, and the way in which a mixture of fuels evaporate before burning. The results from these experiments will give scientists a better understanding how fires behave in space and will provide important information that will be useful in increasing the fuel efficiency of engines using liquid fuels.

Space Acceleration Measurement System (SAMS):  Following the Remote Power Switch Controller Module (RPCM) replacement last Thursday, communication with the SAMS laptop was not established. Over the weekend, ground controllers tried unsuccessfully to re-image the hard drive. The SAMS team is working a troubleshooting plan.

Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Preparations: In preparation for Russian EVA #38 currently planned for June 19, Wiseman gathered US tools and equipment that will be used during the EVA. He then transferred the tools to the Russian crew.

Today’s Planned Tasks

  • SM C&W Panel Test [Complete]
  • Reading reminder regarding foto/video capture of ARED exercise [Complete]
  • Reboot of RSS1, 2 / Radiogram1009, [Complete]`
  • Inspecting connector СМ-У on МНР-НС behind panel 139 ( АСУ) [Complete]
  • Reboot of RS1(2) Laptop /БВС, [Complete]
  • Reading reminder regarding foto/video capture of ARED exercise [Complete]
  • HRF- sample collection and insertion [Complete]
  • HRF- Sample insertion in MELFI [Complete]
  • HRF. Urine sampling [Complete]
  • HRF- Sample insertion in MELFI [Complete]
  • HRF- centrifuge activation and config [Complete]
  • HRF- blood sampling assist [Complete]
  • DPC (S-band) [Complete]
  • HRF- freezer-centrifuge config  [Complete]
  • Air sampling in SM and FGB using АК-1М sampler  r/g 5816[Complete]
  • Updating anti-virus db on ВКС laptops / r/g 5705 [Complete]
  • ISS HAM- hw turn off [Complete]
  • Search for US EVA tools [Complete]
  • Monitoring technical status of КОБ1 и КОБ2 loops -preparation.  r/g 5812 [Complete]
  • HRF- removing blood samples and turning off centrifuge [Complete]
  • HRF- sample insertion in MELFI [Complete]
  • SSC laptop transfer [Complete]
  • Air sampling at CO in SM using ИПД indicator samplers  r/g 5816 [Complete]
  • Arm muscle status assessment. [Complete]
  • Crew time for adaptation and familiarization [Complete]
  • Search for US EVA tools [Complete]
  • Prepare hw for robo КТР [Complete]
  • RST- removing kit from MELFI [Complete]
  • RST- removing samples from MELFI [Complete]
  • Arm muscle status assessment. [Complete]
  • Crew time for adaptation and familiarization [Complete]
  • HRF- final steps with hw and stowage [Complete]
  • EVA tasks review. r/g 5810 [Complete]
  • Video equipment install to capture ARED exercise [Complete]
  • HRF. Urine sampling. [Complete]
  • HRF- Sample insertion in MELFI
  • SALMARK – health questionnaire [Complete]
  • СОЖ maintenance [Complete]
  • Comm config to communicate from MRM1 / РТК
  • HRF- stowing hw [Complete]
  • Bracket removal in MRM1 – hw gather.  r/g 5813 [Complete]
  • Hardware installation to capture video of PFE [Complete]
  • Periodic fitness check – nominal activity (subject) [Complete]
  • Bracket removal in MRM1. r/g5813 [Complete]
  • Crew time for adaptation and familiarization [Complete]
  • Checking video camera settings for photo/video [Complete]
  • Windows shutters closing (windows ## 6,8,9,12,13,14)  r/g 5451 [Complete]
  • Transferring EVA 38 tools from USOS to RS [Complete]
  • Periodic fitness check – nominal activity (assist) [Complete]
  • Taking Pille dosimeter readings / r/g 5815 [Complete]
  • Crew time for adaptation and familiarization [Complete]
  • USOS windows shutter close [Complete]
  • Stowing equipment to capture video of PFE [Complete]
  • Post-undocking – taking photos of docking assembly of Progress 421 from SM window 26 / r/g 5821 [Complete]
  • OTKLIK. HW check. r/g 5825 [Complete]
  • On MCC Go Switching КВД in ПрК-ТК to CLOSED position [Complete]
  • Handover to ISS 40 [Complete]
  • Prepare hw and tools to be used outside during EVA. Gather kits, photograph, downlink photo  r/g 5809 [Complete]
  • Removing brackets in MRM1. r/g 5813 [Complete]
  • CIR- open rack doors [Complete]
  • CIR- hw removal [Complete]
  • Removing brackets in MRM1.  r/g 5813 [Complete]
  • IMS update  [Complete]
  • IDENTIFIKATSIA. Copy ИМУ-Ц readings to laptop / r/g 5186 [Complete]
  • CIR- closing rack doors [Complete]
  • Crew time for adaptation and familiarization [Complete]
  • Nominal comm config restore / РТК [Complete]
  • ISERV- window shutter open [Complete]
  • PAO – equipment setup [Complete]
  • PAO – crew prep [Complete]
  • ИП-1 sensors installation check [Complete]
  • Checking setting of video camera for photo/video [Complete]
  • PAO [Complete]
  • Crew time for adaptation and familiarization [Complete]
  • HRF – hw kit for urine sampling [Complete]
  • BSA – batery cycling – finish [Complete]
  • Exercise data downlink / r/g 2639 [Complete]
  • ISS HAM- hw activation [Complete]
  • DPC (S-band) [Complete]

Task List

  • ARED Cylinder Evac
  • WHC KTO replace
  • Roscosmos Report
  • Uragan photo
  • ESA Record Video Msg  [Complete]
  • EVA ORU bag inspect [Complete]
  • 3DA1-Cam-Ops
  • BASS ops overview
  • BASS single TL ops parts 1,2,3
  • BCATC1 sample 8 pre-mix
  • Crew handover
  • N3 survey
  • PAO event rep prep
  • Uragan obs
  • ECON obs
  • CFE ICF5 ops parts 1,2,3
  • EMU LLB Auto-Init
  • EMU LLB SSC Relocate
  • EMU LLB SSC Return
  • IFM MOOT restow
  • JPM HD assessment
  • NOD3 PEPS assessment
  • ODF CTB reconfig
  • PMM rack front verify [Complete]


  • Nominal commanding 

Three-Day Look Ahead:

  • Tuesday, 06/10: Body Measures, OBT Cygnus conference, MDCA session review, Veggie harvesting
  • Wednesday, 06/11: MDCA hardware replace, EMU 3003 resize, Cardio Ox Ultrasound
  • Thursday, 06/12: SPRINT, Resist Tubule Clean Bench install, EMU 3003 post launch checkout 

QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:

                              Component Status
Elektron Off
Vozdukh Manual
[СКВ] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”) Off
[СКВ] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”) Off
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab Override
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3 Operate
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab Stop
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3 Operate
Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) Process
Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) Norm
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab Off
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3 Full up