ISS Daily Summary Report – 07/29/14

Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV)-5 Launch:  ATV-5 George Lemaitre launched today at 6:47pm CDT from Kourou, French Guiana.  Ascent was nominal.  Solar array and antenna deployment occurred on schedule.  The cargo vehicle is scheduled to dock to the ISS Service Module aft port on August 12.

Burning and Suppression of Solids (BASS)-II Operations: Flight Engineer (FE)-6 Gerst conducted flame tests for the BASS-II investigation which examines the burning and extinction characteristics of a wide variety of fuel samples in microgravity. Today, three tests were completed using rods; two tests were completed using opposed airflow and one with concurrent flow. The experiment will guide strategies for materials flammability screening for use in spacecraft as well as provide valuable data on solid fuel burning behavior in microgravity. BASS-II results contribute to the combustion computational models used in the design of fire detection and suppression systems in microgravity and on Earth.

Force Shoes: Gerst conducted an Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) exercise session using the Force Shoes. The data from the ARED exercise session will be used to measure the loads experienced during ARED exercise.

Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF) Maintenance: Commander (CDR) Swanson conducted periodic CBEF maintenance by removing two Plant Experiment Units (PEUs) and one Measurement Experiment Unit (MEU) B from the CBEF incubator micro-gravity unit.

European Modular Cultivation System (EMCS) Rotor Based Life Support System (RBLSS) Module Replacement: Swanson replaced one RBLSS module on Rotor A and cleaned the rotors for belt debris. He also replaced the Gas Removal Module and installed three water pump tubes on the EMCS RBLSS. These activities are in preparation Seedling Growth-2, a joint NASA-European Space Agency (ESA) investigation, that will be delivered on SpX-4.

Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Maintenance: Swanson and Wiseman continued yesterday’s EMU maintenance activities. Today they performed loop scrub and Sublimator Flange Inspection on EMUs 3003 and 3010. Tomorrow they will perform water conductivity measurements on EMUs 3005 and 3011 and prepare the Airlock to support EVA operations. 

Today’s Planned Tasks

  • RSS1, 2, Reboot / r/g 1009 [Complete]
  • Laptop RS1(2) Reboot [Complete]
  • SM ПСС (Caution & Warning Panel) [Complete]
  • Daily Planning Conference (S-band) [Complete]
  • Inspection of СМ-У connector on МНР-НС separator pump behind АСУ panel 139. [Complete]
  • Hematocrit  Test [Complete]
  • Hematocrit.  Hardware Stowage  [Complete]
  • MSG – Visual inspection and activation [Complete]
  • CASKAD. Manual Mixing in Bioreactor / r/g 6238 [Complete]
  • FMK Deployment Ops [Complete]
  • CBEF – Removing PEU (two) and MEU from Incubator Unit [Complete]
  • ASEPTIC. Glovebox Power On and Start Sterilization. r/g 6232 [Complete]
  • БРП-М  Replacement  r/g 6237 [In work]
  • ТКГ 423 (DC1) Transfers and IMS Ops / ТКГ 423 Transfers (РПР) + r/g 6203 [Complete]
  • BASS Operations Preparation [Complete]
  • CBEF – Removing PEU (two) from Incubator Unit [Complete]
  • FGB Dust Collector ПС1, ПС2 Filter Replacement [Complete]
  • CIR – Hardware Setup [Complete]
  • EMCS – Module Transfer [Complete]
  • FSHOES – Experiment Ops [Complete]
  • EMU – Water Mix [Complete]
  • ASEPTIC Repositioning Equipment in the Box / r/g 6232 [Complete]
  • On MCC Go Mating БРП-М telemetry connector to FEТС2-12 r/g 6237 [Complete]
  • ASEPTIC. Photo of Medium before the experiment / r/g 6232 [Complete]
  • БРП-М Replacement – Close-out ops  r/g 6237 [Complete]
  • EMU Water Refill [Complete]
  • EMCS – Module Transfer [Complete]
  • MOTOCARD. Experiment Ops  r/g 6235 [Complete]
  • EMU – Cooling Loop Mix  [Complete]
  • Grab Sample Container (GSC) Sampling Operations [Complete]
  • EMU Coolant Sampling [Complete]
  • MOTOCARD. Assistance in the Experiment / r/g 6236 [Complete]
  • ASEPTIC. Disable Sterilization. r/g 6232 [Complete]
  • ASEPTIC. Setup in Glovebox. r/g 6232 [Complete]
  • ASEPTIC. Surface and Air Samples Collection after Sterilization r/g 6232 [Complete]
  • ТКГ 423 (DC1) Transfers and IMS Ops / ТКГ 43 Transfers + r/g 6203 [Complete]
  • EMU Cooling Loop Maintenance, Part 1 [Complete]
  • BASS – Test Ops [Complete]
  • ASEPTIC Photo Edit and Downlink / r/g 6232 [Complete]
  • IVA – Exercise Clothes Survey [Complete]
  • EMCS – Water Pump Tube Installation [Complete]
  • EMU – DCM Flow Test  [Complete]
  • PAO hardware setup in Columbus [Complete]
  • Crew Prep for PAO [Complete]
  • PAO Event [Complete]
  • IVA – Everyday Clothes Survey / USOS procedures [Complete]
  • Dried Clothes Stowage [Complete]
  • EMU – Water sampling [Complete]
  • EMU – DCM Flow Test [Complete]
  • HAM Radio Session [Complete]
  • On MCC GO Elektron-VM Purge After Activation / СОГС [Complete]
  • IVA – Everyday Clothes Survey / USOS procedures [Complete]
  • ИП-1 Flow Sensor Position Check [Complete]
  • EMU Cooling Loop Maintenance, Part 2 [Complete]
  • Video Footage of Greetings / r/g 6234 [Complete]
  • EMU – DCM Flow Test [Complete]
  • ASEPTIC. Monitoring Pump Automatic Shut off.  r/g 6232 [Complete]
  • Cleaning FGB ГЖТ Detachable Screens 1, 2, 3  r/g 6203 [Complete]
  • EVA – Sublimator Flange Inspection [Complete]
  • ASEPTIC. Preparation and Start of Air Sampling / r/g 6232 [Complete]
  • BASS Closeout Ops [Complete]
  • IMS Delta File Prep [Complete]
  • Dried Clothes Stowage / USOS procedures [Complete]
  • IVA – Exercise Clothes Survey / USOS procedures [Complete]
  • EMU Cooling Loop Maintenance, Part 3 [Complete]
  • VZAIMODEISTVIYE Experiment Ops / r/g 5895 [Complete]
  • JRNL – Journal Entry  [Complete]
  • ASEPTIC. Monitoring Pump Automatic Shut off. r/g 6232  [Complete]
  • IVA – Routine Clothes Survey  [Complete]
  • Dried Clothes Stowage / USOS procedures  [Complete]
  • IVA – Exercise Clothes Survey / USOS procedures [Complete]
  • Daily Planning Conference (S-band)  [Complete]
  • ASEPTIC. Retrieving samples from box and placing in thermostat.  [Complete]
  • CASKAD. Manual Mixing in Bioreactor / r/g 6238  [Complete]
  • MSG – Glovebox Down  [Complete]
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) – Food Rations Photography   [Complete]
  • ASEPTIC. Glovebox Closeout Ops. r/g 6232  [Complete]
  • JPM Window Shutter Closure  [Complete]

Task List

  • ARED Cylinder Evac
  • WHC KTO replace
  • Roscosmos Report
  • Uragan photo
  • 3DA1 cam ops
  • ARED detent flip
  • CMS skid tape audit
  • CSA CP taping
  • EVA A/L unstow
  • J-RTN item relocate parts 1, 2
  • Recycle tank drain init
  • Recycle tank drain terminate
  • US EVA 28 review
  • SSCV5 USB card reader
  • Cygnus transfer cargo ops
  • 56P unpack


  • Nominal commanding

Three-Day Look Ahead:

  • Wednesday, 07/30: BASS, HRF1 RIC software load, Cygnus cargo ops
  • Thursday, 07/31: PMA2 ingress/cargo ops, BASS, Ultrasound, EPO Marangoni
  • Friday, 08/01: Z1 ingress/cargo ops, BASS, EVA tool gather, EMU On-orbit Fitcheck

QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:

                              Component Status
Elektron On
Vozdukh Manual
[СКВ] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”) Off
[СКВ] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”) Off
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab Standby
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3 Operate
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab Stop
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3 Operate
Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) Standby
Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) Norm
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab Off
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3 Full Up