ISS Daily Summary Report – 03/27/15

42 Soyuz (42S) Launch/Dock: 42S launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome at 2:43 pm CDT today with Scott Kelly, Mikhail Kornienko, and Gennady Padalka onboard. Docking to the MRM- 2 module was completed 8:42 pm CDT with hatch opening at 10:33 pm CDT. Today’s docking increases the ISS crew compliment from 3 to 6 crewmembers. It also begins Kelly’s and Kornienko’s one-year mission aboard the ISS.

Payload Command Response Anomaly – On GMT 085 (Thursday), ground controllers reported issues with commanding to some NASA racks in the Columbus module.  Earlier today the team transitioned Payload (PL) MDM from PL-1 to PL-2.  This transition recovered commanding capability to all NASA racks in the Columbus module.  Ground teams continue to investigate cause of the anomaly.

Node 3 (N3) Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Status – On GMT 083 (Tuesday), N3 CDRA’s Air Selector Valve (ASV) 106 was replaced. Yesterday during leak checks, Node 3 CDRA shutdown after ASV 104 failed to transition from position A to B. After a few unsuccessful troubleshooting attempts, ground teams decided to stand down on additional troubleshooting until today to give the valve seals time to relax after significant valve cycling during the leak check. Today, the valve is responding nominally and N3 CDRA is currently operating nominally.

Aniso Tubule:  Cristoforetti performed Run 10 sample preparations.  She injected water into the sample which was then inserted into MELFI. The Aniso Tubule investigation seeks to understand the mechanisms that plants use in growing stems of the right thickness to support them against gravity. Microtubules, part of a plant cell’s molecular skeleton, align themselves with the local gravity field and thus produce short, thick bodies in hypergravity. This research will germinate Arabidopsis hypocotyls in space and then use a fluorescence microscope in the Kibo module to analyze the directions taken by tubules in the stem just below the leaves of new seedlings. 

Gene, Immune and Cellular Responses to Single and Combined Space Flight Conditions-B (Triplelux-B): Cristoforetti performed Day 5 activities for the second run (1-g run) for Triplelux-B.  The samples were reconstituted with fresh medium then warmed prior to being transferred, along with reagents to their respective Measurement Bags and Internal Filling Bags. Measurements were started, then luminol was added and more measurements taken. The cells and reagents were mixed and bioluminescence measured. The Triplelux experiment uses the measurement of the reactive oxygen burst as indication of phagocytic (engulfment of pathogen) activity of the cells under spaceflight conditions. Bioluminescence associated with the phagocytosis of the particles were measured over a period longer than 3 hours and the photomultiplier count curves could be followed real-time.  Afterwards a cell sample was taken from the Cultivation Bags (CB) and mixed with a dye to perform viability testing using the BIOLAB microscope.  The results of both bioluminescence measurements and viability test are being analyzed and interpreted.  The science objective of Triplelux-B is to investigate and compare the ability of hemocytes (from the blue mussel) to kill pathogens under normal gravity and microgravity condition. The goal is to quantify the anti-microbial action of the hemocytes, using the chemical reaction that results in emission of light. This light will be detected with photomultipliers. The experiment might lead to a better understanding of immune system depression in spaceflight.

Stem Cell Differentiation Prep: In advance of the Stem Cell Differentiation experiment flying on 42S, Cristoforetti performed setup of the Kubik system. Stem Cells play a major role in the maintenance of bone mass, being the main source of osteoblasts during the bone remodeling and repair. The recruitment of an adequate number of osteoblasts is dependent on the availability of human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSCs) and their proper response to growth, differentiation, and chemotactic signals in the microenvironment. This investigation aims to understand how human mesenchymal stem cells react to a two week exposure to microgravity in terms of growth, senescence and differentiation towards osteoblasts when treated with Vitamin D3.

Today’s Planned Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.

  • ISS crew and ГОГУ (RSA Flight Control Management Team) weekly conference
  • RGN – Transfer and Swap
  • IMS Tagup
  • ANISO – Samples Preparation
  • ANISO – Sample Insertion into MELFI
  • Video Camera Assembly (VCA1) Adjustment
  • PPS – KUBIK Retrieval and Installation
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) – Food Frequency Questionnaire
  • WRS – Recycle Tank Fill
  • SCD – KUBIK prep and installation
  • EXPR7 – EXPRESS Rack 7 and 3 locker relocation
  • WRS – Recycle Tank Fill
  • TEPC Relocation from Port CQ to SM panel 328
  • EXPR8 – EXPRESS Rack 8 and 3 locker relocation
  • WRS – Recycle Tank Fill
  • TPLXB – Set up hardware for the experiment:
  • TPLXB – Preparation of Glovebox
  • ISS RS Atmosphere Analysis Using АОК ГАНК-4М
  • TPLXB – GLACIER Removal
  • Counter Measures System (CMS) Harmful Contaminant Measurements in SM
  • TPLXB – Insert preparation and installation into AAS
  • Remove depress hose for nominal operations
  • Elektron-VM Liquid Unit Pressurization before Activation
  • Closing USOS Window Shutters
  • СОЖ Maintenance
  • TPLXB – Sample Module Setup
  • WRS – Recycle Tank Fill
  • RGN – Initiate Drain into TUBSS
  • SCD – KUBIK preparation and checkout
  • URAGAN. Observation and photography using Photo Equipment
  • IMS and Stowage Conference
  • TPLXB – Removal of Samples Kit from the TCU and Transfer to Incubator
  • RGN – Terminate Drain to TUBSS
  • Replacement of СО2 Filter Unit (БФ) ИК0501
  • TPLXB – Equipment stowage
  • Closing USOS Window Shutter
  • ISS HAM RADIO Power Down
  • Gathering exercise equipment
  • Crew Medical Officer (CMO) proficiency training
  • Crew Quarter Outfitting for the Arriving crew
  • TPLXB – Experiment Ops
  • Closure of SM window shutters No.6,8,9,12,13,14
  • Review “Hatch Opening from MRM2” and “Arrival of Expedition 43” TV Coverage procedure.
  • MPEG2 Multicast Test via Ku-band
  • Gas Analyzer Activation in ТК 715
  • СТТС configuration for ТК 716 docking to MRM2
  • Preparation ТК 716 for Docking to MRM2
  • Activation of TV and MPEG2 Multicast TV Coder
  • Monitoring Soyuz 716 Rendezvous with ISS (MRM2)
  • Activation of MPEG2 Multicast Recording Mode on CP SSC
  • Monitoring ТК 716 Rendezvous with ISS (MRM2)
  • Deactivation of TV data monitoring equipment, Closing Laptop Applications and Downlink of MPEG2 Multicast via OCA
  • ТК 716 – MRM2 Interface Leak Check. Start Drying 2 space suits
  • Comm Reconfiguration for Nominal Ops after 716 Docking
  • ТК-MRM2 hatch opening, TV coverage of “Expedition 43 Arrival”
  • Handover of the 3rd space suit for drying in ТК 715 [On Schedule]
  • Drying the 3rd spacesuit in ТК 715 – start [On Schedule]
  • Safety Briefing after ТК 716 Docking to MRM2 [On Schedule]
  • Terminate Suit 1, 2 Drying [On Schedule]
  • SLEEP. Actiwatch Ops [On Schedule]
  • Closing Applications, Deactivation of camcorders and TV data monitors [On Schedule]
  • Installing the 1st pair of gloves for drying [On Schedule]
  • ТК 716 Deactivation (without ГА deactivation) [On Schedule]
  • BIOSIGNAL. Installation of Cryogem-03 Thermostat [On Schedule]
  • Finish drying the first pair of gloves and start drying the second pair [On Schedule]
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) – Nutritional Assessment (ESA) [On Schedule]
  • ТК 716 Deactivation (without ГА deactivation) [On Schedule]
  • ISS HAM – HAM Radio Power up [On Schedule]
  • SLEEP. Actiwatch Ops [On Schedule]
  • Terminate drying the second pair of gloves [On Schedule]
  • Stowage of the 1st and 2nd space suits and gloves after drying [On Schedule]
  • Terminate drying the 3rd suit, start drying the 3rd pair of gloves in TК 715 [On Schedule]
  • Terminate Drying the third pair of gloves in ТК 715 [On Schedule]
  • Handover of the 3rd space suit for stowage in ТК 716 [On Schedule]
  • Stow the 3rd suit and gloves after drying [On Schedule]
  • Closing USOS Window Shutter [On Schedule]

Completed Task List Items

  • LiOH relocate

Ground Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.

  • 42S launch/dock ops

Three-Day Look Ahead:

  • Saturday, 03/28: Crew off duty
  • Sunday, 03/29: Crew off duty
  • Monday, 03/30: 42S unpack, Emergency Roles and Responsibilities review, OBT Dragon self study, RAM deployment, AL RPCM R&R

QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:







[СКВ] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”)


[СКВ] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”)


Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab


Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3


Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab


Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3


Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA)


Urine Processing Assembly (UPA)


Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab


Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3

Full up