ISS Daily Summary Report – 02/1/16

Burning and Suppression of Solids – Milliken (BASS-M):  Today Kopra completed the second set of BASS-M operations, preparing and testing five different samples with ground assistance from the Principal Investigator.  The BASS-M investigation tests flame-retardant cotton fabrics to determine how well they resist burning in microgravity. Results benefit research on flame-retardant textiles that can be used on Earth and in space.


Skin-B:  Peake completed a session today for the European Space Agency (ESA) Skin-B investigation.  He obtained Corneometer measurements of the hydration level of the stratus coreum (outer layer of the skin), Tewameter measurements of the skin barrier function, and Visioscan measurements of skin surface topography. The Skin-B investigation aims to improve the understanding of skin aging, which is greatly accelerated in space.  The data will also be used to verify the results from previous testing for the SkinCare investigation on the ISS.


Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) Remote Manipulator System (JEMRMS) Operations:  Peake opened the outer hatch of the JEM Airlock and extended the Airlock Slide Table external to the ISS.  Ground controllers then transferred Cyclops from the Small Fine Arm (SFA) on the JEMRMS to the Slide Table.  Once the transfer was complete, Peake brought the Slide Table back into the Airlock.  Later this week ISS crewmembers will remove Cyclops and stow it on-board the ISS.


Biolab Door Removal:  Peake removed the Biolab Door Assembly and replaced it with a dummy cover.  The assembly will be returned to the ground for repair.


Fine Motor Skills:  Kelly, Kornienko and Peake each completed sessions of the Fine Motor Skills experiment today.  During the experiment they performed a series of interactive tasks on a touchscreen tablet. This investigation is the first fine motor skills study to measure long-term microgravity exposure, different phases of microgravity adaptation, and sensorimotor recovery after returning to Earth gravity.


Internal Thermal Control System (ITCS) Sample Collection:  Kelly, Kopra, and Peake worked to obtain ITCS coolant samples from the Lab, Node 2, Node 3, and Columbus modules today. The samples will be prepared for return onboard SpaceX-8.


Orbital ATK (OA)-4 Cargo Operations:  The crew completed transferring Cygnus cargo to ISS on Friday.   Today, Kelly started loading trash into Cygnus.  An estimated 6.5 hours remain to complete the trash loading.  Cygnus is scheduled to unberth from ISS on February 19th.


Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) Fault:  This afternoon the OGA faulted to shutdown due to a failed H2 sensor.  The OGA will be taken to standby until the H2 sensor can be replaced. There is one spare sensor on-orbit.


Today’s Planned Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.

  • SLEEP Questionnaire
  • Fine Motor Skills Test Reminder
  • Morning Inspection, Inspection of СМ-У, РУ2, РУ4, РУ5 connectors on МНР-НС separator pump in [АСУ] behind panel 139 and line 5182-03 from Pretreat and Water Dispenser (ДКиВ) to [МНР] in its transparent section. Visual inspection of circuit breaker [АЗС] position on DC1 power switch panel (БВП) and fuses on DC fuse boxes БПП-30, 36 per LED indication (prior to DC1 power bus monitoring)
  • FINEMOTR – Experiment Test
  • On MCC GO  Regeneration of БМП Ф1 Micropurification Cartridge (start)
  • BASSM – Preparation Operations Part 1
  • SKNB –  Experiment Ops
  • Comm congig for in-suit training
  • On MCC GO Transit- Б power up
  • Fine Motor Skills –  Experiment Ops
  • Air duct disassembly in DC1 prior to dry run (without dismantling B3 fan)
  • ITCS – Sample Gathering
  • JEMAL – Slide Table extension
  • Checkout of Orlan No.4, No.6 during pre-EVA training
  • ITCS Sampling
  • ITCS Low Temperature Loop Sampling in the LAB
  • Fine Motor Skills – Examination
  • БСС Checkout in DC1
  • Donning Gear
  • Comm check and medical parameter check
  • On-orbit Hearing Assessment using EARQ
  • Monitoring Orlan and БСС Initial Condition during the Run
  • Entry into Orlan No.4, No.6, and sealing off backpacks
  • Assistance During Suited Exercise
  • Test activation of Blood Pressure Monitor and Electrocardiograph
  • Orlan and БСС controls check
  • Orlan and БСС preliminary leak check
  • Orlan No.4, No.6 Fit Check at Suit Pressure = 0.4
  • BASSM – Experiment start
  • JEM Airlock – Cyclops Capture
  • Orlan-MK Suited EVA task drill
  • Node 2 – Moderate Temperature Loop (MTL) – Internal Thermal Control System (ITCS) -Sample Collection
  • Node 2 – Low Temperature Loop (LTL) – Internal Thermal Control System (ITCS) – Sample Collection
  • Exit from Orlan
  • WRS Water Sample Analysis
  • Post-Suited Exercise Comm Reconfig For Nominal Ops
  • OTKLIK. Hardware Monitoring
  • HABIT – Video Setup
  • JEMAL – Slide Table Retraction
  • HABIT – Terminate Video
  • JEMRMS –  Equipment deactivation
  • Node3 Moderate Temperature Loop (MTL) Internal Thermal Control System (ITCS) Sample Collection
  • CIR – Hardware Setup
  • Post-training activities, air duct installation
  • Auxiliary Laptop Computer System Virus Definition File Update
  • ALGOMETRIA. Experiment Ops
  • Private Exercise Conference (PEC)
  • MDCA – Preparation of MWA Surface Area
  • BASSM – BASS Hardware Installation and Test
  • СОЖ Maintenance
  • ITCS Sampling using the Columbus Coolant FluidServicer (CCFS)
  • JRNL – Journal Entry
  • BASSM – BASS Hardware Installation and Test
  • Cygnus Cargo Operations
  • Installation of Orlan No.4 and No.6 replaceable elements for EVA
  • ITCS – Sample Stowage
  • HABIT – Applications Overviews
  • BLB – Hardware Setup
  • On MCC Go БК-3М oxygen tank replacement
  • BASSM – BASS Hardware Installation and Test
  • Exercise Data Downlink via OCA
  • BASSM – Experiment end
  • Replacing Fire Detection and Suppression Set
  • Cygnus cargo conference
  • IMS Delta File Prep
  • TOCA Data Recording
  • Radiation Detector Deployment
  • Evening Work Prep
  • Log out of SSC12 in preparation for remote Radiation Detector ops by the ground
  • ARED Flywheel Cylinder Evacuation
  • Cognition – Experiment Ops
  • On MCC Go БМП Ф1 Absorption Cartridge Regeneration (end)
  • Preparing for Antivirus scan on Auxiliary Computer Laptops


Completed Task List Items

  • WHC KTO Replace


Ground Activities

All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.

  • Nominal System Commanding


Three-Day Look Ahead:

Tuesday, 02/02: Story Time, Cargo Ops, Torque Analyzer Kit (TAK) Data Gather, MCDA H/W Replace, Portable 3D Printer Ops

Wednesday, 02/03: RS EVA 42, MCDA H/W Replace, BASS M, JEM Stowage Frame Conslidate, SABL Activation and Checkout

Thursday, 02/04: N3 CDRA R&R, Cargo Ops, RS EVA Tool Stow, MBSU Demo


QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:

                              Component Status
Elektron On
Vozdukh Manual
[СКВ] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”) On
[СКВ] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”) Off
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab Operate
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3 Override
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab Idle
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3 Operate
Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) Fast Shutdown
Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) Shutdown
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab Full Up
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3 Off