ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/23/2016

Cygnus Rendezvous and Capture:  This morning the crew monitored the Cygnus approach from the Cupola Robotic Workstation and successfully captured Cygnus using the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) at 6:28 am CDT.  The Ground Robotics team maneuvered Cygnus into position to inspect the Passive Common Berthing Mechanism (CBM), and berthed Cygnus onto the Node-1 Nadir Active CBM.  Later, the crew removed the Centerline Berthing Camera System (CBCS) from the Node-1 Nadir hatch window.  The crew performed a leak check and configured the vestibule for ingress.  Controller Panel Assembly (CPA) removal and hatch opening/ingress are scheduled for Thursday, October 27th.

Crew Quarters (CQ) 9 Volt Battery Changeout:  Today, the crew replaced the 9 volt batteries in all four CQs. This maintenance is required every twelve months. These batteries are used to power the Caution & Warning (C&W) alarm speakers and the Egress Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). 

Today’s Planned Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.

  • USOS Window Shutter Close
  • HRF Generic Urine Collection
  • HRF Generic Sample MELFI Retrieval Insertion Operations
  • CONJUGATION ТБУ-[В]#02 Thermostat Setup
  • KORREKTSIA. Taking food and liquids (medicine) registration in flight log
  • Centerline Berthing Camera System (CBCS) Powerup
  • Closing Window Shutters # 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14
  • T2 Crew Handover
  • ISS Crew Adaptation
  • Photo/TV Ghost Camera in Cuopla on SSC power recording
  • ISS HAM Video Power Down
  • Robotics Workstation (RWS) Configuration
  • Cygnus PCS Command and PROX Link Verification
  • HRF Generic Sample MELFI Insertion Operations
  • Robotic Workstation (RWS) High Definition (HD) Monitor Downlink
  • Cygnus R-BAR Approach
  • Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) Cygnus Capture
  • Video Recording of greetings
  • Remote Workstation Monitor HD Video Downlink Deactivation RWS.
  • HRF Generic Urine Collection Stow
  • BIOPLENKA. Cryogem-03 thermostat setup
  • Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System (RGN) WSTA Fill
  • KORREKTSIA. Taking food and liquids (medicine) registration in flight log
  • СОЖ maintenance
  • In Flight Maintenance (IFM) Crew Quarters (CQ) Battery Remove and Replace
  • PCS Laptop Relocate
  • Symbolic Activity
  • PCS Laptop Relocate
  • Node 1 Centerline Berthing Camera System (CBCS) Removal
  • Ghost camera teardown in Cupola
  • Robotic Workstation (RWS) Teardown
  • Symbolic
  • Cygnus/Node 1 Pressurization and Leak Check
  • Node 1 Nadir to Cygnus Vestibule Outfitting
  • Vacuum cleaning behind panels 405 and 406 in MRM 1
  • MICROVIR. Glovebox-S hardware setup
  • ISS HAM Video Power Up
  • Meteor Shutter Open
  • Space Headaches – Daily Questionnaire
  • Cygnus PROX Switch OFF

Completed Task List Items

  • None 

Ground Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.

  • SSRMS Maneuver to N1 Nadir CBM
  • CBM Bolting Operations

Three-Day Look Ahead:

  • Monday, 10/24: BEAM Ingress, Airway Monitoring Setup, Cygnus Cargo Transfer Review
  • Tuesday, 10/25: Emer H/W Fam, Veggie-3, Airway Monitoring
  • Wednesday, 10/26: Soyuz Drill, Neuromapping, Dosetrack, Meteor, JAXA EPO 

QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:







[СКВ] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”)


[СКВ] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”)


Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab


Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3


Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab


Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3


Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA)


Urine Processing Assembly (UPA)


Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab


Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3

Full Up