ISS Daily Summary Report – 3/22/2017

As mentioned at the IMMT this morning, the teams have been assessing their ability to support 2 EVAs and the PMA3 relocation prior to the arrival to OA-7.  This was reviewed at the Inc 50 JOP this afternoon and there were no issues identified.  Based on this and the IMMT Chair’s approval, we have baselined the following plan:

March 24 – EVA1 (EPIC MDM and SPDM LEE Lube) March 26 – PMA3 Relocation from N3 to N2 March 30 – EVA2 (EPIC MDM and Shields) April 2 – OA7 Capture/Berthing April 6 – EVA3 (ExPCA R&R) 

The OA7 launch date is currently under review. Once OATK and ULA determine their launch date, then we will re-assess the Apr 2 OA7 capture/berth date and the Apr 6 EVA date as required.