ISS Daily Summary Report – 3/24/2017

US Extravehicular Activity (EVA) #40: EV1 Kimbrough and EV2 Pesquet completed the following tasks during today’s 6 hour 34 minute External (EXT) Enhanced Processor and Integrated Communications (EPIC) Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) Lube EVA. FE-6 Whitson provided Intravehicular (IV) Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) support.

Planned EVA Tasks Completed

  • External Thermal Control System (ETCS) Leak Inspection
  • Nadir EXT EPIC Multiplexer/Demultiplexer (MDM) R&R
  • Pressurized Mating Adapter (PMA)3 Disconnect
  • SPDM Latching End Effector (LEE) Lube
  • Japanese Experiment Module Remote Manipulator System (JEMRMS) WVE R&R
  • JEM Exposed Facility (EF) Foward Vision Equipment (VE)  R&R

Get-ahead Task Completed

  • S1-1 Crew and Equipment Translation Aid (CETA) Light R&R

EPIC EXT MDM: The Flight Control Team transitioned the newly installed EPIC EXT MDM to primary and completed critical checkout. 

JEM Camera Checkouts:  Both of the new JEM cameras, JEMRMS WVE and JEM EF Forward VE, were successfully checked out by ground controllers.

Mobile Servicing System (MSS) Operations:  The Robotics Ground Controllers powered up the MSS in support of US EVA #40, during which the EVA crew lubricated mechanisms in the SPDM LEE.  Post EVA, the Ground Control team checked out the newly lubricated mechanisms and then stowed the SPDM on the Mobile Base System (MBS) Power Data and Grapple Fixture (PDGF) 2.  Later tonight, the team will continue to walk the SSRMS to MBS PDGF 4.  MSS performance was nominal.

Today’s Planned Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.

  • Preparation of Reports for Roscosmos Web Site and Social Media
  • URAGAN. Observation and photography
  • EKON-M. Observations and photography
  • NEUROIMMUNITET. Saliva sample collection
  • ISS HAM Radio Power down
  • EVA COTS UHF Communication Unit (CUCU) Verify off
  • USOS Window Shutter Close
  • Extravehicular Activity (EVA) In-Suit Light Exercise (ISLE) Preparation
  • Comm configuration for EVA
  • Closing SM Window Shutters 6, 8, 8, 9, 12, 13,14 / Note 10
  • CARDIOVECTOR. Experiment Session
  • Changeout of Replaceable Condensate Removal Lines [СМОК]
  • VIZIR. Experiment set up and start using СКПИ P/L.
  • Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Purge
  • Replacing ИДЭ-3 Smoke Detectors in FGB
  • CARDIOVECTOR. Experiment Session
  • Prebreathe in EMU
  • Crewlock Depress
  • Crewlock Post Depress
  • Crewlock Egress
  • EPIC MDM Remove and Replace
  • Radiator Beam Valve Module (RBVM) Inspection
  • Changeout of Replaceable Condensate Removal Lines [СМОК]
  • VIZIR. СКПИ Closeout Ops
  • Replacing ИДЭ-3 Smoke Detectors in FGB
  • PMA3 Disconnect
  • SSRMS EVA-40 Support
  • Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) Latching End Effector (LEE) Lube
  • JEM RMS Wrist Vision Equipment (WVE) R&R
  • Vacuum Cleaning of ВД1 and ВД2 air ducts in MRM2
  • Dust Filter Replacement and В1, В2 Fan Grille Cleaning in DC1
  • INTERACTION-2. Experiment Ops
  • JEM Exposed Facility (EF) Foward Vision Equipment (VE)  R&R
  • Life On The Station Photo and Video
  • EVA Get Ahead Tasks
  • Crewlock Ingress
  • Evening Preparation Work
  • EVA Glove Photo Setup
  • Crewlock Repress
  • Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) Post-EVA Activities
  • Return to nominal comm configuration after USOS EVA
  • URISYS Hardware Setup
  • EVA Glove Photo Downlink
  • Photo/TV EVA Camera Disassembly
  • Photo/TV EVA GoPro Downlink
  • Metal Oxide (METOX) Regeneration Initiation

Completed Task List Items

  • Manufacturing Device Print Removal, Clean and Stow 

Ground Activities
All activities were completed unless otherwise noted.

  • EVA Support

Three-Day Look Ahead:

  • Saturday, 03/25: Crew half off duty, EMU water recharge, EVA debrief, Fluid Shifts h/w gather
  • Sunday, 03/26: Crew off duty, N2 CBCS powerup, PMA3 Relocate
  • Monday, 03/27: Fluid Shifts, N2Z CBCS remove/stow, EVA #41 procedures review/tool config, SSK/MAS analysis of surface slides & petri dishes

QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:







[СКВ] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”)


[СКВ] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”)


Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab


Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3


Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab


Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3


Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA)


Urine Processing Assembly (UPA)


Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab


Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3

Full Up