ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/25/2018

NanoRacks-Remove Debris (RemDeb):  The crew pressurized and performed a leak check of the Japanese Experiment Module Airlock (JEMAL) and then extended the Airlock slide table into the JEM this morning. They then removed the Handhold Experiment Platform (HXP) Adapter and the Multipurpose Experiment Platform (MPEP) from the Slide Table.  These activities are the initial preparation steps for the launch of the RemDeb, planned for June 19th.  NanoRacks-Remove Debris demonstrates an approach to reducing the risks presented by space debris or “space junk”. Collisions in space may have serious consequences, but research has shown that removing the largest debris significantly reduces the chance of collisions. NanoRacks-Remove Debris uses a 3D camera to map location and speed of debris and then deploys a net to capture and de-orbit simulated debris that is up to 1 meter in diameter.  Ground experts will then analyze video of the demonstration runs. 

Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) Video Upgrade Equipment (VUE): Today, the crew replaced the VUE in the MSG that failed on March 1st.  In concert with the ground they then performed a video checkout to verify MSG VUE functionality.    

Multi-Use Variable-G Platform (MVP): As part of the ongoing validation of the MVP, the crew removed adherent cell modules that were installed in the MVP on May 18th.  MVP is used to conduct research in space with a wide variety of sample types, such as fruit flies, flatworms, plants, fish, cells, protein crystals and many others. It includes internal carousels that simultaneously can produce up to 2 g of artificial gravity. Each carousel hosts 6 separate removable experiment modules on each carousel. Video and still imagery, including microscopy, can be included. The platform also provides temperature and humidity controls and monitors and records oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. 

TangoLab:  The crew swapped cards containing experiment cubes from the TangoLab-1 and -2 facilities today. TangoLab-1 and -2 are reconfigurable general research facilities designed for microgravity research and development and pilot manufacturing in the ISS.

Orbital ATK (OA)-9 Cygnus Ops: This morning, the crew continued transferring cargo, payloads, and trash between Cygnus and ISS. The day’s goal was to clear the inner core of stowage, creating a “corridor” within Cygnus for crew translation and to provide a workspace. The crew now has access to payloads and nearly all of the cargo inside the Pressurized Cargo Module (PCM), allowing them to begin unpacking bays and loading them with trash as soon as they are cleared. 

Today’s Planned Activities
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Microbial Tracking-2 Sample MELFI Insert
  • ISS Crew and ГОГУ (RSA Flight Control Team) weekly conference
  • Reconfigure AL Flexible Duct into Node 1
  • Multi-use Variable-g Platform Cell Module Removal
  • Cygnus Cargo Operations
  • Equipment transfers from СМ1РО_1_131_1 area
  • ТПК 53S stowage operations prior to undocking
  • EXPRESS Rack 7 Laptop Computer Software Load
  • MERLIN Sample Transfer (while MERLIN is in Cygnus)
  • Copy ИМУ-Ц micro-accelerometer data to laptop
  • TangoLab-1 Card Cube Replace
  • JEM Airlock Press
  • 24-hour ECG Holter Monitoring
  • Restow Vestibule Outfitting Kit (VOK)
  • JEM Airlock Leak Check
  • SOKOL leak check
  • TangoLab-2 Card Cube Replace
  • Kazbek fit check (Soyuz 738)
  • Filling ЕДВ
  • JEM Airlock Slide Table (ST) Extension to JPM Side
  • Soyuz Space suits 1,2 dry init
  • Crew Departure Preparations for Return to Earth
  • Handhold Exp Platform Adapter removal.
  • Microgravity Science Glovebox High Definition Video Drawer Install
  • Public Affairs Office (PAO) Social Media Event
  • LBNP (ОДНТ) training (preliminary)
  • Multi-Purpose Experiment Platform (MPEP) Removal JEM Airlock Slide Table
  • JEM Airlock Slide Table (ST) Retraction from JPM Side
  • Polar Cygnus Uninstall, Transfer, And EXPRESS Rack Install
  • Activation of Windows 7 OS on RSK2 laptop.
  • Microgravity Science Glovebox Activation
  • Miniature Exercise Device Hardware Search
  • Environmental Health System (EHS) – Formaldehyde Monitoring Kit (FMK) Operations
  • Soyuz Space suits 1,2 dry terminate
  • Replacement of urine receptacle (МП) and filter-insert (Ф-В) in [АСУ].
  • Environmental Health System (EHS) Grab Sample Container (GSC) Sampling Operations
  • KUBIK Temperature Logger Deinstallation
  • Microgravity Science Glovebox High Definition Video Drawer Checkout
  • KUBIK Temperature Adjustment to 38°C
  • KENTAVR fit check
  • СТТС Reconfiguration in MRM1
  • Drying Soyuz suit gloves
  • Photo TV Soyuz Imagery from Cupola and DC-1
  • Cygnus Cargo Operations Conference
  • Microgravity Science Glovebox High Definition Video Drawer Checkout
  • TangoLab-1 Card Cube Replace
  • EDV-Y Inspection and Photographs
  • EXPRESS Rack 7Laptop Computer Software Load
  • Acoustic Monitor Data Transfer and Stow
  • Polar Sample Transfer to MELFI
  • Drying the third Soyuz Spacesuit and Soyuz gloves
  • Soyuz Space suits and gloves closeout
  • Reconfigure AL Flexible Duct into Crewlock
  • Space Headaches – Weekly Questionnaire

Completed Task List Activities

  • None

Ground Activities
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Cygnus Cargo/Payloads Support
  • JEM Airlock Ops Support

Three-Day Look Ahead:

  • Saturday, 05/26: Housekeeping, Crew Off-Duty
  • Sunday, 05/27: Crew Off-Duty
  • Monday, 05/28: Cygnus Cargo, Biomolecule Sequencer, ETVCG Teardown, Cygnus Emer OBT, NR Barrios PCG, Active Tissue Equiv Dosimeter, Subsa h/w gather, Soyuz OBT, KUBIK 6, MD Stow, ELF Cartridge Clean, RAM Retrieve 

QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:







[СКВ] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”)


[СКВ] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”)


Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab


Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3


Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab


Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3


Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA)


Urine Processing Assembly (UPA)


Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab

Full Up

Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3