ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/11/2018

56 Soyuz (56S) Anomaly: 56S launched today at 3:40 AM CDT.  At 3:42 AM CDT the Soyuz crew reported that a booster failure had occurred.  Per standard response to a booster abort in this timeframe, the descent module separated and performed a ballistic descent and landing near Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan.  At 4:20 AM CDT, Russian Search and Rescue forces arrived at the landing location after which the crew was safely extracted and transported to Dzhezkazgan via helicopter. They were subsequently transported via fixed wing aircraft to Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

Team Task Switching (TTS): The crew completed a TTS survey today. When crewmembers are required to switch their attention between tasks frequently, performance on each of the tasks can be negatively affected.  The objective of the TTS investigation is to gain knowledge about whether or not crewmembers have difficulty in switching tasks and determine the impacts of these switches to both reduce any negative consequences and improve individual and team motivation and effectiveness.

Food Acceptability: The crew completed the Food Acceptability questionnaires today. This investigation seeks to determine the impact of repetitive consumption of food currently available from the spaceflight food system.  Results will be used in developing strategies to improve food system composition to support crew health and performance on long duration missions.

Myotones: The crew gathered Myotones Hardware in preparation of upcoming operations. The investigation observes the biochemical properties of muscles during long-term exposure to the spaceflight environment. Results from this investigation are expected to provide insight into principles of human resting muscle tone which could lead to the development of new strategies for alternative treatments for rehabilitation both on Earth and for future space missions.

Basic Express Rack #10B Locker remove: Lockers were removed from the newly installed Basic Express Rack (BER) #10B and stowed in new locations. EXpedite the PRocessing of Experiments for Space Station (EXPRESS) Racks are multipurpose payload rack systems that store and support research aboard the ISS. The EXPRESS Racks support science experiments in any discipline by providing structural interfaces, power, data, cooling, water, and other items needed to operate science experiments in space.

HII Transfer Vehicle (HTV)-7 Cargo Transfer: The crew continued HTV-7 cargo transfer operations today. Ground specialists estimate approximately 15 hours remain to complete transfer.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • 56S launch preparation activities

Two-Day Look Ahead:

Friday, 10/12:

  • Time Perception (ESA)
  • Myotones Measurements (JAXA)
  • Sextant Payload Operations-6 (NASA)
  • ER10B Locker remove (NASA)
  • NanoRacks Platform 3 relocate (NASA)
  • MELFI 1&2 Dewar Maintenance


  • HTV7 Cargo Operations 

Saturday, 10/13:

Payloads: Plan in work
Systems: Housekeeping

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Record COP24 script
  • Activation of TV Data and MPEG2 Multicast Monitoring Equipment
  • Actiwatch Spectrum Watch Don
  • Audio Conference with RT TV Channel Correspondent (S-band)
  • Basic Express Rack 10 – Locker 2 Removal
  • Basic Express Rack 10 – Locker 3 Removal
  • Checking cover closure on windows 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14. Note 10
  • Closing Laptop applications and downlink of Mpeg2 multicast via OCA per r/g 0130
  • Columbus cleanup for Myotones
  • Comm config for Soyuz docking to MRM2. Comm check with Soyuz 740 in RSA2-S/G2
  • Comm reconfig after Soyuz 740 docking
  • Comm reconfig for nominal ops
  • Crew Medical Officer (CMO) Proficiency Training
  • Drying of the 2nd spacesuit in Soyuz 739, start
  • Drying the pair of Soyuz Space gloves – ending
  • Emergency Operations (EMER) Chip Measurement System (CMS) Battery Changeout
  • Equipment Setup in MRM2 for Hatch Opening TV Coverage from MRM2
  • EVA Procedure Review for Suit IV
  • Exiting Applications, Deactivation of camcorders and TV monitors
  • Food Acceptability Questionnaire
  • Gas Analyzer Activation in Soyuz 739
  • Handover Big Picture Words Review [Aborted]
  • Handover of Increment 57 Crew [Aborted]
  • Handover of the 2nd space suit for drying in Soyuz 739 [Aborted]
  • Handover of the 2nd spacesuit and gloves after drying in Soyuz 740  [Aborted]
  • Handover self-study [Aborted]
  • Hardware Setup in SM for Expedition 57 Arrival TV PAO Coverage from SM [Aborted]
  • HTV Cargo Operations Conference
  • IMS Delta File Prep
  • International Procedure Viewer Tablet Questionnaire
  • iPad Air 2 Food Intake Tracker (FIT) Update
  • ISS HAM Radio Power Up
  • ISS Safety Briefing [Aborted]
  • JAXA Protein Crystal Growth (PCG) Handover
  • KRISTALLIZATOR. PCG kit transfer from Soyuz, inspection, and handover to USOS
  • KRISTALLIZATOR. Photography
  • LSG Laptop Computer Initial Software Load for ZBook
  • Magnetic 3D-bioprinter. Hardware Transfer from Soyuz.
  • Magnetic 3D-bioprinter. Inspection of Cuvette No.1 and Cuvette No.2 kit content.
  • Magnetic 3D-bioprinter. Prep for video recording of the experiment
  • Microgravity Science Glovebox Activation
  • Microgravity Science Glovebox Power Down
  • Monitoring Soyuz 740 Rendezvous with ISS (MRM2) [Aborted]
  • mpeg2 recording on
  • Myotones Kit Gathering
  • MРEG2 Downlink Test via Ku-band (Activation/Deactivation of TV Data Monitoring and MPEG2 Multicast hardware)
  • On MCC GO Soyuz 740 – MRM2 Interface Leak Check. Start drying the 1st space suit
  • PAO Deferred Release Message for Task List for FE-6; 2018 MassChallenge Awards
  • Photo and Video Recording about life onboard the ISS
  • Preparation for Soyuz 740 Docking [Aborted]
  • Preparation of Reports for Roscosmos Web Site and Social Media
  • Record UN Forum Script
  • Record VDE Summit Script
  • Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System (RGN) Wastewater Storage Tank Assembly (WSTA) Fill
  • Reminder #1 for Myotones experiment
  • Review Hatch Opening from MRM2 and Arrival of Expedition 57” TV Coverage procedure. [Aborted]
  • Setup of the 1st pair of spacesuit gloves for drying
  • Sextant Navigation Payload Proficiency
  • Soyuz 740 Deactivation (without Gas Analyzer deactivation) [Aborted]
  • Soyuz 740 ODF Procedures [Aborted]
  • Soyuz 740 Transfers and IMS Ops [Aborted]
  • Soyuz -MRM2 Hatch Opening, TV Coverage of “Expedition 57 Arrival” [Aborted]
  • Spacetex-2 Final Questionnaire filling
  • Spacetex-2 questionnaire filling
  • Stowage of the 1st and 2nd spacesuits in Soyuz 740 after drying [Aborted]
  • Team Task Switching Experiment Survey Subject
  • Terminate drying the 1st pair of spacesuit gloves [Aborted]
  • Terminate the 1st space suit drying in Soyuz 740 [Aborted]
  • Terminate the 2nd spacesuit drying, start drying the 2nd pair of gloves in Soyuz 739 [Aborted]
  • Transfer Operations – Pack and stow items on HTV
  • USOS Window Shutter Close [Aborted]
  • Visual inspection and leak check, using US leak detector ULD in the orbital compartment [БО] of Soyuz №739. Report to MCC during comm pass [Aborted]
  • Visual Inspection and Leak Monitoring Using US ULD Leak Detector in Soyuz 739 Orbital Module. Report to MCC [Aborted]
  • Waste Hygience Compartment Restow
  • ТПК-56S hatches open and PAO-TV-rep.Hatches open [Aborted]