ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/05/2018

SpaceX (SpX)-16 Launch: SpX-16 launched today from Kennedy Space Center at 12:16 PM CT. Its rendezvous with ISS and capture is planned for Saturday, December 8 at 5:00AM CT. SpX-16 Dragon is bringing over 2500 kg of pressurized and unpressurized cargo to ISS. 

NanoRacks External Platform Inserts (NREP): Today, the Ground Robotics Team utilized the Japanese Experiment Module Remote Manipulator System (JEMRMS) to relocate the NREP platform and installed it into the Japanese Module Exposed Facility #4 (EFU-4). The NREP is loaded with the newly installed sortie #4 science consisting of the Hyperspectral Earth Imaging System Trial (HEIST) investigation. HEIST a compact hyperspectral sensor system for commercial Earth observation. The NanoRacks External Platform is a compact research platform fitted for versatile use on the exterior of the ISS. 

Behavioral Core Measures: Crewmembers completed journal questionnaires for the Behavioral Core Measures study. Standardized Behavioral Measures for Detecting Behavioral Health Risks during Exploration Missions (Behavioral Core Measures) examines an integrated, standardized suite of measurements for its ability to rapidly and reliably assess the risk of adverse cognitive or behavioral conditions and psychiatric disorders during long-duration spaceflight.

Standard Measures: Crewmembers filled out questionnaires for the Standard Measures study. The aim is to ensure consistent capture of an optimized, minimal set of measures from crewmembers until the end of the ISS Program in order to characterize the adaptive responses to and risks of living in space. 

Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) On-orbit Fitcheck Verification (OFV): Crewmembers David Saint-Jacques and Anne McClain took body measurements, resized, and donned their EMU suits (3003 and 3008) to ensure proper fit. Each EMU contains exchangeable components allowing each astronaut to adjust EMU fit to their individual preference.

Departure Preparation: In preparation for their return to earth on December 20, the 55S Crew gathered and packed crew provisions. The packed items will be returned by way of SpX-16 and Soyuz 55S.

Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) Intra-Module Ventilation (IMV) Cleaning: As part of routine maintenance, the crew removed and cleaned the JEM IMV starboard aft fan and grille.

Northrop Grumman 10 (NG-10) Cygnus Hatch Closure: Following the unloading of all critical items from Cygnus over the past several weeks, today the hatch was closed and will remain in this configuration until after the SpX-16 Dragon mission.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • EMU OFV Support

Two Day Look Ahead:

Thursday, 12/06:

  • Rodent Research habitat installs (NASA)
  • Marrow sessions (CSA)
  • Food Acceptability (NASA)
  • MVP Cell-05 sample mix and insert (NASA)
  • Team Task Switching Survey (NASA)
  • VECTION session (CSA)


  • Dragon RoBOT OBT
  • EMU Loop Scrub
  • JEM Mesh Cover-Return Grille Cleaning

Friday, 12/07:

  • Marrow sessions (CSA)
  • Molecular Muscle Big Picture Words (ESA)


  • ISS Crew Adaptation

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Dragon Capture Review
  • Extravehicular Activity Mobility Unit (EMU) Enhanced Caution and Warning System (ECWS) On-Board Training
  • Delta file prep
  • R PAO event report preparation
  • ECON-M. Observations and photo (Task list)
  • Recharging Samsung tablet in 55S
  • Reminder Probiotics Saliva Operations
  • Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Reminder for On-Orbit Fitcheck Verification (OFV)
  • Standard Measures Post-sleep Questionnaire
  • Behavioral Core Measures Post-sleep Questionnaire
  • Probiotics Saliva Operations
  • Probiotics Salive Sample MELFI Insertion
  • Probiotics Question
  • Install Orlan Radio Telemetry Unit (БРТА)
  • Check O2 Tanks (БК-ЗМ) Pressure in ПхО and DC1
  • ISS Crew Adaptation
  • JEM Inter Module Ventilation (IMV) Aft Side Cleaning
  • FPGA Board Exchange for teh Video Management Unit MkII (VMU2)
  • PHOTOBIOREACTOR. Visual Inspection and Imagery
  • Orlan ORUs Ops
  • Treadmill 2 (T2) Handover Video Review
  • ISS Crew Adaptation
  • Columbus COL Ka-Band Unit Photo Survey
  • Preparation of ORLAN Special Gear
  • Review ODF, EVA Timelines, Watch EVA-45A Video (USB flash drive with EVA-45A (00074747R) location: СМ1РО_3_303, soft container 440-5 (00074736R)
  • ARED Handover Video Review
  • Crew Departure Preparations for Return to Earth
  • ISS Crew Orientation
  • [МНР-НС] R&R in ACY
  • Charge Soyuz #741 Samsung Tablets (start)
  • Cygnus Egress
  • Early Mission Debrief Conference
  • Countermeasures System (CMS) Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) Quarterly Inspection
  • Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Equipment Lock Preparation Part 1
  • High Definition Video Camera Assembly 1 Activation with Hand-Held Microphone Set-up
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. Set Up Camcorder in MRM1
  • ISS HAM Service Module Pass
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. Record a Video of the Experiment in MRM1
  • Comm Config in MRM1
  • End of Soyuz #741 Samsung Tablets Charge
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. Set Up Glovebox-S Hardware for Cells #1 Ops
  • СОЖ maintenance
  • Public Affairs Office (PAO) Event in High Definition (HD) in Columbus
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. Session 1 Closeout OperationsExtravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) On-orbit Fitcheck Verification
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. Photograph the Cells Located in Glovebox-S
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. Photograph Cells #1 Kit
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. End of Video Recording in MRM1 and Start of Video Recording in the SM
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. Preparation of Cells #2 Kit and its Placement in ТБУ-В #5 (+4 °С)
  • Restore Nominal Comm Config
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. Video Downlink after Recording in MRM1
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. Set Up the Magnetic Bioprinter
  • High Definition Video Camera Assembly 1 Deactivation with Hand-Held Microphone
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) ISS Food Intake Tracker (ISS FIT)
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. Retrieve Cells #2 Kit from ТБУ-В Thermostat #5
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. Perform Session 2 of the Experiment using 3D-МБП, Set Up Glovebox-S Hardware for Operations with Cells #2
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. Photograph the Exterior of the Bioprinter with Installed Cells Located in ТБУ-В Thermostat #2
  • Magnetic 3D Bioprinter. End of Video Recording in the SM and Data Downlink
  • Reminder Vection