ISS Daily Summary Report – 3/13/2019

Combustion Integrated Rack (CIR) Manifold Bottle Replacement: The crew removed a 50% ethylene fuel bottle and replaced it with a 100% ethylene bottle. They also installed a 100% helium bottle. This is in support of the ongoing BRE (Burning Rate Emulator) experiment, which is part of the ACME (Advanced Combustion via Microgravity Experiments) suite of experiments. The BRE experiment runs are focused on spacecraft fire prevention. More specifically, BRE’s objective is to improve our fundamental understanding of materials flammability and to assess the relevance of existing flammability test methods for low and partial-gravity environments.

Circadian Rhythms: In conclusion of the current experiment run, the crew member removed the Double Sensors and Thermolab Unit, cleaned the Double Sensors and stowed the equipment. This completed the 4th session for this crewmember. Circadian Rhythms investigates the role of synchronized circadian rhythms, or the “biological clock,” and how it changes during long-duration spaceflight. Researchers hypothesize that a non-24-hour cycle of light and dark affects crewmembers’ circadian clocks.

Express Rack (ER)-1 Upgrade: The crew replaced the Payload Ethernet Hub Gateway (PEHG) within ER-1 in the Lab and replaced it with a new Improved Payload Ethernet Hub Gateway (iPEHG). This upgrade is part of an ongoing effort to replace PEHG within Payload Racks with iPEHG. The new iPEHG provides 100 Mbps ethernet services, digital video enabled over ethernet, and increased High Rate Data Link (HRDL) fiber optic bandwidth. While the rack was rotated, the crew also took the opportunity to remove the UBNT (Ultrasound Background Noise Test) hardware from this area. The UBNT experiment was completed some time ago, and a rack rotation is required to access much of the hardware.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • UNSC Message Video
  • Expo-Science, Science Fairs

Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • ER-1 commanding in support of IPHEG Upgrade

Look Ahead:  

Thursday, 03/14 (GMT 073):

  • Actiwatch Spectrum,
  • HRF2 supply/resupply
  • ISS Experience
  • LSR filter install
  • Time Perception
  • Team Task Switching


  • 58S Launch – 2:14 PM CT
  • 58S Docking – 8:07 PM CT

Friday, 03/14 (GMT 074): (Crew Off Duty)

  • None


  • None

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Space Automated Bioproduct Lab 1 and 2 Unit Relocate
  • Acoustic Monitor Setup for Static Measurements
  • ALGOMETRIYA. Preparation and conducting measurements in the tenso- and thermo-algometry mode
  • ExPRESS Rack 1 Rack Preparation
  • Verification of ИП-1 Flow Sensor Position
  • Weekly monitoring of video recording equipment performance on the ISS RS
  • IPEHG Hardware Install Part 1
  • MOTOCARD. Experiment Session
  • SABL 1 Door Open
  • In Flight Maintenance (IFM) LAB1O2 Ultrasonic Background Noise Test (UBNT) Removal
  • Environmental Health System (EHS) Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Water Recovery System (WRS) Sample Analysis
  • IPEHG Hardware Install Part 2
  • ALGOMETRIYA. Strain Measurements (Tensoalgometry) Mode
  • Combustion Integrated Rack Upper Rack Doors Open
  • Combustion Integrated Rack Manifold #4 Bottle Replacement
  • LSG Right Filter Bank Removal
  • ExPRESS Rack 1 Rack Reconfiguration
  • Combustion Integrated Rack Manifold #1 Bottle Install
  • LSG LSAH Adaptor Installation
  • On-Orbit Hearing Assessment (O-OHA) with EarQ Software Setup and Test
  • Combustion Integrated Rack Upper Rack Doors Close
  • Filling (separation) of ЕДВ [КОВ] for Elektron or ЕДВ-СВ
  • Glacier Express Rack Install (with Water Lines)
  • СОЖ maintenance
  • EXPRESS Rack 1 Locker Install
  • Environmental Health System (EHS) Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Sample Data Record
  • Space Acceleration Measurement System Control Unit Activation
  • Water Recovery Management (WRM) Condensate Pumping Initiation
  • Perfect Crystals Hardware Restow