ISS Daily Summary Report – 3/25/2019

Materials Science Laboratory (MSL): The crew opened the Gas Supply Drawer valve on the Material Science Research Rack (MSRR)/MSL which is used for basic materials research in the microgravity environment of the ISS. The MSL can accommodate and support diverse Experiment Modules. In this way, many material types, such as metals, alloys, polymers, semiconductors, ceramics, crystals, and glasses, can be studied to discover new applications for existing materials and new or improved materials.

Two-Phase Flow: The crew altered the valve settings for the Two Phase Flow-2 experiment. The valve setting has been changed to configuration of Low-mode (pump) of the Metal Heated Tube (MHT). Several  runs of TPF experiment will be performed with this configuration. The Two-Phase Flow experiment investigates the heat transfer characteristics of flow boiling in the microgravity environment. This experiment provides a fundamental understanding of the behaviors of bubble formation, liquid-vapor flow in a tube, and how heat is transferred in cooling systems.

71 Progress ISS Reboost: On Saturday, ISS completed a 5 minute 42 second reboost using 71P thrusters. The purpose of the reboost was to start phasing for 72P rendezvous and docking in April and increase the ISS velocity by 0.685 meters per second (m/s).   

LAB Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Failure: The LAB CDRA failed last Friday.  Troubleshooting was unsuccessful so N3 CDRA and Amine Swingbed were activated to account for the additional CO2 produced during the Metal Oxide (METOX) regen. Teams agreed the failure signature was an Air Selector Valve 4 (ASV104) failure. Today the crew performed an ASV104 R&R to recover the unit.

US Extravehicular Activity (EVA) #53 Preparations: In preparation for this Friday’s planned EVA, today the crew performed the following:

  • Rechargeable EVA Battery Assembly (REBA) powered hardware checkout
  • GoPRO camera setup
  • Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) METOX/Lithium Hydroxide (LiOH)/ battery replacement
  • EVA suit intravehicular (IV) review

Completed Task List Activities:

  • Friday
    • Toilet funnel ops
  • Saturday
    • Veggie plant check
    • WHC KTO replace
    • EVA tool config
    • Toilet funnel ops
  • Sunday
    • EVA battery ops
    • EVA tether inspection
    • CDRA valve R&R gather
    • EVA tool config
    • Toilet funnel ops
    • Veggie plant check

Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • EVA prep support
  • CDRA valve R&R support

Look Ahead:  

Tuesday, 03/26:

  • RADIN Retrieval and H/O (CSA)
  • Myotones measurements and data xfer (ESA)
  • Actiwatch Plus chk (NASA)
  • Food Acceptability (NASA)
  • GLACIER1 Rack Relocation (NASA)
  • Cerebral Autoregulation Measurements (JAXA)
  • CIR Manifold bottle replace (NASA) 


  • EVA prep

Wednesday, 03/27:

  • Cerebral Autoregulation measurements and Closeout (JAXA)
  • Actiwatch (Donned) data xfer (NASA)
  • ISS Experience Node1 intro Recording (NASA)
  • GLACIER1 Tray and Left vertical support install (NASA)
  • Team Task Survey (NASA)


  • EVA prep
  • WHC scheduled maintenance 

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • US EVA Truss Jumpers Procedure Review
  • IMD Delta File Prep
  • Preparation of Reports for Roscosmos Web Site and Social Media
  • Toilet Funnel Evaluation, Part 5 of 5
  • ECON-M. Observations and Photography
  • Photo TV Battery Charge Initiation
  • Screws Installation and tightening on connectors of Broad Band Communication System (ШСС)
  • Cerebral Autoregulation Data Measurement Item Gathering
  • XF305 Camcorder Setup
  • Setup of a work station for Laptop RSE-Med
  • Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Long Life Battery (LLB) Terminate
  • Two-Phase Flow Experiment Equipment Valves Setting
  • Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Resize
  • VOZDUKH Deactivation
  • XF305 Camcorder Setup
  • Cerebral Autoregulation Maintenance Work Area setup.
  • Water Recovery Management (WRM) Condensate Pumping Initiation
  • PROFILAKTIKA-2. Experiment setup
  • Preparing for ВСБ-95 Comm Panel Replacement in DC1 (R/G review, locating and gathering equipment)
  • Photo TV EVA Go Pro Battery Charging
  • Cerebral Autoregulation Equipment Setup
  • PROFILAKTIKA-2. Aisstance with МО-3 Test
  • PROFILAKTIKA-2. Experiment Ops on БД-2 Treadmill (MO-3 Test in Passive Mode).
  • PROFILAKTIKA-2. Closeout Ops. Tagup with specialists
  • Columbus cleanup for Myotones
  • Photography of [ТП228] thermal sensor models installed on MRM2 exterior
  • Myotones Big Picture Words reading
  • Myotones Kit Gathering for Session 1
  • Photo TV Battery Charge Swap
  • PROFILAKTIKA-2. Hygiene procedure
  • Rechargeable EVA Battery Assembly (REBA) Installation
  • Rechargeable EVA Battery Assembly (REBA) Powered Hardware Checkout
  • Crew Time for ISS Adaptation and Orientation
  • Nikon Camera Time Sync
  • Exercise Data Downlink via OCA
  • Food Acceptability Questionnaire
  • Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System (RGN) Wastewater Storage Tank Assembly (WSTA) Fill
  • ISS Crew Orientation
  • Public Affairs Office (PAO) High Definition (HD) Config JEM Setup
  • PAO Preparation
  • Public Affairs Office (PAO) Event in High Definition (HD) – JEM
  • ISS Crew Orientation
  • Search for and photography of ТП228 sensor adapter covers
  • Selecting and Viewing Soyuz 742 Neptune-ME Descent Module [CA] Display and Control Panel (ПКСА) Logs.  Tagup with specialists
  • Photo TV GoPro Setup
  • Photo TV Battery Charge Swap
  • Material Science Laboratory Gas Supply Exchange Part 2
  • In-Flight Maintenance Lab CDRA Valve Remove and Replace – Part 1
  • Handover of Increment 59 Crew
  • Filling (separation) of ЕДВ (КОВ) for Elektron or ЕДВ-СВ
  • Filling (separation) of ЕДВ (КОВ) for Elektron or ЕДВ-СВ (handover)
  • Handover of Increment 59 Crew
  • SM ventilation systems preventive maintenance.
  • СОЖ maintenance
  • Progress 440 [AO] stowage for disposal and IMS Ops
  • Battery Stowage Assembly (BSA) Operation Termination
  • Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Long Life Battery (LLB)/Metal Oxide (METOX) Installation
  • Extravehicular Activitiy (EVA) Suit Intravehicular (IV) Review
  • Photo TV Battery Charge Deactivation
  • In-Flight Maintenance CDRA Valve Remove and Replace – Part 2
  • Charging EVA Camera D4 Battery
  • In-Flight Maintenance CDRA Valve Stow
  • VOZDUKH Deactivation
  • Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System (RGN) Wastewater Storage Tank Assembly (WSTA) Fill