ISS Daily Summary Report – 1/06/2020

Rodent Research-19 (RR-19): The crew transferred the remaining subjects into the Dragon capsule. Mighty Mice in Space: Preclinical Evaluation of a Broad Spectrum Myostatin Inhibitor to Prevent Muscle and Bone Loss Due to Disuse uses rodent models on the ISS to investigate the potential benefits of targeting the myostatin (MSTN) and activin signaling pathways to prevent skeletal muscle and bone loss during spaceflight and on the recovery of muscle and bone following return to Earth. This research could provide valuable preclinical data to support clinical trials for MSTN therapies for a wide range of conditions that affect muscle and bone health. Such research is particularly important for conditions that involve disuse muscle atrophy (muscle wasting due to immobility or lessened activity)—for example, patients recovering from hip fracture surgery, intensive care patients, and the elderly. 

Advanced Nano Step: The crew installed the Return Step Specimen Cell bag in preparation for return. The Effects of Impurities on Perfection of Protein Crystals, Partition Functions, and Growth Mechanisms (Advanced Nano Step) experiment monitors and records how the incorporation of specific impurity molecules affect the development and quality of protein crystals, as they grow in a quartz cell aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The crystals grown on the ISS are returned to Earth, and characterized using synchrotron X-ray diffraction. The protein crystal and impurity interactions are managed and monitored jointly by both scientists on the ground and the ISS crew.

Space Biofilms: The crew removed nine GAPs (Group Activation Packs) and stowed them into the Dragon capsule for return. The Characterization of Biofilm Formation, Growth, and Gene Expression on Different Materials and Environmental Conditions in Microgravity (Space Biofilms) investigation characterizes the mass, thickness, structure, and associated gene expression of biofilms that form in space by analyzing different microbial species grown on different materials. Biofilm formation can cause equipment malfunction and human illnesses, and could be a serious problem on future long-term human space missions. 

BioFabrication Facility (BFF): The crew retrieved the two BFF bags and prepped the bags for return on SpX-19. The BFF is dedicated to manufacturing human organs and tissues in space, primarily for use by patients on Earth. Besides printing tissue, the BFF also can help maintain the health of deep space exploration crews by producing food and personalized pharmaceuticals on demand.


SpX-19 Cargo Operations: Today the crew completed the final SpaceX-19 mission cargo transfers; including the packing of Double Cold Bags (DCB) that are used to preserve time critical science. Following the final cargo loading, the crew egressed the Dragon vehicle, closed the hatch, rotated the Common Berthing Mechanism (CBM) Controller Panel Assemblies (CPAs), and closed out the Node 2 nadir vestibule. Dragon is scheduled to depart the ISS on Tuesday, January 7th at 4:03 am CT.

SOLAR (Solar Monitoring Observatory) Disposal:  Over the weekend, robotics ground controllers (ROBO) maneuvered the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) with the the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) to grasp and release theSOLAR payload Active Flight Releasable Attachment Mechanism (AFRAM) from Columbus. After de-mating the SOLAR AFRAM from Columbus, ROBO maneuvered the SOLAR payload w/AFRAM to the external Passive FRAM located of the Cygnus Pressurized Cargo Module. Once SOLAR was installed on the Cygnus PCM, the SPDM maneuvered to and stowed on the Lab Power & Data Grapple Fixture (PDGF). The SSRMS was then maneuvered and grappled the SpX-19 Dragon Flight Releasable Grapple Fixture (FRGF) in preparation for Dragon release tomorrow morning.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • C15 BPW Reading (GMT 004)
  • EVA AL Unstow (GMT 004)
  • IFM Light Gather (GMT 004)
  • IFM Light R&R (GMT 004)
  • EVA SAFER QD Troubleshooting (GMT 005)

Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • SOLAR Survey and Transfer (Saturday)
  • Dragon Flight Computer Reboot (Sunday)
  • EHDC Checkouts 

Monday, 1/6 (GMT 006)

  • SpaceBiofilms GAPs removal for return (NASA)
  • RADIN retrieval (CSA)
  • Food Acceptability (NASA)
  • Advanced NanoSteps stow (JAXA)
  • CBEF-L LTL Box Set valve setting (JAXA)
  • BioFabricator Fill bags prep for return (NASA)


  • Dragon Center Stack Transfer
  • Node 2 nadir CBM vestibule configuration for depressurization

Tuesday, 1/7 (GMT 007) –Off Duty

  • No payload activities


  • Dragon RWS release/monitoring
  • Dragon vestibule N2 MPEV close
  • Dragon CCP de-route 

Wednesday, 1/8 (GMT 008)

  • Probiotics Saliva and questionnaire (JAXA)
  • CBEF-L plant experiment install (JAXA)
  • Mouse Habitat food prep (JAXA)
  • SAIBO CO2 QD removal (JAXA)
  • JAXA Colloidal Clusters sample container in FROST (JAXA)
  • Food Acceptability (NASA)
  • Rodent-LSG clean (NASA)
  • Confined Combustion ops (NASA)
  • HRF-Saliva setup (NASA)
  • CIR manifold 4 bottle exchange (Joint)


  • RWS teardown
  • CUCU deactivation
  • EVA procedure review
  • EVA procedure conference
  • EVA DOUG review
  • EVA tool config
  • Vision Test Ethernet cable deploy

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • SEPARATSIA. Mixing in the [СРВ-У-PC] urine circulation loop
  • Test activation of Atmosphere Purification System Emergency Vacuum Valve [АВК СОА] using spares (ФГБ1ПГО_4_426_1 Bag II-1/256-1 Emergency Vacuum Valve [АВК] Enclosure.
  • Replace [ПФ1, ПФ2] dust filters and clean fan screens В1, B2 in DC1
  • CARDIOVECTOR experiment ops.
  • Replace [ПФ1, ПФ2] dust Filters and clean В1, B2 Fan Screens in MRM2
  • Replace SM ПФ1-4 dust filter cartridge in SM.
  • ISS RS Lights Audit (SM, MRM1, MRM2, DC1)
  • [ВКС] laptop antivirus database update
  • VIZIR. Multi-Module Ultrasound Coordinate Referencing System (СКПФ-УМ) PL Session.
  • Inventory management of maintenance and repair HW
  • Robotic WorkStation (RWS) Setup
  • Node2 HD camera activation
  • Public Affairs Office (PAO) High Definition (HD) A/L setup
  • Polar 6 transfer from Cygnus to Dragon
  • Cold stowage Double Cold Bag pack and transfer
  • BioFabrication Facility MELFI sample retrieve
  • Space Biofilms packing
  • XF305 Camcorder Setup
  • Advanced Nano step return bag Nano Step specimen cell Installation
  • Monitoring of cover closure on SM windows 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14.
  • Prepare for [ВКС] laptop anti-virus scans
  • Dragon locker install
  • AEM transfer and Dragon Install
  • Dragon cable photograph
  • Transfer center stack
  • Dragon Vestibule Outfitting Kit (VOK) gather
  • Dragon egress in preparation for departure