ISS Daily Summary Report – 3/20/2020

Acoustic Diagnostics: The crew set up the appropriate hardware, performed the audio measurements, and used the EveryWear application to answer the questionnaires.  The investigation tests the hearing of ISS crew members before, during, and after flight. This study assesses the possible adverse effects of noise and the microgravity environment aboard the ISS on human hearing. The investigation compares the relationship between the detection of otoacoustic emissions, sounds naturally generated from within the inner ear, and hearing loss levels when exposed to noisy environments.

Food Physiology: The crew participated in a briefing to discuss dietary details with Food Physiology team.  The Integrated Impact of Diet on Human Immune Response, the Gut Microbiota, and Nutritional Status During Adaptation to Spaceflight (Food Physiology) experiment is designed to characterize the key effects of an enhanced spaceflight diet on immune function, the gut microbiome, and nutritional status indicators. These factors are interlinked, but diet is the only one that can be easily and meaningfully altered on Earth or during flight. This investigation aims to document the effect of dietary improvements on human physiology and the ability of those improvements to enhance adaptation to spaceflight.

Radi-N2 deploy: Following initialization by the Russian crew, the Radi-N2 detectors were placed in the COL1A3 location to begin this neutron radiation monitoring session.  The objective of this Canadian Space Agency investigation is to better characterize the ISS neutron environment, define the risk posed to the crew members’ health, and provide the data necessary to develop advanced protective measures for future spaceflight.  It’s been recognized that neutrons make up a significant fraction (10-30%) of the biologically effective radiation exposure in low-Earth orbit.  The bubble detectors used in the investigation are designed detect neutrons and ignore all other radiation.


Node 3 Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Orbital Replacement Unit (ORU)-2 Remove and Replace (R&R): Late last year, the Node 3 MCA Mass Mass Spectrometer (ORU 02) failed due to an Ion Pump short. Today, the crew replaced the Node 3 MCA ORU 02 with an on-orbit spare. Replacing the mass spectrometer recovers the Node 3 MCA restores the nominal USOS MCA redundancy.

Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Hard Upper Torso (HUT) Swap and In-Line Cable Voltage Regulator (ILCVR) R&R: Today, the crew performed a HUT swap on EMU S/N 3004. The R&R was performed to upsize the HUT from a medium (M) to an extra large (XL) in preparation for the arrival of the Expedition 63 crew. The XL HUT did not have an ILCVR installed, so the crew also swapped the ILCVR from the M HUT to the XL HUT.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • BioFabrication Facility Checkout Commanding
  • Nitrogen Repress of ISS Cabin Atmosphere
  • SPDM MISSE Sample Carrier Transfer
  • MISSE-FF Discrete Commanding
  • Node3 MCA Initial Activation after ORU2 R&R

Lookahead Plan

Saturday, 3/21 (GMT 081)

  • No utilization activities


  • Crew Of-duty

Sunday, 3/22 (GMT 082)

  • No utilization activities


  • Crew Of-duty

Monday, 3/23 (GMT 083)

  • BFF test print without cells
  • Mouse Mission-5
  • MSG software update
  • Nanoracks Module-9 ops 3
  • Rhodium science


  • ARED Cylinder Flywheel Evacuation
  • T2 Monthly Inspection 

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • ECON-M. Observation and Photography
  • Reminder Acoustic Diagnostics
  • ISS Crew and ГОГУ (RSA Flight Control Team) weekly conference
  • ISS Experience Hardware Stow
  • Preparation for T61Р Laptop RS2 replacement with Zbook.
  • Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) Recycle Tank Leak Check
  • In Flight Maintenance Major Constituent Analyzer Mass Spectrometer Remove and Replace
  • Fabrication and installation of aids to improve RS2 ZBook laptop ventilation.
  • ISS HAM Radio Power Down in Columbus
  • Acoustic Monitor Setup for Crew Worn Measurements
  • Acoustic Diagnostics Instruments Set-Up
  • Bringing the Central Post (ЦП) laptops to nominal configuration and replacement of T61P Laptop RS2 with Zbook.
  • Acoustic Diagnostics Operations
  • Acoustic Monitor Data Transfer and Stow
  • Activation and testing of Zbook RS2 Laptop.
  • ISS HAM Radio Power Up
  • Acoustic Diagnostics EveryWear Questionnaire
  • Turning off КЦП2, Laptop RS2
  • ALGOMETRIYA. Conducting measurements in tenso- and thermo-algometry mode.
  • Cold Stowage Double Coldbag Icebrick Stow
  • Air sampling from SM and FGB using АК-1М sampler
  • Air sample collection using Draeger tube air sampler (ИПД) in SM for CO
  • Food Acceptability Survey
  • Food Physiology Crew Diet Briefing
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) ISS Food Intake Tracker (ISS FIT)
  • MATRYOSHKA-R. Prep and Initialization of Bubble-Dosimeter Detectors
  • Node3 Air Revitalization System (ARS) Rack – Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) – Hand Valve 01 (HV01) Open
  • Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus 4 Status Check and Maintenance
  • Payloads Network Attached Storage (NAS) Vent Cleaning
  • MATRYOSHKA-R. Handover of BUBBLE-dosimeters to USOS
  • Radiation Dosimetry Inside ISS-Neutrons Hardware Handover
  • MATRYOSHKA-R. BUBBLE-dosimeter initialization and deployment for exposure
  • Radiation Dosimetry Inside ISS-Neutrons
  • Air Revitalization System (ARS) Rack – Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) – Hand Valve 01 (HV01) Close
  • Extravehicular Activity In Line Cable Voltage Regulator Remove and Replace
  • Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Hard Upper Torso (HUT) On-Orbit Replaceable Unit (ORU) Remove and Replace (R&R)
  • Photography of SM panel 134
  • MELFI Ice Brick Inserts