ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/20/2020

ELF (Electro-static Levitation Furnace): The crew performed a cartridge sample #3 chamber swap and then opened the Air Gas bottle unit in preparation for the next sample run. ELF is an experimental facility designed to levitate, melt and solidify materials by containerless processing techniques using the electrostatic levitation method.  With this facility, thermophysical properties of high temperature melts can be measured and solidification from deeply undercooled melts can be achieved. 

VEGGIE PONDS (Veggie Passive Orbital Nutrient Delivery System): The crew performed photography on the Veggie Ponds modules. Organisms grow differently in space, from single-celled bacteria to plants and humans. Future long-duration space missions will require crew members to grow their own food. Therefore, understanding how plants respond to microgravity and demonstrating the reliable vegetable production on orbit are important steps toward that goal. Veggie PONDS uses a newly developed passive nutrient delivery system and the Veggie plant growth facility aboard the ISS to cultivate lettuce and mizuna greens which are to be harvested on-orbit, and consumed, with samples returned to Earth for analysis.


Systems Operations Data File (SODF) Update: Today, the crew performed an update to the Emergency Response book to incorporate changes to the ammonia response procedure. The updates to the procedure account for the Soyuz configuration following 61S departure.

Portable Pulmonary Function System (PPFS) Bottle Troubleshooting: The crew replaced a depleted PPFS gas bottle with a bottle from the Human Research Facility (HRF) Gas Delivery System (GDS).  The PPFS previously failed calibration checks during an exercise exam late last year. The swap-out of the gas canisters today will allow the crew to perform tests to isolate the source of the leak.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • Transfer 62S USOS unpack
  • Reconfigure CEVIS control panel network connection
  • NH3 cleanup kit trash
  • Increment handover self-study
  • Photo TV lens bumper ring install
  • Reposition cables protruding into ARED Keep-Out Zone
  • Reconfigure EMUs on EDDAs
  • Cygnus Cargo Ops (ongoing)
  • Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) hardware locate (ongoing)

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • ATS PPL Update
  • Daily File Downlinks
  • Comm Configuration for TORY Test

Look Ahead Plan

Tuesday, 4/21 (GMT 112)

  • JEM Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (SSOD-13) part 1 install (JAXA)
  • Food Acceptability (NASA)
  • FIR FCF Image Processor hard drive replace (NASA)


  • CB/ISS Crew Conference
  • Emergency Roles and Responsibilities Review
  • WHC Hardware Gather/Transfer to RS
  • ARED & T2 Video Sessions 

Wednesday, 4/22 (GMT 113)

  • Russian blood samples into MELFI (ESA)
  • SSOD-13- Flag photo (JAXA)
  • JEM Small Satellite Orbital Deployer(SSOD-13) part 2&3 install (JAXA)
  • ELC4 Solid State Drive (SSD) removal (NASA)
  • VEGGIE PONDS Growout 1 &2 Harvest (NASA)


  • Pack and Stow Cygnus Trash
  • Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Water Recovery System (WRS) Sample Analysis

Thursday, 4/23 (GMT 114)

  • Russian blood samples into MELFI (ESA)
  • ELC4 Shell exchange (NASA)
  • Food Physiology Brief (NASA)
  • CIR-FOMA-Calibration unit replace (NASA)
  • VEGGIE PONDS facility clean (NASA) 


  • Periodic Health Status (PHS) Evaluation
  • Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) Brine Filter Gather

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • KORREKTSIYA. Logging Liquid and Food Intake (medicine)
  • Intermodular TORU Test with Mated Progress 443 (DC1)
  • Crew Time for ISS Adaptation and Orientation
  • Replacement of CO Gas Analyzer Filter Unit (БФ)
  • ALGOMETRIYA. Experiment Ops
  • Electrostatic Levitation Furnace(ELF) Sample Cartridge Cleaning/Installation
  • Electrostatic Levitation Furnace(ELF) Sample Holder Exchange
  • Electrostatic Levitation Furnace(ELF) Saver Cables Connection
  • Electrostatic Levitation Furnace (ELF) Gas Bottle Unit (GBU) valve opening
  • Systems Operations Data File (SODF) Update
  • Environmental Health System Air Quality Monitor Adjust
  • Veggie Ponds Plant Photography
  • PILOT-T. Experiment Session with Photography (Session one)
  • Replacement of Filters in FGB Dust Collectors 1, 2 (panels 203, 403) (ФГБ1ПГО_4_425_1)
  • P/TV RED Battery Charging and Camera File Downlink
  • P/TV RED Camera PAO Event
  • Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) Cylinder Flywheel Evacuation
  • Vacuum cleaning ventilation grille on FGB interior panels (201, 301, 401)
  • Nikon Camera Time Sync
  • KORREKTSIYA. Accelerometry. Start & Termination