ISS Daily Summary Report – 6/11/2020


Electrolysis Measurement (EM): In support of the ongoing EM experiment, the crew performed a series of sample exchanges.  The experiment is expected to process 30 total samples over the next several weeks.  Electrolytic Gas Evolution Under Microgravity (Electrolysis Measurement) examines the influence of gravity on electrolytic gas evolution, a complex electrochemical process with multiple applications on Earth and in space. For example, electrolysis generates bubbles that can be used to create pressure differentials in microfluidic devices, such as skin patches, used to deliver medications. Microgravity makes it possible to single out bubble growth and study its effect on the process.

Manufacturing Device (ManD): Due to issues with sensors in the existing ManD unit, it was exchanged with a replacement unit.  The ground team will need to load updated software and perform checkouts before the unit is ready to print.  The Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF, aka ManD) enables the production of components on the International Space Station (ISS) for both NASA and commercial objectives. Parts, entire experiments, and tools can be created on demand utilizing the AMF that is installed into an Express Rack locker location. The AMF is capable of producing parts out of a wide variety of thermopolymers including engineered plastics.

Spectrum Setup: The crew configured the Spectrum unit, and installed it in EXPRESS rack 6.  The functional checkout will occur tomorrow (Friday).  Spectrum takes fluorescent images of biological specimens contained within a controlled environment. A high resolution, monochrome camera captures images of fluoresced proteins of plants within Petri plates. Ground crews control the growth lighting, CO2 levels, and ethylene levels within the Spectrum’s research chamber over a typical 12-day growth period while routinely capturing images and telemetering these images back to Earth.


Treadmill (T2) Maintenance: Today the crew performed the remaining closeout steps for T2 maintenance. Upon completion, the crew performed the unmanned activation and checkout (ACO) successfully. However, during the manned ACO, the treadmill did not rotate and the T2 120V primary power LED light was off.  Crew was requested to stand down from the unmanned ACO. No further troubleshooting was requested of the crew today as the ground team determines a forward plan.  At this time, T2 is still non-operational.

Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Preparations: Today, the ISS crew continued preparation activities for the upcoming S6 Battery EVAs.  The crew completed an EMU resizing activity that set-up EMU suits 3004 and 3006 for Chris Cassidy and Doug Hurley. The crew also initiated charge operations on the EMU Long Life Batteries (LLB) and continued charging cycles on the Battery Stowage Assembly (BSA).

Split Atmosphere Operations: Today the ventilation between the Russian and US segments was split to further troubleshoot the source of benzene onboard the ISS. The USOS and RS crew each performed steps to redirect air flow within their segments.  The Air Quality Monitor (AQM), previously transferred to the Service Module (SM) this week, acquired additional readings throughout the day. Following the data collection, the crew performed steps to recombine atmospheres. The ground team will utilize the readings from today to develop a forward plan to pinpoint the benzene source.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • T2 Extender Strap Transfer
  • EVA Procedure Review (on-going)

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • JEMRMS Ops – Stow EFU Adapter
  • Station Moding for JEMRMS
  • Video Support for JEMRMS
  • Airlock LTL Flow Ops
  • IMC Split Atmosphere Ground Supt

Look Ahead Plan

Friday, 6/12 (GMT 164)

  • Spectrum 


  • Crew Off Duty
  • RGN WSTA Fill 

Saturday, 6/13 (GMT 165)

  • No payload activities 


  • Crew Off Duty 

Sunday, 6/14 (GMT 166)

  • No payload activities 


  • Crew Off Duty

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Calf Volume Measurement
  • ISS crew and ГОГУ (RSA Flight Control Management Team) weekly conference (S-band)
  • Intermodule Ventilation (IMV) Split Configuration
  • TERMINATOR. Terminator-Limb PL Installation
  • T2 Rack Centering
  • Progress 4480 (SM Aft) Transfers and IMS Ops
  • MELFI Overview OBT
  • T2 Cable Connections
  • Environmental Health System (EHS) Grab Sample Container (GSC) Sampling Operations
  • Electrolysis Measurement Sample Exchange
  • EPM Laptop Image Creation
  • Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Resize
  • SM Air Sampling Using АК-1М Sampler
  • Inspection and photography of ISS RS windows: No.2, No.13, and No.14 in SM
  • DUBRAVA. Observation and Photography using VSS
  • Payloads Network Attached Storage (NAS) Vent Cleaning
  • ISS Experience Hardware Stow
  • [ВСО] fan and carbon monoxide (CO) sensor replacement in ГЛ2106 gas analyzer
  • SPECTRUM MWA Preparation
  • Unmanned ACO Camcorder Set Up
  • Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Long Life Battery (LLB)/Metal Oxide (METOX) Ops
  • SPECTRUM Gather
  • T2 Unmanned ACO
  • T2 Manned ACO [ABORTED]
  • ГЛ2106 analyzer switchover to Operation mode
  • Verify ИП-1 sensor installation. Photography of faulty flow meters
  • FGB АК-1М air sampling for Freon
  • Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System (RGN) Wastewater Storage Tank Assembly (WSTA) Fill
  • Atmosphere Purification & Filtration Unit (АФОТ-2М) installation and activation in FGB
  • Manufacturing Device Stow
  • Public Affairs Office (PAO) Event in High Definition (HD) – JEM
  • Spectrum Hardware Setup
  • Vacuum Cleaning ПН28-120 Voltage Converter for SM printer (behind panel 231А). Visual inspection of GFCI cable and extension cable
  • Manufacturing Device Locker and Cable Setup
  • PK4 Experiment Cycle 8 Review
  • PK-4 Experiment Hard Drive Audit
  • TERMINATOR. Deinstallation of Terminator-Limb PL
  • Perform search for missing MBS One Way Valves and swap limited life components.
  • INTERACTION-2. Experiment Ops
  • HTV Transfer Operations
  • Battery Stowage Assembly (BSA) Operation Initiation/Termination
  • АФОТ-2М2 Deinstallation
  • Flight Director/ISS CREW CONFERENCE
  • SM air sampling using АК-1М sampler
  • Intermodule Ventilation (IMV) Split Reintegration