ISS Daily Summary Report – 7/27/2020


Astrobee:  In preparation for the upcoming Kibo Robot Programming challenge checkout, the crew reviewed the Astrobee On-Board Training.  The Astrobee team has been working for the past several weeks to map the Japanese Experiment Module to allow Astrobee navigation.  Astrobee is made up of three free-flying, cube-shaped robots which are designed to help scientists and engineers develop and test technologies for use in microgravity to assist astronauts with routine chores, and give ground controllers additional eyes and ears on the space station. The autonomous robots, powered by fans and vision-based navigation, perform crew monitoring, sampling, logistics management, and can accommodate up to three investigations.

BioMole Facility:  In preparation for the activities later this week, the crew performed a successful activation and checkout of the miniPCR and MinION systems. The BioMole Facility non-culture-based samples are capable of providing microbial identification on-orbit within days of sampling.  The goal of this Tech Demo is to conduct comparative analysis for possible replacement of current microbial monitoring systems. 

Colloidal Clusters: The crew removed the 3 Colloidal Clusters sample containers from the FROST refrigerator/freezer and mixed the components in the sample bags, which initiated the investigation.  The experiment will run for 48-72 hours, be exposed to ultraviolet illumination, and then stowed for return.  JAXA’s Colloidal Clusters investigates the mechanism for formation of tetrahedral clusters of negatively and positively charged particles suspended in liquid. These clusters are examined and characterized after return to Earth. The clusters may be useful as building blocks of future photonic, or light-manipulating, materials.

ExHAM (Exposed Experiment Handrail Attachment Mechanism):  In order to prepare for the ExHAM use of the JEM airlock, the crew removed and stowed the hardware used to previously deploy the NRCSD-18 (NanoRacks Cubesat Deployer – mission 18) satellites.  The crew then installed the HXP (Handhold Exp Platform) onto the MPEP (Multi-Purpose Experiment Platform Assembly).  The ExHAM facility enables space experiments to be performed in the exposed space environment, by attachment to the Japanese Experiment Module Kibo’s Exposed Facility (EF).


Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) Mobility Unit (EMU) Maintenance: The crew performed an EMU swap to bring EMUs 3008 and 3009 into the airlock to perform loop scrub maintenance.  The loop scrubs were completed nominally.

Quick Disconnect (QD) Maintenance: On June 4, the crew attempted to replace one of two Advanced Plant Habitat (APH) Environmental Control System (ECS) modules. During the activity the APH ITCS return QD leaked. Today, at the request of the APH team, the crew cleaned and re-lubricated the sleeve and internal components of the QD to return the system to nominal config.

Payloads Network Attached Storage (NAS) Cleaning: The crew cleaned inlet/outlet vents of the NAS to prevent the NAS from automatically powering off due to inadequate processor or Hard Drive cooling that can be caused by blocked vents.

Robotic Survey of SpaceX Demo-2 (DM-2) Thermal Protection System (TPS): On Friday and Saturday a robotic survey of the SpaceX DM-2 Dragon heat shield was performed. SpaceX reported that the survey was successful and no notable damage was indicated.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • 76P USOS unpack (in work)
  • HTV cargo transfer ops (in work)
  • EVA tool stow (in work)

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • EVA EMU maintenance support
  • Payloads ops support

Look Ahead Plan

Tuesday, 7/28 (GMT 210)

  • Astrobee
  • BioMole ops
  • Drop Formation Study
  • MELFI icebrick insertions
  • Plant Hab -02 prep
  • Astrobee-On
  • PLT4 checks
  • Robo-Pro checkout 2 


  • WHC UR R&R
  • EVA A/L restow
  • Robot Programming challenge c/o 2 

Wednesday, 7/29 (GMT 211)

  • BioMole Placement [systems]
  • Drop Formation Study
  • FIR/LMM/ACE-T4 module config
  • MELFI icebrick insertions
  • Plant Hab -02 ECS work 


  • DM2 cargo ops
  • DM2 crew suit checkout

Thursday, 7/30 (GMT 212)

  • Colloidal Clusters experiment stop
  • Drop Formation Study
  • Food Physiology Brief
  • GLACIER/MELFI transfers
  • ISS HAM pass
  • POLAR sample transfers 


  • LIDAL uninstall
  • IFM CQ Deck cleaning 

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • ТБУ (Universal Bioengineering Thermostat)
  • CONSTANTA-2. Cassette retrieval from ТБУ-В No.7 and setup on the panel for 1-hour warmup
  • NREP XF305 Video Setup
  • Searching for the kit to replace Orlan-MKS patches
  • JEM Airlock Leak Check
  • Preventive Maintenance of FS1 Laptop
  • JEM Airlock Slide Table (ST) Extension to JPM Side
  • BRI Monthly Maintenance.
  • NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer Removal from the MPEP
  • KONTROL. Indicator P/L measuring mode switchover
  • CONSTANTA-2. Preparation and execution 1
  • CONSTANTA-2.  Photography of the Experiment Ops
  • MATRYOSHKA-R. Tritel Hardware Monitoring
  • Handhold Exp Platform Adapter installation
  • Weekly c/o of RS video recording equipment
  • JEM Airlock Slide Table (ST) Retraction from JPM Side
  • SCENARIY. Observation and photography of catastrophic events and their aftermath
  • In Flight Maintenance (IFM) Quick Disconnect (QD) Corrective Maintenance
  • Nikon camera sync with station time
  • Checking БД-2 treadmill carriage position and photography
  • Environmental Health System (EHS) Biomole Activation and Checkout (ACO) for MiniPCR
  • [СТТС] Reconfiguration for MRM1
  • SEPARATION. Restoring urine distillation in urine water regeneration system [СРВ-У-РС]
  • Microgravity Science Glovebox Activation
  • Exercise Data Downlink via OCA
  • Comm reconfig for nominal ops
  • Urine Transfer System Offload EDV Swap
  • Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) Recycle Tank Drain
  • Vacuum Cleaning of Dust collectors ПC1, ПС2 filter cartridges in FGB  (panels  203, 403)
  • Progress 444 (DC1) priority and US cargo transfers and IMS Ops
  • Gather Items for CFA1 R&R and COL1D1 reconfiguration
  • MO-21. Cryogem-03 refrigerator setup
  • Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) Recycle Tank Drain Part 2
  • Environmental Health System (EHS) Biomole Activation and Checkout (ACO) for MiniPCR
  • UF-ATMOSFERA. Hardware and electrical connections setup
  • Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) Recycle Tank Fill Part 3
  • UF-ATMOSFERA. PL activation