ISS Daily Summary Report – 8/31/2020


JEMAL Depressurization:  The crew assisted with the depressurization of the JEM airlock (JEMAL) in preparation for the NREP component removal later this week.  The NanoRacks External Platform represents (NREP) the first external commercial research capability for the testing of scientific investigations, sensors, and electronic components in space. The NanoRacks External Platform is installed, on a payload required basis, on the outside of the International Space Station (ISS) on the Japanese Experiment Module – External Facility (JEM-EF) using NanoRacks, LLC’s proven integration/transportation system. 

Plant Habitat-02 Prep B: In continued preparation for science arriving on NG-14, the crew replaced two CO2 Bottles, one ECS (environmental control system) Inlet Filter, and one ECS Outlet Filter in the Plant Habitat-02 facility. Assessment of Nutritional Value and Growth Parameters of Space-grown Plants (Plant Habitat-02) cultivates radishes as a model plant that is nutritious and edible, has a short cultivation time, and is genetically similar to Arabidopsis, a plant frequently studied in microgravity. Developing the capability for food production in space requires understanding cultivation conditions such as intensity and spectral composition of light and the effects of the culture medium or soil. This research could help optimize plant growth in the unique environment of space, as well as evaluation of nutrition and taste of the plants.

Spacecraft Atmosphere Monitor (SCRAM): In preparation for the EXPRESS rack relocation activities, SCRAM was powered off and the crew installed the MCA (Major Constituent Analyzer) plug into the SCRAM.  The MCA plug is used to protect the SCRAM’s sensor when the unit is powered off.  SCRAM demonstrates the capabilities of a small, reliable, portable gas chromatograph mass spectrometer instrument aboard the ISS to conduct major and minor elements of air measurement (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Water, etc). The instrument transmits data back to the ground research team every two seconds, providing a continuous analysis to the ground research team. It has a mass of less than 9.5 kg, and consumes less than 40 watts of power in its nominal configuration.


Rack Transfer Preparations: Today, the crew gathered items needed for the upcoming three way rack transfers of EXPRESS Rack-10B (ER-10B), ER-11 and ER-8. The crew also cleared the rack transfer path from JPM1A5 to COLO2 and demated umbilicals from EXPRESS Rack-10B. The Light Ions Detector (LIDAL) was also relocated in order to clear the Columbus hatch for the rack relocations.

Robotics Proficiency On-Board Training (OBT): The crew reviewed the robotics OBT self-study session today. The ROBoT is an on-orbit version of the ground-based Dynamics Skills Trainer (DST) that simulates robotics operations with graphical feedback. Robotics proficiency requires crew to have hands on real-time operations or OBTs within 60 days and the Robotics Onboard Trainer (ROBoT) sessions are designed to help maintain this proficiency.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • Wanted Poster – APAS Hatch Cover
  • HMS Spaceflight Cognitive Assessment Tool for Windows (WinSCAT) Test
  • Columbus D2 Rack Bags Fill

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Ground Support for JEMAL Ops
  • Ground Support for Plant Habitat-02
  • PRO ER10-B Deactivation
  • DDCU Safing

Look Ahead Plan

Tuesday, 9/1 (GMT 245)

  • No Utilization Activities 


  • Three Way Rack Transfers (ER11, ER8 and ER10-B) 

Wednesday, 9/2 (GMT 246)

  • EXPRESS Rack Reconfig (post-relocation)
  • ISS HAM Pass
  • LIDAL Return
  • NREP Hardware Remove Overview


  • IFM Hatch Seal Inspections
  • ER-11B Umbilical Mate
  • WHC Piping R&R
  • PWD Water Collect 

Thursday, 9/3 (GMT 247)

  • JEMAL Ops
  • NREP Hardware Remove
  • SCRAM Power On 


  • UPA Software Transition
  • TOCA Run

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • TBU (Universal Bioengineering Thermostat). ТБУ-В #07 temperature monitoring and free zone  availability in front of inlet and outlet orifices of ТБУ-В
  • JEM Airlock Depressurization, Vent & Confirmation
  • PROBOY. RSЕ1 Laptop Ops. RSS2 Software Update. Simulator Ops
  • Checkout of ВП-2 Pilot’s Sight and Comm Interfaces
  • Preparing for БУПТ-1М R&R (А406)
  • Scheduled PUMA Checkout
  • БУПТ-1М Unit (А406) R&R
  • SM [Precision Vertical Wide Angle Sight (ВШТВ) Checkout
  • Replace [СКПФ1, СКПФ2] Dust Filters. Update IMS and Cleaning MRM1 Gas-Liquid Heat Exchanger (ГЖТ)
  • BUPT-1M TLM connector mating
  • On-board Training (OBT) Robotics Onboard Trainer (ROBoT) Proficiency w/ Setup
  • Spacecraft Atmosphere Monitor MCA Plug Installation
  • Plant Habitat-02 Hardware Gather, Facility Prep and Dual MWA Prep
  • Auxiliary Laptop Computer System Virus Definition File Update
  • Rack Transfer Stowage Gather
  • Structures & Mechanisms (S&M) EXPRESS Rack-10B Transfer Preparation and Umbilical Demate
  • Light Ions Detector Move
  • Preparation for Antivirus Scanning on [ВКС] Laptops