ISS Daily Summary Report – 9/18/2020


ISS HAM: The crew initiated an ISS HAM contact with Avellaneda Ikastetxea school, Sodupe, Spain. ISS Ham Radio provides opportunities to engage and educate students, teachers, parents and other members of the community in science, technology, engineering and math by providing a means to communicate between astronauts and the ground HAM radio units.

Packed Bed Reactor Experiment-2 (PBRE-2): The crew deinstalled and stowed the PBRE-2 hardware. The PBRE-2 investigates the forces acting on and created by a gas and a liquid flowing simultaneously through a column filled with glass spheres in microgravity. Known as two-phase flow, this side-by-side movement of a gas and liquid is used in a variety of space-based systems and equipment. Results could help improve the design of future mass and heat transfer equipment used in space.

Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG): The crew powered down the MSG Facility. The Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) is a rack-level payload facility located in the U.S. Laboratory module on the ISS. MSG provides resources such as power, data, video, heat rejection, vacuum, nitrogen and containment for investigations. The facility is well suited for handling hazardous materials when crew are present. MSG is capable of accommodating both physical science and biological research payloads.

Astrobee: The crew powered on the Astrobee Free Flyer to allow ground teams to perform video capture and free flyer operations to providing JAXA Module mapping data. Astrobee is made up of three free-flying, cube-shaped robots which are designed to help scientists and engineers develop and test technologies for use in microgravity to assist astronauts with routine chores, and give ground controllers additional eyes and ears on the space station. The autonomous robots, powered by fans and vision-based navigation, perform crew monitoring, sampling, logistics management, and accommodate up to three investigations.


Treadmill-2 (T2) Monthly Inspection: As part of regular maintenance to ensure that the T2 exercise device is in good operational condition, the crew inspected all four Snubber Arms for any sign of free play as well as make any necessary adjustments to reduce the free play.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • Perspective Zbook Laptop Clock Recovery Part 1
  • Perspective Zbook Laptop Clock Recovery Part 2
  • Atmospheric Control System (ACS) Nitrogen Oxygen Recharge System (NORS) Nitrogen Transfer Termination
  • ACS NORS Oxygen Transfer Initiation
  • PWD (Potable Water Dispenser) Under-dispense Checkout
  • ExPRESS Rack Filed Light Bulb Replacement
  • Wanted Catalytic Reactor Kit

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Ground Support for MT Translate
  • S-Band Index Change
  • OGA Cell Stack Scan
  • Thermal Amine Bed Vent

Look Ahead Plan

Saturday, 9/19 (GMT 263)

  • Astrobee Powerdown & Module Stowage (NASA)


  • Crew Off Duty

Sunday, 9/20 (GMT 264)

  • Off-Duty


  • Crew Off Duty

Monday, 9/21 (GMT 265)

  • MELFI Dewar Clean & Icebrick Insert (NASA)
  • SCRAM Relocate (NASA)
  • TangoLab 2 Relocate (NASA)
  • Story Time in Space-Willow (NASA)
  • RR Locker Relocate (NASA)


  • WRS Potable Bus Sample
  • HMS Vision Test
  • SSC System Vent Cleaning
  • HMS AED Inspect

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • ТБУ (Universal Bioengineering Thermostat). Checking ТБУ-В No.07 thermostat temperature and unobstructed area near ТБУ-В inlet/outlet vents
  • URAGAN. SOVA PL and photo equipment closeout ops and stowage
  • IDENTIFIKATSIYA. Copy ИМУ-Ц micro-accelerometer data to laptop
  • Utility Outlet Panel (UOP) Activation
  • Acoustic Monitor Data Transfer and Stow
  • JEM Common Gas Support Equipment (CGSE) Lower CO2 Gas Supply Stop
  • Astrobee Stowage Clear
  • ISS crew and ГОГУ (RSA Flight Control Management Team) weekly conference (S-band)
  • Astrobee On
  • Countermeasures System (CMS) Treadmill 2 System (T2) Monthly Inspection
  • Checking [МВ] pressure gauge connection to [ККТ] vestibule pressure control valve and to adapters
  • Setup to measure temperature of ПТАБ-2 (A302) housing and connectors on battery module No.2
  • Measuring temperature of ПТАБ-2 (A302) housing and connectors on battery module No.2
  • IMS audit of rings for Elektron Pressure Differential Regulator (РПД )
  • CARDIOVECTOR. Experiment Session
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) ISS Food Intake Tracker (ISS FIT)
  • ISS HAM Columbus Pass
  • Packed Bed Reactor Experiment Hardware Stow
  • Russians Video Recording of Greetings
  • SREDA-ISS. Preparation steps and photo equipment settings adjustment. Start video recording.
  • URAGAN. Installation and activation of Auto Orientation System For Video Spectral Equipment (SOVA) and of photo equipment
  • Microgravity Science Glovebox Power Down
  • Inventory Management System (IMS) Conference
  • Urine Transfer System Offload EDV Swap