ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/16/2020


Cell Biology Experiment Facility-L (CBEF-L) Current Measurement Preparation: The crew set up the Saibo rack and CBEF-L to prepare for current measurement activities scheduled for later this week.  These activities will help ensure CBEF-L is in a good configuration to support the Space Organogenesis science arriving on SpX-21.  CBEF-L provides new capabilities with additional new resources such as a Full High Definition video interface, Ethernet, 24 VDC power supply, and a larger diameter centrifugal test environment.

ISS Experience: The crew set up the ISS experience camera system in order to record the arrival of Crew-1.  The International Space Station Experience (The ISS Experience) is a cinematic virtual reality (VR) series documenting life and research aboard the space station. Filmed over multiple months, the immersive VR series documents different crew activities – from science conducted aboard the station to preparation for a spacewalk.

Sally Ride Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle Schools (EarthKAM): Following the successful conclusion of EarthKAM mission 72, the crew stowed the hardware.  As of the last report, over 15,000 students form 29 countries had signed up to participate, and 4316 images had been downlinked and posted to the EarthKAM web page.  EarthKAM allows thousands of students to photograph and examine Earth from a space crew’s perspective. Using the Internet, the students control a special digital camera mounted on-board the ISS. This enables them to photograph the Earth’s coastlines, mountain ranges and other geographic items of interest from the unique vantage point of space. The EarthKAM team then posts these photographs on the Internet for viewing by the public and participating classrooms around the world.


T2 Treadmill Maintenance:  Today, the ISS crew completed the nominal 6-month maintenance and inspection, which included performing activities such as removing and cleaning closeout panels, inspecting treadmill belt slats and screws, vacuuming inside the rack and around treadmill, cleaning the treadmill filter screen, reinstalling the close-out panels. The crew was unable to take acoustic measurements due to unexpected power complications with the T2 Space Station Computer (SSC) receiving power from the rack. The 6-month maintenance allows the T2 treadmill exercise device to keep operating nominally as well as making note of any wear and tear.

Battery Stowage Assembly (BSA) Operation: The crew initiated an automated Charge-Discharge-Charge (C-D-C) maintenance cycle on all Helmet Lights, PGT Batteries, and two Rechargeable EVA Battery Assemblies (REBAs) in the BSA via the Battery Charger Assembly (BCA). One REBA encountered an error during charging and will require crew corrective action in order to remediate. The charging is typically terminated 3 days after this activity as CDC maintenance may take up to 65 hours to complete.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Atmosphere Revitalization System (ARS) Lab Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Zero Calibration
  • Attitude Control System (ACS) Global Positioning System (GPS) Antenna and Relative Navigation Management
  • Treadmill 2 (T2) Ground Deactivation

Look Ahead Plan

Tuesday, 11/17 (GMT 322)

  • Actiwatch don
  • ELF tether removal
  • ISS Experience relocate/conclude


  • Crew-1 Dragon Docking
  • ISS Safety Briefing
  • Crew Dragon Docked Configuration
  • Crew Dragon/ISS Audio Checkout
  • ISS Crew Handover
  • RS EVA #47 Study

Wednesday, 11/18 (GMT 323)

  • GRIP
  • ISS Experience Stow
  • LSR spare relocate


  • IFM Hatch Seal Inspection
  • RS EVA #47 Help
  • THC IMV Flow Measure
  • Emergency Equipment Transfer
  • Cygnus OBT 

Thursday, 11/19 (GMT 324)

  • Avatar-X
  • AWP
  • CBEF-L current measurements
  • Drop Vibration
  • EXPRESS rack 2 laptop t/s
  • Food Acceptability
  • GRIP
  • MSRR/MSL SCA exchange
  • Standard Measures
  • T-CMM
  • Vection 


  • Dragon Debrief Conference
  • Dragon Cargo Transfer

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Environmental Health System (EHS) Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Water Recovery System (WRS) Sample Analysis
  • Countermeasures System (CMS) Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) Cylinder Flywheel Evacuation
  • ISS N2 pressurization from 74Р (initiation)
  • Comm config for conference from MRM2
  • Consolidation of EVA bundles. Photo/Video.
  • Cell Biology Experiment Facility Left (CBEF-L) Current Measurement Laptop Setup
  • Battery Stowage Assembly (BSA) Operation Initiation
  • EarthKAM Node 2 Shutdown, Disconnect and Stow
  • Glacier Desiccant Swap
  • Environmental Health System (EHS) Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Sample Data Record
  • Specific EVA Procedures Study.
  • XF305 Camcorder Setup
  • Cell Biology Experiment Facility Left (CBEF-L) Current Measurement Preparation
  • Comm Reconfig for Nominal Ops
  • Glisser-M Video Hardware Battery Charge before EVA (initiation)
  • СОЖ maintenance
  • Weekly ISS RS Video HW functional check
  • Countermeasures System (CMS) Treadmill 2 (T2) 6 Month Maintenance
  • Preparation of Incomplete Fuel Combustion Product [ПНСТ] Protection Kit/
  • On MCC-M Go ISS N2 repress from Progress 444 (DC1) СрПК Section 2 (terminate)
  • Preventive maintenance of SM Passive Docking Assembly [АСП-О] (DC1 АСП) and Progress 444 [ACA] hatch sealing mechanisms
  • Photo/TV Treadmill 2 (T2) Activation and Checkout (ACO) Video Setup
  • T2 SSC Relocation for Alternative Power Chain Return
  • Setup Acoustic Monitor for T2 ACO
  • End battery charge and configure Glisser-M video hardware for v/recording during EVA ops
  • Progress 444 (DC1) Activation, Air Duct Removal
  • Countermeasures System (CMS) Treadmill 2 (T2) Activation and Checkout (ACO) [DEFERRED]
  • Acoustic Monitor Data Transfer and Stow [DEFERRED]
  • Photo/TV Treadmill 2 (T2) Activation and Checkout (ACO) Video Teardown [DEFERRED]
  • Dragon Rendezvous Operations Conference
  • DC1/Progress 444 Transfer Hatch Closure
  • On MCC Go DC1-СУ and СУ-Progress 444 hatch leak check
  • FGB (ГА) Vacuum Cleaning
  • Changeout of СО filter unit in Gas Analyzer ГА ГЛ2106
  • Visual Inspection of ПН28-120 Voltage Converter (behind SM panel 231А).
  • On MCC-M Go Moding СО gas analyzer (ГЛ2106) to OPERATION
  • Exercise Data Downlink via OCA
  • EVA Medical Kit Configuration
  • Monitoring shutter closure on SM windows 6, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 14. Note 12
  • USOS Window Shutter Close [PLANNED]
  • Dragon Crew Rendezvous Dock Activity [PLANNED]
  • Docking Dragon Approach Monitoring [PLANNED]
  • Dragon Monitoring Tools Teardown [PLANNED]
  • Node 2 to Dragon Pressurization and Leak Check [PLANNED]
  • ISS Experience Recording Start [PLANNED]
  • Node 2 to Dragon Final Pressurization and Vestibule prep for Ingress [PLANNED]