ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/18/2020

Russian Segment (RS) Extravehicular Activity (EVA) #47: Today, CDR Sergey Ryzhikov (EV1) and FE-5 Sergey Kud-Sverchkov (EV2) egressed the Mini-Research Module (MRM)-2 airlock and completed the following tasks during today’s 6 hour and 48 minute EVA:

  • Leak check of MRM-2 Extravehicular (EV) hatch
  • Disconnect TRANZIT-B antenna feeder from Service Module (SM) – Docking Compartment (DC)-1 and reconnect to SM-MRM-2
  • Remove connector bracket test sample from HR3021 at DC-1
  • Replace IMPACT tray #1 with tray #2 on SM [AO] (get ahead)
  • Take photos of GZU plume deflectors cavities on SM (get ahead)
  • Redirect БКДО unit installed on MRM-2

The EV crew was unable to open the airtight container containing the new flow regulator #1 panel (SP RRZh). As a result, the EV crew was unable to complete the R&R and instead replaced the old panel, translated back to MRM2 and stowed the airtight container.

This EVA is the first RS EVA to utilize the MRM-2 airlock and prepares the ISS for DC-1 decommissioning and replacement by the Multipurpose Logistics Module (MLM) next year.


Grip: The crew set up the appropriate hardware and attempted to perform the Grip Seated Science 1 (SCI-1) sessions.  However, issues were encountered, and the session could not be completed as planned. The ground team is discussing a forward plan and noted this setup is a different configuration than previously used. In SCI-1, the crew is in an upright seated posture and they perform various tasks related to friction, oscillations, etc. as guided by the Grip software. The Grip experiment studies the long-duration spaceflight effects on the abilities of human subjects to regulate Grip force and upper limbs trajectories when manipulating objects during different kind of movements: oscillatory movements, rapid discrete movements and tapping gestures.

LSR (Life Support Rack) Spare Relocate: In preparation for the maintenance activities later this week, the crew relocated the spare parts kit to the Columbus 1 overhead 4 location. LSR is a Technology Demonstrator for Closed Loop Air Revitalization. LSR captures carbon dioxide from cabin air and recovers 50% of its oxygen for use by the astronauts. LSR operates for a minimum of one year on the International Space Station to demonstrate the robustness of the technology for future Exploration Missions.

SERFE (Spacesuit Evaporation Rejection Flight Experiment): The crew gathered water samples from SERFE in order to perform microbial and total organic carbon analyses. SERFE demonstrates a new technology to remove heat from spacesuits and maintain appropriate temperatures for crew members and equipment during space walks. The technology uses evaporation of water for cooling. The SERFE system incorporates a Titanium and Hastelloy water loop that differs from previous space suit life support systems that use stainless steel. The investigation determines whether microgravity affects performance and evaluates the technology’s effect on contamination and corrosion of spacesuit material.


Crew Dragon Arrival Operations: The crew performed several activities to configure the vehicle for post-docking operations. The crew installed a MegaHEPA seal in Crew Dragon. They transferred a Polar unit, a payload locker, and other cargo from Crew Dragon to ISS. The crew also transferred emergency response equipment and a payload locker from ISS to Crew Dragon. Finally, the crew updated Systems Operations Data Files (SODFs) with the latest procedures.

Temperature and Humidity Control (THC) Intermodule Ventilation (IMV) Flow Measurement: As part of system health monitoring, the crew used a Velocicalc tool to measure the amount of airflow through selected ventilation inlets and outlets.  Today’s measurements were taken in Node 1, Pressurized Mating Adapter 2 (PMA-2), and Crew Dragon. 

Inflight Maintenance (IFM) for Waste and Hygiene Compartment (WHC) Full Fill: The crew performed a manual fill of the WHC EДВ-СВ using a Post-Flight Analysis Bag to capture any pressure relief, also known as the burp, to protect the Dose Pump.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Video Distribution Subsystem Commanding for EVA
  • Primary Power System Commanding for EVA
  • Attitude Control System (ACS) Handovers for EVA
  • Dragon Configuration for Quiescent Operations
  • Temperature and Humidity Control (THC) Intermodule Ventilation (IMV) Flow Measurement Survey
  • HRF Rack 1 Rack Power Up and Power Down Commanding

Look Ahead Plan

Thursday, 11/19 (GMT 324)

  • Avatar-X
  • AWP
  • CBEF-L Current Measurements
  • Drop Vibration
  • EXPRESS rack 2 laptop t/s
  • Food Acceptability
  • MSL SCA Exchange
  • Standard Measures
  • T-CMM
  • Vection 


  • Dragon Debrief Conference
  • Dragon Cargo Transfer
  • EVA Tool Transfer
  • T2 Monthly Inspect
  • EVA Li-Ion REBA Battery Ops
  • WRM Offload 

Friday, 11/20 (GMT 325)

  • Airborne Particulate Monitor Install
  • Avatar-X
  • CBEF-L Config Change
  • ESA/LSR Pre-gather and Maintenance
  • FIR/LMM/ACE Module Exchange
  • Food Acceptability
  • Food Physiology
  • Grip
  • ISS Experience Transfers
  • Plant Habitat-02
  • POLAR desiccant Swap
  • Refabricator Stow
  • STaARS BS12
  • Standard Measures
  • T-CMM
  • Tangolab-2 Cardcube install


  • EVA Tool Stow
  • RGN Recycle Tank Maintenance
  • BSA Battery Ops Initiate & Terminate

Saturday, 11/21 (GMT 326)

  • Avatar-X 


  • Crew Off-Duty

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Grip experiment constraints reminder
  • Roll Up and Stow Sleep Bag
  • РО-ПрК hatch closure for EVA
  • SM Signal VM smoke detectors ДС-7А No.1 and No.10 are off for EVA
  • Prep for work
  • [СТТС] Configuration for MRM2
  • MRM2 and ПхО config for EVA
  • ISS HAM Radio Power Down in Service Module
  • ISS HAM Kenwood Radio Power Down in Columbus
  • CEVIS Handover Video Review
  • EVA COTS UHF Communication Unit (CUCU) Verify off
  • CEVIS Crew Handover
  • LSR R&R Spare items gather
  • Grip Big Picture Words reading
  • Grip setup in the seated configuration
  • Orlan Systems Check.
  • Assist to Grip Setup
  • Transfer Crew Dragon Cargo Operations
  • Orlan Interface Unit (БСС) checkout in MRM2.
  • Orlan Interface Unit (БСС) checkout in ПхО
  • ISS Onboard System Configuration before EVA (part 1)
  • Crew deploys Zbook and Update Grip Chair
  • MRM2 БК-3М oxygen bottle checkout
  • Comm config before EVA, switching SM C&W indication from C&W panel (ПСС) to EVA Support Panel (ПОВ) in MRM2 and to EVA Support Panel (ПОВ) in ПхО
  • Hatch Seal Inspection [DEFERRED]
  • Medical monitoring and comm check via TLM.
  • Systems Operations Data File (SODF) Update
  • Grip science performance in seated position [DEFERRED]
  • Final Inspection of Orlan and БСС.
  • Air duct disassembly in MRM2
  • On MCC Go: Configuring ISS systems for EVA (Part 2).
  • Countermeasures System (CMS) Treadmill 2 (T2) Activation and Checkout (ACO)
  • Donning Gear.
  • ISS Crew Adaptation
  • Acoustic Monitor Data Transfer and Stow
  • Photo/TV Treadmill 2 (T2) Activation and Checkout (ACO) Video Teardown
  • Pre-EVA airlock operations
  • Crew starts transfer of files of the session to Perspectives Zbook
  • Dragon MegaHEPA Seals Install
  • Crew transfers files of the session to Perspectives Zbook to copy to OCA
  • EVA-47 Tasks
  • Temperature and Humidity Control (THC) Intermodule Ventilation (IMV) Flow Measurement Survey [PARTIALLY DEFERRED]
  • on MCC-M GO help for RS EVA operations
  • SERFE Water Sample Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Analysis
  • On board Training Cygnus Emergency Procedure Review
  • ISS Crew Orientation
  • Ultrasound 2 HRF Rack 1 Power On
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) Ultrasound 2 Scan Prep
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) Ultrasound 2 Scan
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) Ultrasound 2 Post Exam
  • SERFE Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Data report
  • Polar Sample Transfer to MELFI
  • Standard Measures Pre-sleep Questionnaire
  • Post-EVA airlock operations
  • ISS HAM Kenwood Radio Power Up
  • Post-EVA air ducts installation in DC1, MRM2, and SM
  • Switching comm system to initial configuration, reconfiguring C&W indication from EVA Support Panel (ПОВ) to MRM2 and ПхО, On MCC Go Monitoring SM C&W panel (ПСС) indication
  • Deploy Sleeping Bag in Dragon
  • RS ISS Reconfiguration to initial state ([АСУ] Activation)
  • Reminder to Clear IMV Inlet
  • Reminder Vection
  • Biochemical Urine Test after EVA
  • Post-EVA Orlan Suit Maintenance
  • RS ISS Reconfiguration for Nominal Ops
  • On MCC Go Open ПрК after EVA