ISS Daily Summary Report – 2/25/2021


CIR (Combustion Integrated Rack) Fluids and Combustion Facility: The crew set the CIR FOMA Calibration Valve to the close position as part of preparation steps for performing the first part of the FOMA Calibration. The CIR includes an optics bench, combustion chamber, fuel and oxidizer control, and five different cameras for performing combustion investigations in microgravity.

Electro-static Levitation Furnace (ELF): The crew removed and replaced the Fixation Fastener No. 6 for ELF and installed a sample cartridge. ELF is an experimental facility designed to levitate, melt and solidify materials by containerless processing techniques using the electrostatic levitation method. With this facility thermophysical properties of high temperature melts can be measured and solidification from deeply undercooled melts can be achieved.

ICF (Industrial Crystals Facility): The crew installed the ICF Facility and mated the power, data and Moderate Temperature Loop (MTL) connections and then took photos. The ICF is a small chamber that allows crystals to grow over time into large crystals appropriate for use in science labs on Earth. When grown in the microgravity environment of the International Space Station, the crystals are of much higher quality than those currently grown on Earth.

Tohoku 2021: The crew recorded a message to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Tohoku Great East Japan Earthquake and recovery efforts. Tohoku Reconstruction Space Mission 2021 (TOHOKU2021) sends a message from Japan via the Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” to the entire world, thanking people for their assistance with reconstruction following the East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami and passing on memories and lessons learned to the next generation. Ten years have passed since the disaster, which affected more than 40 cities.


Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Dynamic Onboard Ubiquitous Graphic (DOUG) Review: The crew performed a visual review of the ISS Roll Out Solar Array (IROSA) Prep EVA using the Dynamic Onboard Ubiquitous Graphic (DOUG) software. This session allows the crew to view the step-by-step sequence of a specific EVA. Entire translation paths can be highlighted and displayed for review by crew members prior to performing an EVA.

EVA Preparations: The crew performed several activities in preparation for the IROSA Prep EVA. The crew continued to configure tools for the upcoming EVA and resized Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) 3009. Additionally, the crew reviewed EVA procedures and participated in an EVA procedure conference with ground teams. The IROSA Prep EVA is scheduled for Sunday, February 28th.

Inflight Maintenance Hatch Seal Inspection: The crew completed a cleaning and inspection of the Node 1 aft, port, starboard, and forward hatch seals, hatch plate sealing surfaces, and crank handle mechanisms for FOD or damage. The seal conditions were nominal.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • IROSA Prep EVA Procedure Review

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • X2R19 Software Transition Commanding (Day 3 of 4)
  • COL Smoke Detector ABIT Synchronization
  • EVA Procedure Conference

Look Ahead Plan

Friday, February 26 (GMT 057)

  • PBRE Water inspect (NASA)
  • CBEF Ethernet cable reconnect (JAXA)
  • ICF SCGC Module install and SAMS sensor relocate to COL (NASA)
  • CIR FOMA Calibration prep part 2 (NASA)
  • FIR- IPSUG Drive removal (NASA)
  • Micro-16 Experiment setup and load and imaging (NASA)
  • Food Acceptability (NASA)
  • Asian Herb Watering (JAXA)
  • JAXA video Take 5 (JAXA)
  • FLARE (SCEM) Power cable connect (JAXA)
  • AC Touch (NASA)


  • Cygnus Cargo Ops
  • EVA Tool Config
  • EVA Cuff Checklist Print
  • EVA A/L Fitcheck
  • Offload EDV Changeout
  • RT Drain/Fill via UTS

Saturday, February 27 (GMT 058)

  • PBRE Water inspect (NASA)
  • M16 USB drive removal (NASA)
  • CIR vlv Timer set (NASA)
  • ISS HAM powerdowns (NASA)


  • Dragon Hatch Clean
  • Cygnus Cargo Ops
  • EVA Procedure Review and Conference
  • EVA ISLE Prep
  • EVA Equipment Lock Prep
  • EVA Tool Config and Audit

Sunday, February 28 (GMT 059)

  • No payload activities


  • IROSA Prep EVA
  • Cygnus Cargo Ops

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • ExtraVehicular Activity (EVA) Dynamic Onboard Ubiquitous Graphics (DOUG) Software Review
  • Micro-16 MELFI Media Retrieve
  • Photo TV Battery Charge Initiation
  • PBRE/MSG Water Release Inspection/Cleanup
  • MELFI 1 Ice Brick Insert 2
  • БМП Ф2 Absorption Cartridge Regeneration (termination)
  • Routine monthly maintenance of the Central Post laptop. Downlink Log-files via OCA
  • Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Procedure Review
  • ACDU-RC Power Reconfiguration and Power Up
  • Industrial Crystallization Facility (ICF) Installation
  • Pille dosimeter readings download
  • Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Tool Configuring
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) ISS Food Intake Tracker (ISS FIT)
  • TOHOKU2021 Operations
  • Combustion Integrated Rack FOMA Calibration Valve Close
  • Draining water from several ЕДВ into one
  • Food Acceptability Survey
  • Food Physiology Crew Diet Briefing
  • Micro-16 Initiation and Loading Operations
  • Scalar DG-3X Battery Charging
  • Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Audit
  • Charging EVA Camera D4 Battery
  • Micro-16 Microscopy Initial Operations
  • Preventive Maintenance of FS1 Laptop
  • Removal of GoPro cameras, video downlink via ШСС and Installation SM-GLS-U02 (2) and SM-AGAT-U55 (2) power bank for charging
  • Routine monthly maintenance of BRI and cleaning ВПТ fan screen
  • Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Resize
  • Electrostatic Levitation Furnace (ELF) Fixation fastener R&R and sample Holder Change including Debris Bag R&R
  • Urine Transfer System Offload EDV Swap
  • Eddy Current Meter Stow
  • Hatch Seal Inspection
  • Acoustic Monitor Stow
  • Micro-16 MELFI Culture Return Bag Insertion (DEFERRED)
  • Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Procedure Conference
  • Plant Water Management Video Downlink
  • Inspection of voltage converter ПН28-120 (behind SM panel 231А)
  • Inventory Management System (IMS) Conference
  • Terminate SM-GLS-U02 (2) power bank charging for GoPro
  • Microscope Reposition Post Ops
  • Flight Director/ISS CREW CONFERENCE