ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/24/2021


CBEF-L (Cell Biology Experiment Facility-L): Today, Crew verified the cable connections and sensors for the 1G Centrifuge in preparation of future operations. CBEF-L is a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) new subrack facility, which is an upgraded facility of the original Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF) currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS). CBEF-L provides new capabilities with additional new resources such as Full High Definition video interface, Ethernet, 24 VDC power supply, and a larger diameter centrifugal test environment. By using the original CBEF and CBEF-L as one facility for the same experiment, the payload user is provided with an upgraded experimental environment that can handle the processing of more experimental samples for a wider array of experiments.

Celestial Immunity: The crew retrieved Vented Bags containing a 24-Well Plate, pulled samples from the 24-Well Plate, and trashed the 24-Well Plate. Dissecting the Influence of Gravity on Human Immune Function in Adults and the Elderly (Celestial Immunity) builds on earlier studies to evaluate how gravity affects functional immune response, from innate mechanisms of defense to adaptive responses. It uses peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from both elderly and younger adult donors to facilitate the study of possible age-associated effects. The investigation could uncover novel immune pathways useful for the development of new vaccines and drugs to prevent and treat existing and emerging human diseases.

DFM (Dendrite Fragmentation and Morphology during Melting and Solidification): Today, Crew removed SUBSA Ampoule from the SUBSA Thermal Chamber and installed a new SUBSA Science Ampoule. When a metal solidifies during casting or additive manufacturing, it forms a multitude of tiny crystals called dendrites. The dendrite shape, and whether the dendrites fragment, determines the strength of the resulting solid metal. However, since gravity affects the growth and fragmentation process, it is unclear how those dendrites grow during freezing. The Dendrite Fragmentation and Morphology During Melting and Solidification (DFM) investigation, conducted in the Solidification Using a Baffle in Sealed Ampoules (SUBSA) facility, uses microgravity to examine the effects of cooling and heating rate on the shape of these crystals.

Exploration ECLSS-TOILET: Crewmembers assembled the new Toilet ORUs onto the Mounting Adapter creating the Toilet assembly by connecting the power/data cables between Toilet components and installing the air filter and Pretreat Tank. The crew was unable to activate the toilet but will attempt to activate it on Tuesday morning. The Toilet System is an Exploration Tech Demo that has evolved into a permanent USOS system.  The Toilet has the same basic design as the Orion Universal Waste Management System (UWMS).  The Toilet System will be the primary WMS for USOS for up to 90-crew-days and interfaces with the Urine Transfer System (UTS) to allow concurrent WHC/Toilet operations.

ISS HAM: A crewmember initiated a contact with Ecole Elémentaire de Saint Leu Centre, Saint Leu, France, (Reunion Island). ISS Ham Radio provides opportunities to engage and educate students, teachers, parents and other members of the community in science, technology, engineering and math by providing a means to communicate between astronauts and the ground HAM radio units.

RTPCG-2 (Real-Time Protein Crystal Growth-2): The crew loaded protein crystallography plate S/N C1, Row A with protein solutions, mixed with custom salt solutions, sealed and transferred the sample to incubation. Phase II Real-time Protein Crystal Growth on Board the International Space Station (RTPCG-2) demonstrates new methods for producing high-quality protein crystals in microgravity. Previous work has shown that microgravity can sometimes produce high-quality protein crystals that can be analyzed to identify possible targets for drugs to treat disease. RTPCG-2 tests high-quality proteins crystals for detailed analysis back on Earth.


Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) Crank Handle Replaced – Over the weekend, crew completed the ARED Crank Handle R&R. The old handle had been experiencing slipping due to a worn ratchet. Upon installation of the new handle, crew got 2 nominal uses in before the handle hit a hard stop and got stuck, allowing it to slip 1 ratchet. This is a different behavior from the old handle. Crew was able to free the handle and took imagery. ARED remains GO for use.

Russian and US Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Tool Gathers: Today, Crew gathered both Russian and US EVA Tools in preparation for the upcoming RS EVA #48 on June 2nd, as well as the upcoming USOS IROSA EVAs on June 16th and June 20th.

Extravehicular Activity (EVA) EMU Kit Audit: Crew performed an audit of the contents of the EMU Servicing Kit and the EMU ORU Tool Kit. Results of the audit will help ground to determine what replenishment is necessary for future EVAs.

Atmospheric Control System (ACS) Nitrogen Oxygen Recharge System (NORS) Nitrogen Transfer Initiation and termination: Today, Crew setup and initiated a N2 Gas Transfer from NORS tanks. The goal of this task is to transfer nitrogen from the Nitrogen/Oxygen Recharge System (NORS) N2 Recharge Tank to the ISS Airlock nitrogen tanks via equalization.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Atmosphere Revitalization System Thermal Amine Scrubber Cycle Adjustment
  • PRO Glacier 2 Activation Commanding
  • Payload Rack Officer Fluids Integrated Rack Activation Commanding

Look Ahead Plan:

Tuesday, May 25 (GMT 145)

  • Vascular Aging scan and BP measurement (CSA)
  • Repository Urine collect (NASA)
  • TOILET install ops (NASA)
  • Standard Measures Saliva and Blood collect (NASA)
  • SUBSA Sample Exchange (NASA)
  • GLACIER Experiment removal (NASA)
  • CIR Manifest 2 and 4 Bottle change (NASA)
  • PWM 3&4 test assembly (NASA)
  • AWP HRF1 setup (NASA)
  • Celestial Immunity Plate Sample 3 (NASA)


  • Toilet Stall Deployment
  • CHeCS Emergency Health Maintenance System Contingency Drill Training
  • Toilet Stall Outfitting

Wednesday, May 26 (GMT 146)

  • PILOTE setup and ops (ESA)
  • ROBO PRO2 rehearsal (JAXA)
  • Standard Measures Urine and Blood collect (NASA)
  • SUBSA sample Exchange (NASA)
  • TOILET Daily questionnaire (NASA)
  • AC Touch (NASA)
  • PWM 3&4 Prime Ops (NASA)
  • Astrobee Prep (NASA)


  • Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) Portable Emergency Provisions (PEPS) Inspection
  • In Flight Maintenance (IFM) Brine Processor Assembly (BPA) Filter Build
  • Resupply Air Tank Setup & Initiation

Thursday, May 27 (GMT 147)

  • Myotones ops (ESA)
  • Space Suit Video (JAXA)
  • Kidney Cells CO2 Control Install (NASA)
  • SABL CO2 Control install (NASA)
  • SUBSA Sample change (NASA)
  • TOILET daily Question (NASA)
  • PWM 3&4 test Cell2 ops (NASA)
  • BCM ROBOT test (NASA)
  • Standard Measures blood collect and Presleep Question (NASA)
  • Repository Urine setup (NASA)


  • Node 3 Toilet Leak Inspection
  • Transfer Cygnus Cargo Operations
  • Resupply Air Tank Setup and Initiation

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • HRF Generic MELFI Sample Insertion Operations
  • Toilet Hardware Gather
  • Cell Biology Experiment Facility Left (CBEF-L) Centrifuge Removal
  • Antimicrobial Coatings Documentation Photos
  • Antimicrobial Coatings Touch
  • Checking connectors and sensors and Cell Biology Experiment Facility Left (CBEF-L) Centrifuge Installation
  • Real-time Protein Crystal Growth Payload Review
  • Solid Combustion (SCEM) Item Gathering Part 1
  • Real-time Protein Crystal Growth Maintenance Work Area Preparation
  • Toilet Assembly
  • Real-time Protein Crystal Growth MELFI Vial Retrieve
  • Extravehicular Activity (EVA) EMU Kit Audit
  • Real-time Protein Crystal Growth Screening Plate Load S/N C1, Row A
  • Toilet Connect to ISS
  • HRF Generic Frozen Blood Collection Hardware Setup
  • Solidification Using Baffles in Sealed Ampoules Sample Exchange
  • System Laptop Terminal Photography
  • Solidification Using Baffles in Sealed Ampoules OBT
  • Review airlock ops procedures for EVA from MRM2
  • Atmospheric Control System (ACS) Nitrogen Oxygen Recharge System (NORS) Oxygen Transfer Termination
  • LSG Primary Crew Restraint Unfold
  • Toilet Conductivity Sensor Cover
  • Glacier Ice Brick/Cold Block Insert
  • Astrobee OBT Review
  • Russian Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Tool Gather
  • Toilet Air Filter Installation
  • Atmospheric Control System (ACS) Nitrogen Oxygen Recharge System (NORS) Nitrogen Transfer Initiation
  • Toilet Pre-Treat Tank Installation
  • Celestial Immunity MELFI Sample Insertion
  • US Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Tool Gather
  • LSG Primary Crew Restraint Fold
  • Systems Operations Data File (SODF) Update
  • Toilet System Activation and Checkout
  • In Flight Maintenance (IFM) Node 3 Moderate Temperature Loop (MTL) Gas Trap Plug Replace
  • HRF Generic MELFI Sample Retrieval and Insertion Operations