ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/02/2021


BioLab:  Experiment containers were removed from the Biolab Centrifuge Rotors inside the Incubator.  The Biological Experiment Laboratory in Columbus (BioLab) is a multiuser research facility located in the European Columbus laboratory. The facility is used to perform space biology experiments on microorganisms, cells, tissue cultures, small plants, and small invertebrates. BioLab allows scientists to gain a better understanding of the effects of microgravity and space radiation on biological organisms.

Echo:  A crewmember unstowed the Echo External Hard Disk and USB Cable and connected them to the SSC 14 laptop.  The purpose of the Echo investigation is to evaluate a tele-operated ultrasound system, equipped with motorized probes that are controlled by flight controllers on the ground. Additionally, this investigation serves to perform the commissioning of the Echo instrument, which is planned to be used for the Vascular Echo experiment in the future.


USOS EVA 78: P1 SASA R&R EVA: Today, ISS crewmembers Thomas Marshburn and Kayla Barron completed the 78thUSOS Extravehicular Activity (EVA). The main goal of this EVA was to remove the degraded Port 1 (P1) Truss S-Band Antenna Sub-Assembly (SASA) and to install the spare SASA from EXPRESS Logistics Carrier 3 (ELC-3) onto the P1 truss. SASA is the antenna assembly that provides S-Band communication. During the 6-hour and 32-minute EVA, the EV crew completed the following objectives:

  • Remove degraded P1 SASA
  • Stow degraded SASA on forward facing part of ELC-3
  • Install spare SASA onto the P1 truss
  • Move degraded SASA from temp location on forward facing part of ELC-3 to the ELC-3 Flight-Releasable Attachment Mechanism (FRAM)

Additionally, Kayla completed two get-ahead procedures for the Battery Discharge Control Unit (BDCU) On-Orbit Replaceable Unit (ORU) torque break and Solar Array Blanket Boxes (SABB) restraint tieback, and Thomas took photos of the Airlock pip pin. These are robotic enhancements which reduce future EVA time by enabling robotic R&R capabilities:

  • 4A (P4) ORU Torque Break & Bolt Release
  • 4A (P4) SABB Restraint Tieback
  • Airlock Pip Pin Photos

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • S-Band String Swap
  • ACS PCA C&W Configuration

Look Ahead Plan

Friday, December 3 (GMT 337)

  • Acoustic Diagnostics (ESA)
  • CIR Bottle Exchange (NASA/Joint)
  • Food Physiology Brief (NASA)
  • JWRS Water Disposal (JAXA)
  • Manufacturing Device Print Removal, Clean and Stow


  • EVA Debrief for US EVA
  • EVA EMU Water Operations
  • EVA Glove Photos
  • EVA Air Lock Deconfiguration
  • Photo/TV EVA Camera Disassembly
  • High Definition EMU Camera Assembly Terminate
  • Battery transfer to the RS for SFP Zbook

Saturday, December 4 (GMT 338)

  • ELC6 Ethernet cable swap (NASA)
  • InSpace-4 Run 78,79 (NASA)
  • LIDAL Return 2 (NASA)
  • MSRR Rack Inspect (NASA)
  • ReSwarm setup and Astrobee prep (NASA)


  • No Systems activities

Sunday, December 5 (GMT 339)

  • Off duty


  • Crew Off-Duty Day

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Comm config for USOS EVA
  • COL Payload Laptop #2 activation for Biolab
  • Biolab Reference Experiment Container Removal
  • Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Purge
  • Echo External Hard Disk connection to SSC 14
  • Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) In-Suit Light Exercise (ISLE) Prebreathe
  • ESA Weekly crew conference
  • Crewlock Depress
  • Crewlock Post Depress
  • Crewlock Egress
  • SSRMS EVA-78 Support
  • SSRMS Setup
  • Worksite ELC-3 Setup
  • Degraded SASA Remove
  • Swap SSC (Station Support Computer) 10 and 20 Swap
  • Environmental Health System (EHS) – Formaldehyde Monitoring Kit (FMK) Stow Operation
  • Degraded SASA Temp Stow
  • Spare SASA ELC-3 Retrieval
  • Spare SASA P1 Installation
  • Degraded SASA ELC-3 Stow
  • SSRMS Cleanup
  • Worksite Cleanup
  • EVA Crew Lock Ingress
  • Crewlock Pre Repress
  • Crewlock Repress
  • Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) Post-EVA Activities
  • Photo/TV Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Camera Disassembly
  • Photo/TV Extravehicular Activity (EVA) GoPro Downlink
  • USOS EVA comm deconfig
  • Crew Alternate Sleep Accommodation (CASA) Keep-Out Zone (KOZ) & Door Stop Check