ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/08/2021

66 Soyuz Launch/Dock: 66S successfully launched at 1:38 AM CT this morning from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin will lead Japanese spaceflight participants Yusaku Maezawa and Yozo Hirano on this mission.  The vehicle docked at Mini-Research Module 2 (MRM-2) at 7:40 AM CT. The ISS crew complement has increased to ten crewmembers and will remain so until 66S returns to Earth on December 19th.


Actiwatch Plus:  Actiwatch Plus units were connected to the Human Research Facility 2 (HRF-2) rack for data download and charging.  The Actiwatch is a waterproof, nonintrusive, sleep-wake activity monitor worn on the wrist of a crewmember. The device contains a miniature uniaxial accelerometer that produces a signal as the subject moves. The data are stored in nonvolatile memory within the Actiwatch until they are downloaded for analysis.

Crew Interactive MObile companioN (CIMON):  The CIMON hardware was de-installed and stowed.  The Pilot Study with CIMON is a technology demonstration project, and an observational study, that aims to obtain the first insights into the effects on crew support by an artificial intelligence (AI), in terms of efficiency and acceptance during long-term missions in space. Spaceflight missions put the crew under a substantial amount of stress and workload, and it is thought that AI could provide operational support to crew members.

Echo:  The Echo Unit was setup and powered on to allow for ground maintenance activities.  The purpose of the Echo investigation is to evaluate a tele-operated ultrasound system, equipped with motorized probes that are controlled by flight controllers on the ground. Additionally, this investigation serves to perform the commissioning of the Echo instrument, which is planned to be used for the Vascular Echo experiment in the future.

Investigating the Structure of Paramagnetic Aggregates from Colloidal Ellipsoids (InSPACE-4):  Particles were redistributed in the vial assembly which was followed by activation of the InSPACE-4 equipment and configuration of the MSG facility for downlink. InSPACE-4 operations run #81-#83 were initiated.  InSPACE-4 studies the assembly of tiny structures from colloids using magnetic fields. These structures change the properties of the assembled material, such as its mechanical response to or interaction with light and heat. Microgravity allows observation of these assembly processes free of confining sample walls and sedimentation and during timescales not possible using simulated microgravity. Results could provide insight into how to harness nanoparticles to fabricate and manufacture new materials.

JEM Water Recovery System (JWRS):  Sampling electrolysis water from electrolysis water tank was performed and the disposing electrolysis water was transferred into a JEM WRS Processed Water Bag.  The Demonstration of JEM Water Recovery System (JWRS) generates potable water from urine. In the past on crewed spacecraft, urine and wastewater were collected and stored, or vented overboard.  For long-term space missions, however, water supply could become a limiting factor.  Demonstration of the function of this water recovery system on orbit contributes to updating the Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) to support astronauts on the space station and future exploration missions.

Thermo-Mini:  A crewmember doffed and stowed the Thermo-Mini Headband completing a 36-hr data collection session.  The goal of the Thermo-Mini investigation is to gain insight into human thermoregulation during long-duration spaceflight. Thermo-Mini is a new device that measures the core body temperature by calculating the heat flux at the head or chest. Because of its non-invasiveness, it is possible for the astronauts to wear it for many hours a day.

Vascular Aging:  A crewmember performed the setup and donned the hardware for a 13-hr blood pressure measurement with each measurement occurring at the top of each hour.  Upon completion, the hardware was doffed, and the data was downloaded.  Emerging data point towards linkages among cardiovascular health risk, carotid artery aging, bone metabolism and blood biomarkers, insulin resistance, and radiation. Data indicate that aging-like changes are accelerated in many ISS crew members, particularly with respect to their arteries. As part of the Space Environment Causes Acceleration of Vascular Aging: Roles of Hypogravity, Nutrition, and Radiation (Vascular Aging) investigation, ultrasounds of the arteries, blood samples, oral glucose tolerance, and wearable sensors from ISS crew members are analyzed.


Internal Thermal Control System (ITCS) Sample Gathering: Today the crew completed ITCS sampling and gathering for several locations on ISS. The objective was to access and sample ITCS fluid from the sampling adapters in the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM), Node 3, and the Lab. The samples were then stowed before their return to ground. This is regularly scheduled preventive maintenance to verify health of the ITCS.

Completed Task List Activities:


Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Video Distribution Subsystem (VDS) Soyuz Launch Configuration
  • Command and Data Handling (C&DH) Validity Check Inhibit for Transition to Proximity Operations Mode
  • MCC-M transition to Prox Ops Mode
  • Soyuz VHF Relay – Docking
  • Video Distribution Subsystem (VDS) Soyuz Docking Configuration
  • IAS (Internal Audio Subsystem) IAC (Internal Audio Controller) Configuration for Soyuz Docking
  • Primary Power System (PPS) Beta Gimbal Assembly (BGA) Feather
  • Russian Contingency Telemetry
  • Video Distribution Subsystem (VDS) Soyuz Docking Deconfiguration
  • MCC-H Transition to Standard Mode
  • JEM Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image (MAXI) File Uplink before next MAXI-SCHEDULE-UPDT
  • Attitude Control System (ACS) Handover Attitude Control from USOS to RS
  • Attitude Control System (ACS) Handover Attitude Control from RS to US Momentum Management control
  • Attitude Control System (ACS) Global Positioning System (GPS) Reconfiguration After Maneuver

Look Ahead Plan

Thursday, December 9 (GMT 343)

  • Bio-Monitor Wearable doff and stow (CSA)
  • FIR FBCE Configure part 2 (NASA)
  • Food Physiology Diet Brief (NASA)
  • Glacier Rack relocation and reconfiguration (NASA)
  • ISS HAM pass (NASA)
  • MAND Print Removal (NASA)
  • Plant Hab Dual MWA prep and R&R review (NASA)
  • Repository urine, saliva and blood collect (NASA)
  • Standard Measures Body collect and Fecal setup (NASA)
  • Vascular Aging BP 13hr doff CSA)


  • CMS T2 6 Month Maintenance
  • Emergency Roles and Responsibilities Review
  • IMS Conference
  • Swap SSC 10 and 20
  • C&W Hardware Panel Verification
  • IFM WHC Pre-Treat Tank R&R

Friday, December 10 (GMT 344)

  • Bio-Monitor HW stow (CSA)
  • BioAnalyzer MBL analysis (CSA)
  • ISS HAM Pass (NASA)
  • Plant Habitat Pump Filter R&R (NASA)
  • Repository Urine, blood and saliva collect (NASA)
  • RETINA acquisition session (ESA)
  • Standard Measures Body and fecal collect and Cognition test (NASA)


  • JLP HCTL Jumper W3002 Connection to Channel A
  • OBT ISS Emergency Hardware Familiarization
  • WHC Manual Fill
  • Payloads NAS Vent Cleaning
  • JEM WIS RSU B4 Sensor Correction

Saturday, December 11 (GMT 345)

  • Iceberg Desiccant swap (NASA)


  • Crew Off-Duty Day

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Standard Measures Body Sampling Collection
  • Standard Measures Body Sampling Survey
  • Standard Measures Body Sampling Stow
  • JEM System Laptop Terminal (SLT) Deactivation
  • Internal Thermal Control System (ITCS) Return to Ground Sampling Gathering
  • Standard Measures Cognition Testing
  • Urine Transfer System Offload EDV Swap
  • Urine Transfer System Compressor Hose Labels
  • JLP Heater Controller (HCTL) Jumper W3002 Connection to Channel B
  • Echo Unit partial setup for ground maintenance activities
  • Crew will exchange the USB drives and Power Cimon
  • THERMO MINI stowage
  • On-orbit Hearing Assessment (OOHA) with Kuduwave Software Setup and Test
  • USOS Window Shutter Close
  • JEM Water Recovery System (JWRS) Simulant Urine Experiment Preparation
  • Ultrasound 2 HRF Rack 1 Power On
  • JEM Water Recovery System (JWRS) Sample Collection
  • Vascular Aging 13-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring Crew Time Payback
  • Crew to unplug, power cycle, then re-plug USB Flash drive for Software Update
  • JEM Water Recovery System (JWRS) sample Insertion into MELFI -95 degrees C
  • Cimon Disconnection, Clean-up, and Stow
  • Food Acceptability Survey
  • Stowage of Echo hardware
  • Actiwatch Plus HRF Rack 2 Setup Alternate Performance
  • Acoustic Monitor Data Transfer
  • INSPACE-4  (Investigating the Structure of Paramagnetic Aggregates from Colloidal Emulsions 4) Experiment Run Ops
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) ISS Food Intake Tracker (ISS FIT)
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) Venous Thromboemboelism (VTE) Scan Prep
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) Ultrasound 2 Scan
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) Ultrasound 2 Scan performed by a Crew Medical Officer (CMO)
  • Photo/TV JEM Video Troubleshooting
  • 66S Welcome
  • Bio-Monitor Wearables Change Out
  • Bio-Monitor Breathing Volume Calibration Second Performance
  • Standard Measures Fecal Collection
  • Metal Oxide (METOX) Regeneration Termination
  • ISS Safety Briefing
  • EasyMotion Suit stow
  • HRF Generic Urine Collection Female
  • HRF Generic MELFI Sample Retrieval and Insertion Operations
  • Bio-Monitor Wearables Stow
  • HRF Operations Profile of Mood States Short Form Questionnaire
  • Vascular Aging 13-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring Mobil-O-Graph Unit Power Off
  • HRF Generic Saliva Collection 10 Minutes
  • HRF Generic Urine Collection Male