ISS Daily Summary Report – 3/08/2022


Electromagnetic Levitator (EML): The various helium and argon gas valves were cycled to verify correct routing of gas hoses. EML is a multi-user facility that provides containerless melting and solidification of electrically conductive, spherical samples, under ultra-high vacuum and/or high purity gas environments. Heating and positioning of the sample is achieved by electromagnetic fields generated by a coil system. The EML supports research in the field of meta-stable states and phases and in the field of measurement of highly accurate thermophysical properties of liquid metallic alloys in the stable and undercooled state.

UNIGLO (Universal Intelligent Glass Optics): Lab camera 2 orientation was performed to point the camera at the Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) work volume. This was done in support of the UNIGLO experiment, which is currently installed in the MSG and performing calibrations. UNIGLO tests the effects of microgravity on a glass optics module capable of processing various types of complex glasses. The module uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help adapt materials processing techniques to the microgravity environment and a sensor based on laser-Doppler interferometry to measure the effects of microgravity on processing complex glasses for a variety of applications in space and on Earth.

Rodent Research-18 (RR-18): The appropriate experiment hardware was set up earlier in the week, and the RR-18 activities continued today. Astronauts returning from space can experience eye problems, along with headaches and blurred vision. Scientists suspect environmental conditions during spaceflight lead to oxidative stress that adversely affects the eye structure and function. Space Flight Environment Induces Remodeling of Vascular Network and Glia-vascular Communication in Mouse Retina (Rodent Research-18) investigates how spaceflight affects visual function, examining changes in the vascular system of the retina, tissue remodeling and cell-cell interactions in mice.

Sampling Quadrangle Assemblages Research Experiment (SQuARE): The crew took photos of the SQuARE experiment sites located in the Node 1 Galley, JEM, Columbus, Node 2, and the US Lab.  SQuARE is an investigation that aims to document items within six defined locations around the ISS over time. The idea is to look at the ISS as an archaeological site, and each of the Squares as a “test pit”.


Countermeasures System (CMS) Treadmill 2 System (T2) Activities: As a result of findings from monthly regular maintenance to ensure the T2 exercise device is in good operational condition, the crew inspected the T2 Vibration Isolation System (VIS) components for any off-nominal hardware conditions. The crew aligned the T2 snubbers and centered the T2 rack using the T2 isolators and performed a tool fit check of the rack sway space. These activities were performed in order to correct a misalignment with the snubber pins and return T2 to operating condition.  T2 is now Go for use.

In Flight Maintenance (IFM) Oxygen Generation Assembly Pump ORU Sample: As part of preventive maintenance, the crew sampled the OGA Pump ORU. Crewmembers took a 20mL sample from a spare OGA Pump ORU on the Maintenance Work Area (MWA), and then prepped additional hardware for a sample flush and temperary stow.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • EFU 4 Capture Latch Close
  • JEMRMS Deactivation
  • JEM Exposed Facility Unit Heater Deactivation
  • JEM Airlock Deactivation

Look Ahead Plan

Wednesday, March 9 (GMT 68)

  • AWP setup
  • CCU ops
  • CIR/SOFIE config (on-going)
  • EasyMotion/CEVIS
  • Food Acceptability
  • NREP slide table Module-13 install
  • NutrISS
  • Rodent Research-18
  • SCEM items gather
  • SQuARE
  • TangoLab CubeLab t/s
  • UNIGLO Probe exchange


  • Emer Air Supply Assembly Finish
  • iWatch Charge for SpX CREW DRAGON
  • EVA ELL Install
  • EMU ECWS On-Board Training
  • WPA Sample Collection
  • Restore setting of VCA2
  • High Definition Video Camera Assembly 2 Activation in High Definition Mode
  • High Definition Video Camera Assembly 2 Switch to SD Mode
  • SpX-CREW DRAGON Free Flight Contingencies and Emergencies Refresher
  • SpX-CREW DRAGON Deorbit Entry and Landing Contingencies Refresher
  • ECLSS PEPS Inspection
  • Remove SpX-CREW DRAGON iWatch from charger

Thursday, March 10 (GMT 69)

  • CCU ops
  • EXPRESS laptop 5 USB drive insert
  • LSG front glove swap
  • MSPR Cold Plate check
  • MSRR/MSL SCA exchange B3 #19
  • RR-18 LSG cleanup
  • SCEM Work Volume install
  • SQuARE
  • Touching Surfaces
  • UNIGLO probe exchange


  • Photo/TV EVA Camera Configuration
  • EVA #1 Procedure Review for Extravehicular Crew
  • Insert/Remove USB thumb drive into/from PL NAS and Label
  • Photo/TV EVA Camera Configuration
  • EMU Swap
  • IWIS RSU Pre-gather/Re-install
  • EMU Resize
  • EVA Airlock Unstow
  • EVA Procedure Conference
  • IMS Conference
  • SSC 10 and 20 Swap
  • Transfer Hardware to Russian Segment

Friday, March 11 (GMT 70)

  • APM Node 3 install
  • CAL MTL leak check
  • CIMON t/s
  • CIR/ SOFIE insert config 2
  • EasyMotion/T2
  • Food Physiology
  • HRF PC1 software update
  • J-FROST-2 CCU2 install
  • LSG cleanup/config
  • Payload hardware trash
  • Retinal Diagnostics
  • SCEM insert
  • Space Biofilms-2 plate fixation
  • SQuARE


  • SAFER Checkout
  • REBA Powered Hardware Checkout
  • EVA Cuff Checklist Print
  • JEM Stowage Consolidation
  • IFM WHC Pre-Treat Tank R&R/Fill
  • EVA Tool Configuring
  • Photo TV GoPro Setup

Today’s Planned Activities:

All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.
Partial Off Duty: International Women’s Day

  • T2 Vibration Isolation System (VIS) Inspection
  • JEM Stowage Consolidation
  • LSG Primary Crew Restraint Unfold/Fold
  • Treadmill 2 (T2) Snubber Pin Alignment
  • Treadmill 2 (T2) Rack Centering
  • LSG-Front Glove-Swap
  • Rodent Research Fixative Swap
  • EML. Opening gas valves
  • SQuARE Flexible Daily Imagery
  • Rodent Research Ops
  • Photo/TV Treadmill 2 (T2) Activation & Checkout (ACO) Video Setup/Stow
  • In Flight Maintenance Oxygen Generation Assembly Pump ORU Sample
  • Rodent Research Cold Carrier Retrieve from POLAR
  • Rodent Research Centrifuge Configure
  • Rodent Research Cryo Chiller Insert
  • HRF Centrifuge Spin Conclude
  • RR Cryo Chiller Sample Transfer to MELFI
  • Rodent Research MELFI Insert
  • Rodent Research Cold Carrier Dry Out
  • Rodent Research Access Unit Clean
  • Intelligent Glass Optics US Lab Camcorder Orientation
  • Crew Choice Event