ISS Daily Summary Report – 9/27/2022


ISS Ham pass: The crew participated in an ISS Ham pass with New England Sci-Tech, Natick, MA. New England Sci-Tech is a non-profit STEM+ education center and makerspace dedicated to project-based, hands-on learning for youth and families across the New England community. They provide STEM education for both in-person and remote learning, for after-school and home-schooled students, for girl scouts, boy scouts, and adults as well. Since the earliest space station expeditions, ISS Ham Radio has allowed groups of students in schools, camps, museums, and planetariums to hold a conversation with the people living in space. As the ISS passes overhead, students have about 9 minutes to ask crew members 10 to 20 questions.

JEM Water Recovery System (JWRS): The crew replaced JWRS pump 1 and flushed the system with potable water. This is the first in a series of activities to get JWRS ready for more demonstration ops.  Additional parts are scheduled to arrive on NG-18. JWRS is a pilot-scale system capable of generating 1 liter per day of potable water from urine. In the past, on crewed spacecraft, urine and wastewater were collected and stored, or vented overboard. For long-term space missions, however, water supply could become a limiting factor. Demonstration of the function of this water recovery system on orbit contributes to updating the Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) to support astronauts on the space station and future exploration missions.

Manufacturing Device (ManD): The crew exchanged the current print tray for the low-density polyethylene (LDPE) print tray. ManD enables the production of components on the ISS for both NASA and commercial objectives. Parts, entire experiments, and tools can be created on demand utilizing the ManD printer that is installed in an EXPRESS locker. ManD is capable of producing parts out of a wide variety of thermopolymers including engineered plastics.

Nutrition Monitoring for the International Space Station (NutrISS): The crew performed an ESA Nutritional Assessment (ENA) in support of the NutrISS investigation. Long-duration spaceflight induces relevant changes in body composition and a loss of body mass. In the NutrISS investigation, a periodic assessment of body composition (body weight, fat mass, and fat-free mass) during spaceflight aboard the ISS is carried out using a dedicated bio-impedance analysis device to allow for the measurement of long-term energy balance modification over time. It is hypothesized that an adjusted diet maintaining a near-neutral energy balance, and/or increasing protein intake can limit microgravity-induced bone and muscle loss.

Universal Intelligent Glass Optics (UNIGLO): Following the preform repairs yesterday, today the crew installed the UNIGLO hardware into the MSG to prepare for science operations. A preform is a cylindrical rod of raw material from which the glass fiber is pulled as it’s passed through the ring-shaped furnace. UNIGLO tests the effects of microgravity on a glass optics module capable of processing various types of complex glasses. The module uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help adapt materials processing techniques to the microgravity environment and a sensor based on laser-Doppler interferometry to measure the effects of microgravity on processing complex glasses for a variety of applications in space and on Earth.


Dragon Crew-4 Undock and Crew-5 Dock Preparations: Today, the Crew-4 performed a Dragon rendezvous review of actions required for the arrival of Crew-5 and a Dragon deorbit simulation to prepare the Crew-4 crew for undock and return.

Airlock Vent and Relief Isolation Valve (VRIV) Rivet: Today, the crew completed the remaining on-orbit assembly and installation of the Airlock VRIV barrier activities. The barrier consist of aluminum parts that were assembled and riveted together with existing on-orbit tools. The riveted barrier will protect the Airlock VRIV from inadvertent contact. The barrier was installed adjacent to the Airlock Vent and Relief Assembly.

Mobile Servicing System (MSS) Activities: Today, the robotics team stowed Mobile Servicing System (MSS) Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) and walked off to Mobile Base System (MBS) following Remote Power Control Module (RPCM) firmware load over the weekend. During the firmware loads, the ground teams loaded 6 spare RPCMs with upgraded hot mate and demate capability at the S12B A truss location. The MSS will be positioned to complete a Dragon survey on Thursday for the Crew-4 undock.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Solar Array Maximum Output Test
  • MSS SPDM Stow and Walkoff to MBS
  • HRF Rack 1 Rack Power Up Commanding

Look Ahead Plan

Wednesday, September 28 (GMT 271)

  • APM
  • Max 360 T/S
  • NutrISS, Vascular Aging


  • Crew Quarters (CQ) Deck Cleaning
  • LSR Auxiliary Power Troubleshooting
  • W3727 Cable Reroute
  • ISS Change of Command Ceremony

Thursday, September 29 (GMT 272)

  • Bio-Monitor Stow
  • CBEF-L Ops
  • Food Physiology
  • NIS
  • NutrISS


  • 67S Undock and Landing
  • PMM Aft Reorganize
  • EVA Tool Gather

Friday, September 30 (GMT 273)

  • Food Physiology
  • ISS HAM pass
  • JWRS
  • LSR Photo Documentation
  • Manufacturing Device print remove
  • NutrISS
  • POLAR 4 Desiccant Swap
  • SALI 1
  • Standard Measures


  • Crew Dragon Suit Checkout
  • Dragon Prepack
  • SpX-Crew Dragon Rendezvous review

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Actiwatch Plus HRF Rack 1 Setup and Stow
  • Airlock Vent and Relief Isolation Valve Rivet
  • BIOM ECG Gel Reapply
  • Bio-Monitor Breathing Change Out, Volume Calibration, and Stow
  • Crew Alternate Sleep Accommodation (CASA) On-Board Training (OBT) Review
  • CWC-I to EDV Transfer
  • FGB Audit
  • Handover of Increment 68 Crew
  • Intelligent Glass Optics Activities
  • ISS Crew Orientation
  • ISS HAM Columbus Pass Kenwood
  • JEM Water Recovery System (JWRS) P-01 Pump Exchange
  • JEM Water Recovery System (JWRS) Potable Water Transfer
  • JEM Water Recovery System (JWRS) Pump Exchange Item Gathering
  • LSR Photo Documentation in NODE3
  • Manufacturing Device Platform Exchange
  • NutrISS – ESA Nutritional Assessment
  • OBT Dragon Forward Rendezvous Review
  • Crew-4 OBT Conference after deorbit sim
  • Polar Desiccant Swap
  • OBT Rendezvous review
  • RST TO ЕДВ Transfer Setup Teardown
  • SpX-CREW DRAGON Deorbit Paper Sim with Ground Team
  • Staging Bag Follow Up
  • Standard Measures Post-Sleep Questionnaire
  • Vascular Aging 13-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Vascular Aging ECG Validate
  • Water Recovery Management (WRM) Water Balance