ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/08/2022

Cygnus NG-18 Status: Yesterday, solar array wing #2 on NG-18 did not deploy. Troubleshooting attempts to deploy the array have been unsuccessful; however, teams have determined the configuration is acceptable for loads and concurred to proceed towards nominal rendezvous with the ISS tomorrow morning at 4:05 AM CT. Ground teams are assessing potential updates to planned inspections and ingress procedures.


FLUIDICS (Fluid Dynamics in Space): The FLUIDICS hard drive and cable were disconnected from the European IP Communication Laptop (EICL) and stowed. The measurement of liquid displacement within a sphere in microgravity relates to a given kinematic representation of a spacecraft’s fuel tank. The FLUIDICS investigation evaluates the Center of Mass (CoM) position regarding a temperature gradient on a representation of a fuel tank. The observation of capillary wave turbulence on the surface of a fluid layer in a low-gravity environment can provide insights into measuring the existing volume in a sphere.

Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG): M6 plugs were removed from around left and right loading ports in the MSG Work Volume. The MSG is a rack-level payload facility located in the LAB Module on the ISS. MSG provides resources such as power, data, video, heat rejection, vacuum, nitrogen, and containment for investigations. The facility is well suited for handling hazardous materials when crew are present and is capable of accommodating both physical science and biological research payloads.

Muscle Tone in Space (Myotones): Myotones measurements and Ultrasounds were performed using the Myotones Device and ECHO unit. The Myotones investigation observes the biochemical properties of muscles (e.g. muscle tone, stiffness, elasticity) during long-term exposure spaceflight environment. Results from this investigation can provide a better understanding of the principles of human resting muscle tone. This could lead to the development of new strategies for alternative treatments for rehabilitation on Earth as well as for future space missions.


Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Cooling Loop Scrub: After obtaining a sample of cooling loop water from EMU 3009 for chemical analysis, the crew drained water from the EMU cooling loop, Service and Cooling Umbilical (SCU), Umbilical Interface Assembly (UIA), and Airlock heat exchanger lines into a Contingency Water Container (CWC) using the EMU water tank pressure and then recharged the EMU water tanks with Iodinated water. They performed the flush and water recharge a second time before deconfiguring the water flush hardware and powering down EMU 3009. EMU 3009 was then swapped with EMU 3004 on the EMU Don-Doff Assembly (EDDA) in preparation for upcoming activities.

Environmental Health System (EHS) Compound Specific Analyzer-Combustion Products (CSA-CP) Extended Maintenance: Today, the crew replaced the battery packs in all CSA-CPs and calibrated the units. The CSA-CPs provide real-time readings following a combustion event and subsequent clean-up efforts. The CSA-CPs are also used for continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide levels in the ISS.

Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) Quarterly Maintenance: Today, the ISS crew completed regularly scheduled maintenance on the ARED Vibration Isolation System (VIS) Rails and Rollers, Upper Stop Cables, and X-Rotation Dashpots. The crew also provided feedback on ARED performance while the ARED Lift Bar was moving between Lower Stops and Upper Stops. This quarterly maintenance allows the ARED exercise device to keep operating nominally as well as verifying if any wear and tear exists on the hardware. ARED uses adjustable resistance piston-driven vacuum cylinders along with a flywheel system to simulate free-weight exercises in normal gravity.

EHS Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Water Recovery System (WRS) Sample Analysis & Data Record: The crew performed an analysis of the Water Processing Assembly (WPA) using the TOCA. The TOCA unit oxidizes organic carbon species present in the water to carbon dioxide gas and measures the concentration using nondispersive infrared spectroscopy. Analysis of the potable water using the TOCA occurs on a weekly basis.

WRS CWC-Iodine (CWC-I) Fill: The CWC is a soft container with an inner bladder that can store a variety of liquids including humidity condensate, wastewater, and other unique fluids such as EMU wastewater. Today’s activity involved transferring water from the Potable Bus into a CWC-I container using the Potable Water Dispenser (PWD). The crew monitored the offload time as a secondary control to protect the CWC-Iodine from over-pressurization.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • CEVIS Time Sync

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • BCDU Firmware Load
  • ACS CCDB Parameter Update
  • MSS Powerup [Planned]
  • SSRMS Maneuver [Planned]
  • Node 1 Nadir ACBM Inspection [Planned]
  • C2V2 Activation [Planned]

Look Ahead Plan

Wednesday, November 9 (GMT 313)

  • BioLab Reference EC Removal (ESA)
  • CBEF Temperature Control Connect (JAXA)
  • EarthKAM Lens Change (NASA)
  • Immunosenescence MELFI Retrieval (NASA)


  • NG-18 Berth
  • Node 1 Nadir to NG-18 Vestibule Outfitting
  • Cygnus Cargo Transfer Operations

Thursday, November 10 (GMT 314)

  • Antioxidant Protection Install and Photo (ESA)
  • Food Physiology Diet Brief (NASA)
  • Myotones Measurements (ESA)
  • NanoRacks Module 51 Activation (NASA)
  • PAUL Cygnus Install (NASA)
  • POLAR Transfers (NASA)
  • RHMB-1 SC Transfer (NASA)
  • STAARS CB-3 Install (NASA)
  • Standard Measures Pre Sleep (NASA)


  • OBT Cygnus Emergency Review
  • EVA Tool Configuration
  • Regenerative ECLSS Recycle Tank Drain & Fill
  • UTS Offload EDV Swap
  • Cygnus Transfer Cargo Operations

Friday, November 11 (GMT 315)

  • CBEF Fan Replace and Checkout (JAXA)
  • EarthKAM Shutdown and Stow (NASA)
  • FIR/FBCE Fluid Refill (NASA)
  • PAUL 1 Powerdown and Cube Removal (NASA)
  • STAARS CB-3 Removal and MELFI Insert (NASA)
  • Standard Measures Post Sleep (NASA)
  • TangoLab-4 Activate (NASA)


  • RS EVA Tool Transfer
  • EHS CSA-CP Checkout Part 1
  • Cygnus Transfer Cargo Operations
  • OBT Dragon Rendezvous Review
  • EVA Camera Configuration

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • EVA Tablet Preparation
  • FlUIDICS HDD Disconnection from EICL
  • JEM Payload Data Handling Unit (PDH) 3 Status Check
  • Myotones Kit Gathering
  • Echo Unit Setup for Myotones Experiment
  • Myotones Device Setup with EPM Laptop
  • Myotones Ultrasound Scan using ECHO Unit
  • WRS CWC-I Fill Initiate & Terminate
  • Myotones Measurements
  • XROOTS Hardware Consolidate
  • ARED Quarterly Inspection
  • Echo Unit Stowage
  • CWC-Iodine Fill Teardown
  • MSG Activation
  • EHS TOCA WRS Sample Analysis & Data Record
  • Astrobee Off
  • EMU Cooling Sample
  • HRF Facility Supply Kit Inventory
  • ARED Cylinder Flywheel Evacuation
  • MSG M6 Plug Removal
  • EMU Flush Setup
  • EVA Feedwater Flush
  • SpX-26 Prepack
  • EHS CSA-CP Extended Maintenance
  • EMU Deconfigure
  • Myotones Device Data Transfer
  • PCS Laptop Relocate
  • EMU Swap
  • Echo Unit Stowage
  • MSG Power Down