ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/10/2022


Antioxidant Protection: Experiment Containers were installed into Kubik-5. The PROtection MEdiated by antioxidant nanoTEchnOlogy against neuronal damage in space (PROMETEO) (Antioxidant Protection) investigation proposes the use of biocompatible and biodegradable polydopamine-based nanoparticles to provide antioxidant protection to neurons undergoing exposure to altered gravity and cosmic radiation.

Cellbox-3: Cellbox-3 Experiment Containers were installed into the Space Technology and Advanced Research Systems-1 (STaARS-1) facility. Cellbox-3 contains two experiments that investigate cell behavior in microgravity, forming 3D structures that more closely resemble the growth and behavior of cells inside the body. Spheroid Aggregation and Viability in Space (SHAPE) determines how cellular spheroids from human bone marrow form in microgravity and their viability. Nerve-Muscle Co-culture (NEMUCO) determines whether the neuromuscular junction structure develops properly in microgravity, which could provide an experimental model for investigating nerve and muscle cell-to-cell interaction and communication in space and on the ground.

Muscle Tone in Space (Myotones): Blood was collected in support of the Myotones investigation. The Myotones investigation observes the biochemical properties of muscles (e.g. muscle tone, stiffness, elasticity) during long-term exposure spaceflight environment. Results from this investigation can provide a better understanding of the principles of human resting muscle tone. This could lead to the development of new strategies for alternative treatments for rehabilitation on Earth as well as for future space missions.

NanoRacks Module-51: The crew activated sub-experiments housed inside NanoRacks Module-51 S/N 1003 and S/N 1004. NanoRacks Modules allow experimenters and students to perform extended on-orbit operations using space-proven hardware, and each individual module houses a unique experiment. Anything approved for transport to ISS can be incorporated into a module experiment that represents any field of science.

Rhodium Microgravity Bioprospecting-1: Five Rhodium Microgravity Bioprospecting-1 Science Chambers were transferred to an ambient locker location in the JEM, and the crew photographed the chambers. Rhodium Scientific’s Bioprospecting Program for Novel Natural Product Discoveries in Space for Biotech, Biopharma Industries (Rhodium Microgravity Bioprospecting-1) studies a process for searching for microbial species that have become enhanced in space. Bioprospecting is the process of identifying plants and animals that may provide drugs, biochemicals, and other commercially valuable material. Previous studies have found that the unique stressors of space cause microorganisms to experience genetic and physiological changes that could yield such materials.


Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) Recycle Tank Drain/Fill: The recycle tank was set up to drain via the Urine Processor Assembly (UPA) Fill Drain Valve into a Brine EDV using the Urine Transfer System (UTS). Following the setup, the ground performed the tank drain using the UTS. Once the ground specialists completed the transfer, the crew verified the recycle tank was empty, terminated the drain, repositioned the fill/drain valve to force fill the recycle tank using UTS, and configured for nominal processing operations. The crew also swapped the EDV in the offload EDV spot of the UTS. 

Cygnus Cargo Transfer Operations: The crew continued offloading science experiments, crew provisions, and hardware from the recently berthed Cygnus NG-18 cargo vehicle. NG-18 is planned to remain at the space station until the end of January before it departs the ISS for an eventual destructive re-entry in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Robotic Operations: Yesterday, the ground teams powered up the Mobile Servicing System (MSS) cameras and ungrappled the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) from NG-18. The SSRMS was then walked off to the Mobile Base System (MBS) Power Data Grapple Fixture 1 (PDGF 1). Today, the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) was unstowed from the MBS PDGF 2, and the SSRMS and SPDM were configured for Mobile Transporter (MT) translation. The MT was translated from Worksite 4 (WS4) to WS7 in preparation for a Remote Power Controller Module (RPCM) remove and replace (R&R), which will be completed overnight.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • SPDM Unstow
  • MT Translation
  • Regeneration ECLSS Recycle Tank Drain/Fill Support
  • LAB MCA LEM Terminate [Active]
  • MSS RPCM R&R [Active]

Look Ahead Plan

Friday, November 11 (GMT 315)

  • CBEF Fan Replace and Checkout (JAXA)
  • EarthKAM Shutdown and Stow (NASA)
  • FIR/FBCE Fluid Refill (NASA)
  • PAUL-1 Powerdown and Cube Removal (NASA)
  • STaARS CB-3 Removal and MELFI Insert (NASA)
  • Standard Measures Post Sleep (NASA)
  • TangoLab-4 Activation (NASA)


  • EVA Modkit Familiarization
  • EVA IROSA Strut Assembly
  • EVA Modkit Bag Preparation
  • EVA Helmet Light Restraint Straps Install
  • RS EVA Tool Transfer
  • EHS CSA-CP Checkout Part 1
  • Cygnus Cargo Transfer Operations
  • OBT Dragon Rendezvous Review
  • EVA Camera Configuration

Saturday, November 12 (GMT 316)

  • POLAR 8 Desiccant Swap (NASA)


  • EVA Tool Configuration
  • EVA Cuff Checklist Incorporation
  • EVA Procedure Conference

Sunday, November 13 (GMT 317)

  • Crew Off-Duty


  • Crew Off-Duty

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Myotones Blood Draw and Centrifugation
  • Myotones Blood Tube Centrifugation
  • Myotones Centrifuge Spin Conclude
  • Cygnus Cargo Transfer Operations
  • Myotones Sample Minus Eighty-degree Laboratory Freezer for the ISS (MELFI) Insertion
  • Polar Cygnus Uninstall, Transfer, and EXpedite the PRocessing of Experiments to Space Station (EXPRESS) Rack Install
  • Rhodium Microgravity Bioprospecting-1 Transfer
  • Cellbox-3 Hardware Gather
  • Charging Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Camera D4 Battery
  • Cold Stowage Double Coldbag Unpack
  • Food Transfer
  • Cellbox-3 Experiment Container Installation
  • Antioxidant Protection Experiment Containers Installation in Kubik
  • Photo/TV EVA Battery Charging
  • Antioxidant Protection Photographs [Deferred]
  • Regenerative ECLSS Recycle Tank Drain/Fill
  • Powered Ascent Utility Locker Cygnus Hardware Installation
  • Polar Sample Transfer to Cold Stowage
  • NanoRacks Module-51 Procedure Review
  • UTS Offload EDV Swap
  • USOS Window Shutter Close
  • NanoRacks Maintenance Work Area (MWA) Preparation
  • NanoRacks Module MELFI Retrieval
  • NanoRacks Module Photography
  • NanoRacks Module-51 Experiment Activation
  • Food Physiology Crew Diet Briefing
  • In-Flight Maintenance (IFM) New Battery Charger Install
  • On-board Training (OBT) Cygnus Emergency Procedure Review
  • Standard Measures Pre-Sleep Questionnaire