ISS Daily Summary Report – 1/11/2023


Confocal Space Microscope (COSMIC): The crew performed the necessary steps to replace the Light Emitting Diode (LED) fluorescent source in the COSMIC facility. The Confocal Space Microscope (Confocal Microscope) is a JAXA facility that provides fluorescence images of biological samples aboard the ISS. Confocal microscopy uses spatial filtering techniques to eliminate out-of-focus light or glare in specimens with thicknesses exceeding the immediate plane of focus. With the Confocal Microscope, data can be obtained on the fundamental nature of cellular and tissue structure and functions in real-time.

Host Pathogen: Saliva samples were collected in support of the Host Pathogen investigation. Spaceflight-Induced Changes in Microbial Virulence and the Impact to the Host Immune Response (Host Pathogen) analyzes the relationship between the increased microbial virulence and reduced human immune function commonly observed during orbital spaceflight. Researchers assess spaceflight-induced changes in immune status by collecting blood and saliva samples from crew members before, during, and after spaceflight and culturing the immune cells with both “normal” bacteria and bacteria grown under spaceflight analogue conditions. Results are intended to support the assessment of clinical risk to astronauts from infectious microbes as well as the development of countermeasures to restore immune function in astronauts.

Veg-05: The young plants growing in the two Veggie facilities were inspected, watered if necessary, and photographed. The experiment is growing Red Robin dwarf tomatoes for a little over 3 months and will perform multiple harvests of the fruits produced. The Pick-and-Eat Salad-Crop Productivity, Nutritional Value, and Acceptability to Supplement the ISS Food System (Veg-05) investigation is the next step in efforts to address the need for a continuous fresh-food production system in space.


USOS Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Preparation Activities: In preparation for the upcoming 1A ISS Roll-Out Solar Array (IROSA) Prep EVA scheduled for January 20th, the crew completed a Hard Upper Torso (HUT) Degas as well as an Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Cooling Loop Scrub. Following this, the crew performed EMU Checkouts, EMU Water Recharge, and EMU Liquid Cooling Ventilation Garment (LVCG) Water Fills. Lastly, the crew configured tools prior to EVA and performed a Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue (SAFER) Checkout. The main goal of this EVA is to route cables on two mod kits and install the 1A Mod Kit on the 1A Solar Array Wing (SAW) Mast Canister to prepare these SAWs for future IROSA installations.

Columbus Local Area Network (LAN) Switch (CLSW1) Operations: Today, the crew finalized Patch Panels 1.1 and 1.2 connections in the Starboard Endcone Area and connected the Columbus Ethernet Switch and AstroPi Vis to Patch Panel 1.2. The LAN provides the data interconnections of the Data Management System (DMS) nodes. This supports systems, subsystems, and payloads for communication in the Columbus module. 

Transfer Cygnus Cargo Operations: Today, the crew continued cargo transfer operations between the ISS and the Cygnus NG-18 cargo vehicle. These operations included offloading crew provisions and hardware from NG-18. NG-18 is planned to remain at the space station until the beginning of March before it departs the ISS for an eventual destructive re-entry in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Health Maintenance System (HMS) Ultrasound 2 Scan: Today, the crew performed eye exams using ultrasound equipment. Eye exams are performed regularly on-board to monitor crewmembers’ eye health. Eyesight is one of the many aspects of the human body that is affected by long-duration stays in a microgravity environment.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • N/A

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • HRF2 Signal Analogue Downlink
  • EMU Data Recorder Operations [Active]
  • CCS S-band TLM HK1 Preempt [Active]
  • PRO MSRR Activation Commanding
  • PAUL Descent Commanding to Payload while on Dragon

Look Ahead Plan

Thursday, January 12 (GMT 012)

  • CIR/SoFIE High O2 Manifold Bottle Replace
  • EXPRESS Rack 8 Laptop HD Change and Software Load
  • JEM Confocal Space Microscope (COSMIC) Sample Removal
  • JWRS Valve Replace
  • Plant Habitat-03A Plant Thinning
  • Standard Measures Presleep Question
  • Veg-05 Plant Check


  • EVA Equipment Lock Preparation
  • EVA Suit IV Review
  • Columbus STBD FWD Restore
  • EHS TOCA WRS Sample Analysis

Friday, January 13 (GMT 013)

  • AWP
  • SABLX CO2 Controller Install
  • SpaceDuino Hardware Remove
  • Standard Measures Post Sleep Questionnaire
  • Veg-05 Plant Check
  • Veggie POMS Questionnaire


  • Transfer Cygnus Cargo Operations
  • EVA IROSA Strut Assembly
  • EVA MODKIT Familiarization and Bag Preparation
  • IFM WHC UR and IF R&R
  • EVA Procedure Conference

Saturday, January 14 (GMT 014)

  • Veg-05 Plant Check


  • EVA Procedure Review
  • POC DOUG Software Review
  • SAFER Checkout
  • P/TV EVA Camera Turnaround
  • EHS – CSA-CP Extended Maintenance

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • HRF Generic Saliva Collection and Stow
  • HRF Generic Centrifuge Frozen Blood Collection Configure, Run, Conclude, and Stow
  • HRF Generic MELFI Sample Insertion and Retrieval
  • Microscope Fluorescent LED Source R&R
  • EVA HUT Degas
  • Airlock Destow
  • Columbus CLSW1 Patch Panel Installation Final
  • EMU Cooling Loop Maintenance Scrub
  • Transfer Cygnus Cargo Operations
  • CLSW1 AstroPI VIS Connection
  • EVA EMU water Check
  • EMU Checkout
  • HRF-1 Rack Reconfiguration
  • HMS Vision Questionnaire [Aborted]
  • Dragon SSC Return
  • EVA EMU Cooling Loop Scrub
  • HMS Ultrasound 2 Scan and Post Exam
  • EMU Water Recharge
  • EMU LVCG Water Fill
  • EVA Tool Configuring
  • PAO Event in JEM
  • VEG-05 Plant Check/Water
  • SAFER Checkout
  • IMS Delta File Prep