ISS Daily Summary Report – 1/27/2023


Muscle Tone in Space (Myotones): Crewmember and operator performed the skin marking and Myotones Device measurements. The Myotones investigation observes the biochemical properties of muscles (e.g. muscle tone, stiffness, elasticity) during long-term exposure spaceflight environment. Results from this investigation can provide a better understanding of the principles of human resting muscle tone. This could lead to the development of new strategies for alternative treatments for rehabilitation on Earth, as well as for future space missions.

Pore Formation and Mobility Investigation-Asymmetric Sawtooth and Cavity-Enhanced Nucleation-Driven Transport (PFMI-ASCENT): The PFMI hardware was stowed. PFMI-ASCENT demonstrates a passive cooling system for electronic devices in microgravity using a microstructured surface. When fluids boil over flat heated surfaces in microgravity, vapor bubbles grow larger in size, causing poor heat transfer that can lead to damage of devices. Adding microscopic ratchets on the surface may passively enable mobility of vapor bubbles and prevent this damage.

Veg-05: The plants growing in the two Veggie facilities were inspected, watered if necessary, and photographed. The Pick-and-Eat Salad-Crop Productivity, Nutritional Value, and Acceptability to Supplement the ISS Food System (Veg-05) investigation is the next step in efforts to address the need for a continuous fresh-food production system in space.


Extravehicular Activity (EVA) O2 Actuator Lubrication: The crew pressurized Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) 3004 and 3009 to evaluate and compare the forces required to manipulate the O2 actuator between both suits. After this comparison, the O2 actuator on EMU 3004 was lubricated and further analysis was completed to compare previous measurements. Each EMU is an independent anthropomorphic system that provides environmental protection, mobility, life support, and communications for the crewmember to perform an EVA in Earth orbit.

USOS EVA Preparation Activities: In preparation for the upcoming 1A ISS Roll-Out Solar Array (IROSA) Prep Troubleshooting EVA (USOS EVA #85), the crew performed a Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue (SAFER) GN2 Check, Metal Oxide (METOX) Regeneration Initiation and Termination, EVA Battery Operations Terminal Charge, EVA Tool Configuring, EVA Procedure Conference and Review, and EMU Long Life Battery (LLB)/METOX Installation. The main goal of this EVA is to complete the 1A Mod Kit installation.

Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) Recycle Tank Drain/Fill: The recycle tank was set up to drain via the Urine Processor Assembly (UPA) Fill Drain Valve into a Brine EDV using the Urine Transfer System (UTS). Following the setup, the ground performed the tank drain using the UTS. Once the ground specialists completed the transfer, the crew verified the recycle tank was empty, terminated the drain, repositioned the fill/drain valve to force fill the recycle tank using UTS, and configured for nominal processing operations. The crew also swapped the EDV in the offload EDV spot of the UTS.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • WHC KTO Replace

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Myotones Columbus 2 R14
  • CCS S-band TLM HK1 Preempt
  • EVA Procedure Conference
  • CWC-I to ЕДВ Support
  • GEDI Payload Laser Inhibit Removal
  • BCDU Firmware Load
  • JEMRMS NREP Unstow

Look Ahead Plan

Saturday, January 28 (GMT 028)

  • BioNutrient-1 Sample to MELFI Transfer
  • PK-4 HD Quick Exchange and Pack for Return and Video Deinstall
  • Veg-05 Check


  • Crew Off Duty Day

Sunday, January 29 (GMT 029)

  • Crew Off Duty Day


  • Crew Off Duty Day

Monday, January 30 (GMT 030)

  • Plant Hab-03A Seed Bag Install
  • Repository Blood and Urine Setup
  • Veg-05 Check


  • EVA DOUG Review
  • EVA Procedure Review
  • Transfer Cygnus Cargo Operations
  • EVA Mod Kit Familiarization
  • Columbus Stowage Video Audit
  • JEM PROX 3 Visual Inspection

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • EVA O2 Act Lubrication
  • JEM WIS Air Flow Sensor Correction for RSU B1 S/N 1003 and 1004 at JLP1FS2 and JLP1SA2
  • ECLSS UPA Brine Filter Changeout
  • IMS conference
  • PFMI Hardware Alternate Stow, Historical Documentation Photography, and Laptop Stow
  • ECLSS Recycle Tank Drain/Fill
  • Myotones Device Data Transfer, Kit Gathering, Device Setup with EPM Laptop, and Measurements
  • LSG Work Volume Deploy and Stow
  • Ultrasound 2 HRF Rack 1 Power Off
  • MSG Power Down
  • SAFER GN2 Check
  • METOX Regeneration Termination
  • Rodent Research Fixative Swap
  • EHS TOCA WRS Sample Analysis, Data Record, and WWB Changeout
  • Rodent Research MELFI Insert and Retrieve
  • EVA Battery Operations Terminal Charge Terminate
  • FGB Reorganization
  • Russian Food Transfer
  • SSC 20 and 12 Swap
  • EVA Tool Configuring
  • VEG-05 Plant Check/Water
  • UTS Offload EDV Swap
  • LSG Primary Crew Restraint Unfold and Fold
  • EVA Procedure Conference and Review
  • EMU LLB/METOX Installation
  • USB-Live2 Hardware Handover from USOS to RS