ISS Daily Summary Report – 3/06/2023


Investigating Structure and Function of the Eye (ISAFE): In preparation for experiment activities, the crew reviewed the Big Picture Words package. Microgravity causes blood and cerebrospinal fluid to shift toward the head, which is believed to be an underlying cause of structural changes to the eyes, known as “Spaceflight Associated Neuro-Ocular Syndrome” or SANS. ISAFE measures eye, brain, and blood vessel changes during missions of several lengths to determine whether SANS varies with mission length, whether these changes recover when crew members return to Earth, and how long any potential recovery takes. Results could help predict eye changes on future long-duration spaceflights, such as trips to Mars, and support development of methods to protect astronauts’ eyes.

Standard Measures: The crew collected samples and answered pre-sleep questionnaires. Spaceflight Standard Measures collects a set of core measurements related to many human spaceflight risks from astronauts before, during, and after long-duration missions. The aim is to ensure consistent capture of an optimized, minimal set of measures from crew members until the end of the ISS Program in order to characterize the adaptive responses to and risks of living in space. These measures populate a data repository to enable high-level monitoring of countermeasure effectiveness and meaningful interpretation of health and performance outcomes, and support future research on planetary missions.


69S Soyuz Seat Liner Installation: Today, the crew removed the additional seat liner from Crew-5 Dragon and installed it in 69S Soyuz. The crew then tested the newly installed seat liner and reviewed updated roles and responsibilities in the event of an emergency. Each 69S Soyuz crewmembers has a custom molded seat liner that will protect them during launch, reentry, and landing.

Crew Dragon Pallet Hardware Installation: The crew removed straps and hardware previously installed to support the additional seat liner on Crew-5 spacecraft. Following the removal of the additional seat hardware, the crew re-installed the nominal hardware on pallets 6 and 7 for return.

ISS Crew Handover and Adaptation: Over the weekend, the experienced Endurance Crew and 69S crew started a handover with the newly arrived Endeavour Crew to transfer knowledge of the intricacies of onboard equipment and working in microgravity. The newly arrived crew member executed activities and the experienced crew member provided oversight and assistance.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • JEMRMS EFU Adapter 2 Transfer to JEMAL
  • Crew Dragon Awake Mode
  • Node 3 CDRA activate 4 half cycles

Look Ahead Plan

Tuesday, March 7 (GMT 066)

  • CIR/SoFIE Hardware Replace
  • ISS Ham Pass
  • MELFI DCB unpack
  • Plant Hab-03A routine check
  • POLAR Sample Transfers
  • Standard Measures Sample Collection and Postsleep Questionnaire
  • Veg-05 harvest


  • WHC Pre-Treat Tank Remove & Replace
  • Toilet Dose Pump Troubleshooting
  • Spotlight Battery and Bulb Replacement

Wednesday, March 8 (GMT 067)

  • AWP Doff
  • CIR/SoFIE/GEL CIR Manifold Bottle Exchange
  • DOSIS-3D
  • Food Physiology
  • ISAFE Electroretinography Measurement
  • Repository
  • Standard Measures


  • Crew Departure Preparations
  • Cargo Transfer to Dragon
  • Crew Dragon Tablet Sync

Thursday, March 9 (GMT 068)

  • Food Physiology
  • HRP Sample collections
  • Immunity Assay HW Gather, KUBIK setup, and BPW Review
  • POLAR Deactivate
  • Veg-05 check


  • Dragon Departure
  • ISS Emergency Hardware Familiarization
  • ISS Crew Orientation

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • [Deferred] ARED Handover
  • Campout Sleeping Bag Deploy and Stow
  • Cargo Transfer to Dragon
  • CASA Keep-Out Zone (KOZ) & Door Stop Check
  • Crew Dragon Seat Liner Removal
  • Crew Dragon Supply Transfer
  • Crew Dragon Tablet Sync
  • Crew Familiarization with 69S Soyuz and Nominal Descent Drill
  • Deploy Sleeping Bag in Dragon
  • Dragon Pallet 6 Deconfiguration and Hardware Installations
  • EMER Air Supply Hose Removal
  • ERA Crew Handover
  • T2 Handover
  • Extravehicular Activity Battery Installation
  • Final EMER hardware Transfer into Dragon
  • HRF Generic Sample Collection
  • Inspection of [СМ-У] Connector on [МНР-НС] Separator Pump in MLM [АСУ]
  • Installation of the Third Seat Liner in 69S Soyuz
  • ISS Crew Adaptation
  • ISS Crew Departure Preparation
  • Roll Up and Stow Sleep Bag
  • SpaceX-27 Dragon Review CBT
  • Transfer Crew Dragon Cargo Operations
  • Transfer Third Seat Liner from USOS to RS