ISS Daily Summary Report – 9/21/2023


Cold Atom Lab (CAL): The crew verified that the Ion Pump Controller Power LED was illuminated. This allows the health of the new science module 3B to be preserved until it can be installed in the CAL facility next week. CAL produces clouds of atoms that are chilled to about one ten billionth of a degree above absolute zero — much colder than the average temperature of deep space. At these low temperatures, atoms have almost no motion, allowing scientists to study fundamental behaviors and quantum characteristics that are difficult or impossible to probe at higher temperatures. In microgravity, researchers may be able to achieve even colder temperatures than what is possible on the ground and observe these cold atom clouds for longer periods of time.

Exploration Potable Water Dispenser (xPWD): The results of the water coliform test were evaluated following the required 2-day incubation waiting period. The current on-orbit Potable Water Dispenser (PWD), launched in fall 2008, provides water for crew consumption and food preparation on the ISS. The new system, the Exploration Potable Water Dispenser, reflects advances in water sanitization methods and microbial growth reduction and includes a heater to dispense hot water. Successful demonstration of this technology could lead to its adoption for future exploration missions and continued use for the ISS crew.

JEM Water Recovery System (JWRS): A sample of electrolysis water was collected, and the JWRS experiment hardware was removed from its location in the Multi-purpose Small Payload Rack (MSPR). JWRS is being removed to make room for the Solid Combustion Experiment Module (SCEM). The JWRS system generates potable water from urine. In the past on manned spacecraft, urine and wastewater were collected and stored, or vented overboard. For long-term space missions, however, water supply could become a limiting factor. Demonstrating the function of this water recovery system on orbit contributes to updating the Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) to support astronauts on the space station and future exploration missions.

Plant Habitat-03B: The crew reviewed the procedure and gathered the items needed to support the final harvest on Friday. Plants exposed to environmental stress, including spaceflight, undergo epigenetic changes that involve adding extra information to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) rather than changing existing information. Epigenetic Adaptation to the Spaceflight Environment – Accumulated Genomic Change Induced by Generations in Space (Plant Habitat-03) assesses whether epigenetic adaptations in one generation of plants grown in space can transfer to the next generation. This could help identify genetic elements that increase the adaptability of plants to spaceflight, a first step toward developing cultivars better suited to providing food and air and water purification in life support systems on future space missions.

Sleep in Orbit: Another overnight sleep recording session was performed. The Long-term Sleep Monitoring Before, During and After Extended Spaceflight (Sleep in Orbit) investigation studies the physiological differences between sleep on Earth and in space using ear-EEG (electroencephalography) based sleep monitoring.


Columbus Delta Pressure Sensor Block 2 (DPSB2) Remove and Replace (R&R): The crew began by rotating the Human Research Facility 1(HRF-1) Rack down in order to access the DPSB2. The crew then began steps to perform the R&R in the COL module to replace the failed sensor. During operations, the ground team reported an overcurrent trip upstream of the rack through telemetry. The crew was instructed to stand down from any further activities while ground teams analyzed the issue. Due to needing additional time for analysis, the team decided to have the crew safe the cables and return the rack to its original configuration. The R&R was unsuccessful and will be attempted again at a later day.

W3034 JSL Data Cable R&R: The crew removed the original, repaired W3034 cable at the LAB1D2 Joint Station LAN (JSL) Router and replaced it with a new W3034 cable. The originally installed W3034 had limited functionality and could only work at a Cat-5 Ethernet capability. The replacement cable is intended to return the LAB1D2 JSL router to Cat-6 Ethernet capability. 

JPM Cabin Smoke Detector A Cleaning: The crew removed the JPM Cabin Smoke Detector A from the duct and performed cleaning operations by using the Intra-Vehicular Activity (IVA) Connector Cleaner Tool and the associated N2Cartridge to supply bursts of N2 to remove any particles. They then reinstalled and performed a checkout on the smoke detector. ISS smoke detectors sample the atmosphere within racks and in the open cabin for particles that might correspond to smoke from a fire. The smoke detectors use a light sensing sampling chamber or probe and rely on forced airflow to propagate any smoke particles that may be present in the atmosphere.

Extravehicular Activity Mobility Unit (EMU) Enhanced Caution and Warning System (ECWS) On-Board Training (OBT): The crew set up the ECWS Onboard Trainer to review operation of the EMU ECWS and practice EVA Cuff Checklist procedures. This activity is performed as part of the crew’s road to EVA in preparation for the upcoming Microorganisms and Radio Frequency Group (RFG) retrieval EVAs scheduled for early October.

Photo/TV Imagery Survey: The crew performed an imagery survey using the D5 camera of the Starboard 1A Solar Array Wing (SAW) Mast, 1A SAW Blankets, 1A IROSA SAW, 3B SAW Mast, and 3B SAW Blankets from the MRM2 Forward/Starboard window. This activity is part of yearly ISS maintenance to check for Micro Meteoroid Orbital Debris (MMOD) strikes and other potential damage. 

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • C2V2 Activation
  • PMCU Data Dump
  • ARS N3 CDRA 2 Half Cycles
  • PRO EXPRESS Rack Commanding Ops
  • PRO Glacier and Polar Commanding Ops

Look Ahead Plan

Friday, September 22 (GMT 265)

  • CIPHER – HRF Sample Collections
  • EarthKAM Shutdown and Stow
  • ISS Ham Pass
  • MSPR Cold Plate Check
  • Plant Hab-03B Final Harvest
  • SCEM/FLARE Install
  • Sleep In Orbit Recording


  • US EVA Helmet Light Installation, Battery Ops, CWC-I Degas
  • REBA Powered Hardware Checkout
  • Soyuz Nominal Descent OBT
  • HMS OCT2 Exam Operations
  • IFM PMM Light Troubleshooting

Saturday, September 23 (GMT 266)

  • Thor-Davis


  • Crew Off Duty

Sunday, September 24 (GMT 267)

  • Sleep in Orbit


  • Crew Off Duty

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Sleep in Orbit Post-Measurement Activity
  • Standard Measures Post-Sleep Questionnaire
  • Ultrasound 2 HRF Rack 1 Stow Alternate Performance
  • ESA Weekly Crew Conference
  • ECLSS/TCS1 Rack Rotate Down and Up with Support
  • Cold Atom Lab Power LED Check
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) Spaceflight Cognitive Assessment Tool for Windows (WinSCAT) Test
  • ISS Crew Orientation
  • HRF-1 Rack Tilt Down/Up and Cleanup at COL1F4
  • JPM Cabin Smoke Detector A Cleaning and Closeout
  • Photo/TV Starboard SAW Survey Setup/Teardown
  • Columbus Delta Pressure Sensor Block 2 R&R
  • Environmental Health System (EHS) – Coliform Water Sample Analysis 44 +/- 4 hours Post Processing
  • Crew Departure Preparations for Return to Earth
  • Photo/TV Starboard 1A SAW, 1A IROSA, 3B SAW Survey Imagery from MRM2
  • JWRS Sample Collection, MELFI Insertion, and MSPR JWRS Closeout
  • Exploration Potable Water Dispenser (xPWD) Nominal Crew Use OBT
  • Russian EDV Inspection
  • W3034 JSL Data Cable R&R in LAB1D2 and Replacement Video
  • Transfer Cygnus Cargo Operations
  • Station Support Computer (SSC) Laptop 5 Deploy
  • Columbus STBD FWD Restore
  • Public Affairs Office (PAO) Event in JEM and LAB
  • EHS – Air Quality Monitor (AQM) Power Off/On
  • Handover of Increment 70S Crew
  • Plant Habitat-03B Hardware Gather
  • Countermeasure Systems Heart Rate Monitor Laptop 5 Checkout [Aborted]
  • Flight Director/ISS Crew Conference
  • Crew Alternate Sleep Accommodation (CASA) Keep-Out Zone (KOZ) & Door Stop Check
  • HRF Generic Collection and Setup