ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/15/2023


Boeing Environment Responding Antimicrobial Coatings (Antimicrobial Coatings): The crew deployed the six experiment placards in various locations throughout the ISS. These placards will remain deployed for approximately four months and will be touched regularly by the crew as part of the investigation. Boeing Environment Responding Antimicrobial Coatings tests an antimicrobial coating on several different materials that represent high-touch surfaces. Some microbes change characteristics in microgravity, which could create new risks to crew health and spacecraft systems as well as creating the possibility of contaminating other planetary bodies. The samples remain in space approximately six months before return to Earth for analysis.

Cell Gravisensing-2 (CGS-2): Sample observations and fixations were continued for the CGS-2 six-day experiment session. Fixation refers to a group of techniques which are used to preserve various aspects of the samples for later analysis. Recent spaceflight experiments have revealed that individual animal cells can feel the effects of gravity. However, how cells can sense gravity is largely unknown, thus understanding this mechanism emerges as one of the most important problems to be solved in space biology. Elucidation of Gravisensing Mechanism in Single Cells (Cell Gravisensing) investigation challenges this problem through the analysis of the substrate-rigidity sensing capability of cells during spaceflight.

Circadian Light: A Circadian Light end-of-day assessment was performed. The Circadian Light investigation tests a new lighting system, to help astronauts maintain an acceptable circadian rhythm. This can help enhance cognitive performance during a long-duration mission and help combat monotony through automated, varied, and gradually changing lighting sequences and settings.

Sleep in Orbit: The crew participated in an overnight recording session for the Sleep in Orbit experiment. The Long-term Sleep Monitoring Before, During and After Extended Spaceflight (Sleep in Orbit) investigation studies the physiological differences between sleep on Earth and in space using ear- Electroencephalography (EEG) based sleep monitoring.

Space Age: The crew performed sample collections and cell culture media exchanges for each of the habitats. Cell culture media contains nutrients and a pH buffer to sustain cells, and needs to be exchanged periodically as the nutrients are used up and waste products accumulate. Many changes to the human body seen in microgravity resemble those associated with aging on Earth. Aging-like changes to human immune cells are reversed after return to Earth. Tissue Engineered Liver Immune Chips in Microgravity as a Novel Platform to Study the Effect of Aged Immune Cells on Behavior and Regenerative Capacity of Liver Stem Cells (Space AGE) studies how microgravity-induced aging-like changes in immune cells affect the regenerative capabilities of liver cells and their postflight recovery. Results could improve understanding of the biology of aging and its effects on disease mechanisms.


Mobile Servicing System (MSS) SpaceX-29 (SpX-29) External Cargo Operations: The MSS was powered up and used to extract the ILLUMA-T payload from the SpX-29 Trunk. Once removed from the SpX-29 Trunk, the MSS then handed off the cargo to the JEMRMS. The JEMRMS then grappled the payload and successfully berthed it to the Exposed Facility Unit-3 (EFU-3). 

Station Support Computer (SSC) Loading Preparation: The crew reloaded wired laptops using the Load Image Server (LIS). This was done in preparation for updates from the ground team later today. SSCs are used by the crew and are associated with non-command activities onboard the International Space Station.

Environmental Health System (EHS) – Formaldehyde Monitoring Kit (FMK) Stow Operations: The crew retrieved monitors from the LAB and the SM and detached monitors from the location. Additionally, the crew applied stickers to stop the monitoring process and properly stowed the FMKs in a bag for return. FMKs are single gas analyzers which provide near real-time data to the ground on Formaldehyde levels on ISS.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • RR Hab Restock [GMT 318]
  • WHC KTO Replace

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • MSS SpX-29 External Cargo Operations
  • Space AGE Media Exchange and Effluent Sampling Operations Support
  • Dragon Trunk Camera Support
  • PRO LSG, CIR, and STPH7 Commanding
  • ESA PL PC – Files Uplink

Look Ahead Plan

Thursday, November 16 (GMT 320)

  • Bacterial Adhesion and Corrosion
  • Cell GraviSensing-2
  • CIPHER/Standard Measures
  • Circadian Light
  • Earthshine
  • ELF Gas Bottle Exchange
  • MELSP MELFI Inserts
  • NanoRacks Module-9 Observations 2
  • NREP Slide Table Hardware Removal
  • POLAR Desiccant Swaps
  • RR-20
  • Sleep in Orbit
  • Virtual Reality for Exercise


  • EVA Battery Operations
  • Dragon Cargo Transfer Operations
  • WRS CWC-I Degas
  • HMS RSP Checkout
  • HMS VTE Scan
  • N3 Port Endcone and NRAL Clearing

Friday, November 17 (GMT 321)

  • Antimicrobial Coatings-2 Deploy
  • Bacterial Adhesion and Corrosion
  • Cell Gravisensing-2 Observations
  • Cerebral Ageing Microscopy
  • ISS Ham Pass
  • SABL Microscope Setup
  • Virtual Reality for Exercise Checkout


  • Dragon Cargo Transfer Operations
  • CEVIS Pack
  • ECLSS Recycle Tank Drain/Fill
  • S&M UID PrK Calibration and Scan
  • PRK IWIS RSU Inspection and Cable Reconfigure

Saturday, November 18 (GMT 322)

  • Payload NAS Vent Clean


  • Crew Off Duty

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Space AGE MELFI Sample Retrieval/Insertions, SABL Insert, Hardware Gather, Media Exchange, and Effluent Sampling Operations
  • Sleep in Orbit Post/Pre Measurement Activity
  • Cell Gravisensing 2 Item Gathering, Fixation Cartridge Retrieval from MELFI, Fixation Preparation, Sample Fixation, Fixation Closeout, Sample Return Bag Installation into MELFI, and Observation Preparation
  • MERLIN3 Icebrick Insert
  • LSG Primary Crew Restraint Unfold/Fold and Work Volume Stow
  • Antimicrobial Coatings Procedure Review, Hardware Gather, Maintenance Work Area Preparation, and Deployment
  • Export Verbose Logs within OPTIMIS Tablet [Deferred]
  • EHS – FMK Stow Operation
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) ISS EveryWear (EVW) Medication Tracking
  • Public Affairs Office (PAO) Event – Lab
  • SSC Loading Preparation
  • Lab Window Shutter Close
  • Circadian Light Evening Data Collection
  • Standard Measures Post/Pre Sleep Questionnaire