ISS Daily Summary Report – 1/29/2024

ISS Reboost: On January 27th at 5:39 AM CST, the ISS performed a nominal reboost using the 85P Aft Progress rendezvous and docking (R&D) thrusters on SM Aft. The purpose of this reboost was to set up the proper phasing conditions for the 87P launch and rendezvous in February, as well as the subsequent 71S launch in late March and 70S landing in early April.

Private Astronaut Mission (PAM) Axiom 3:
Outreach, Commercial, and Payload Activities:

The crew completed several live and recorded events over the weekend and today. On Saturday, two ICE Cubes Media Set live events were held:  one with Michael López-Alegría and the US Naval Academy, and one with Alper Gezeravcı talking to university students in Turkiye. On Sunday, Michael López-Alegría participated in a live ICE Cubes Media Set event with actress Melissa Navia, and Alper Gezeravcı conducted an interview with a Turkish news agency. Today, the entire Ax-3 crew participated in a live ICE Cubes Media Set event with Axiom’s Chief Scientist.  Also today, Walter Villadei and Marcus Wandt each completed an ICE Cubes Media Set outreach event with children from their respective countries. The crew also completed several outreach recordings and commercial imagery activities. Additionally, the crew continues to complete payload activities associated with a variety of ISS National Lab-sponsored payloads including Cancer in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Extremophyte CRISPR, Food Experience, MESSAGE, Pranet Algal, Smart Flight Suit 2, and Vocalcord. Marcus Wandt performed multiple ESA sponsored science investigations including Bone Health, Cimon, Orbital Architecture, Plasma Kristall-4, Sleep in Orbit, Thor-Davis, and Virtual Reality On-Board Training 2. Marcus and Walter both performed Cycle Ergometer with Vibration Isolation and Stabilization (CEVIS) exercise sessions.


Sally Ride Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle Schools (EarthKAM): The EarthKAM Mission 87 was completed, and the hardware was uninstalled from Node 2 and stowed. Not everyone can go to space, but everyone can see Earth from an astronaut’s perspective with the EarthKAM program. Thousands of students can remotely control a digital camera mounted on the ISS and use it to take photographs of coastlines, mountain ranges and other interesting features and phenomena. The EarthKAM team posts the students’ images on the internet, where the public and participating classrooms can view Earth from a unique vantage point.

ESA Education Payload Operations (EPO): The crew recorded a video discussing various space related topics to students. This video will be used to support the project in schools by demonstrating several exercise activities, showcasing the crew’s work and life on the ISS and how they balance these two things.

Extremophyte Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) (Ax-3): The plants growing in the experiment petri dishes were harvested, preserved with a fixative solution, and placed in a Minus Eighty-Degree Laboratory Freezer for ISS (MELFI). Fixatives are a class of compounds used to preserve or stabilize biological samples for subsequent analysis. There are several different types of fixative depending on the type of analysis being performed. Extreme Salt Stress and CRISPR Gene Editing Efficiency in Plants Under Microgravity (Extremophyte CRISPR) tests the salt stress tolerance of two species of plants and examines how microgravity affects the CRISPR gene editing method. Results could lead to the use of these plants and CRISPR to enhance stress resistance in plants intended for use in life support and other systems during future long-duration space missions.

International Commercial Experiment Cubes (ICE Cubes): The Ax-3 crew participated in three media events using the ICE Cubes Facility as a prop. In these events, the crew discussed their experiments with the Axiom chief scientist, their experiences in space, projects they are working on, and various other topics. The ICE Cubes Facility is a capable experiment platform that offers flexibility to host many different experiments for research, technology demonstration, or educational objectives. During flight, users can monitor near real-time telemetry and have tele-commanding capabilities from any location with an internet connection. The ICE Cubes service provides fast and direct access to the ISS for any country, any institute, or any entity.

Propolis Effect and Algae (Ax-3): Detailed photos were taken of the algae growing in the six Pranet Algal experiment petri dishes, and they were placed in refrigerated stowage. Propolis Effect and Algae is actually the combination of two experiments: Propoli-Pranet and Pranet Algal. Pranet Algal aims to examine the growth of extremophilic microalgae life in temperate conditions such as the space environment and to observe how they react during their growth. This is important because microalgae could not only serve as a source of food but also improve air quality and waste treatment for future space missions and habitation on Mars or the Moon. Propoli-Pranet aims to investigate the effectiveness of propolis extract on bacteria in a microgravity environment. If propolis proves to be similarly effective in microgravity as it was in a previous experiment using propolis antibacterial wipes in microgravity, this could open the door for use of propolis as a natural antibacterial option in space.

Sleep in Orbit (Ax-3): The Ax-3 crew donned the experiment hardware and began an overnight recording session. The Long-term Sleep Monitoring Before, During and After Extended Spaceflight (Sleep in Orbit) investigation studies the physiological differences between sleep on Earth and in space using ear-Electroencephalography (EEG) based sleep monitoring.

Thor-Davis (Ax-3): The Thor-Davis camera system was uninstalled from the Cupola. The Thor-Davis investigation aims to provide a better understanding about the impact of thunderstorms on the Earth‘s atmosphere and climate by observing them at stratospheric altitudes from the ISS. Thor-Davis evaluates a neuromorphic camera, or event camera, that can observe thunderstorms and their electrical activity at up to 100,000 frames per second. The overall goal is to better understand, under realistic conditions, the use of such a camera for future use in space for observing processes in severe electrical storms and other applications.

Vocalcord (Ax-3): The crew performed calibrations and collected test data for various vocal parameters using the Vocalcord application. This was done for morning and evening sessions. Vocalcord is a project developing an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can analyze respiratory, phonation, and cough sounds to detect over 70 types of diseases, including some cancers. 

Virtual Reality On Board Training (VR-OBT) (Ax-3): The Ax-3 crew performed several test sessions. VR-OBT-2 tests the effectiveness for Virtual Reality training using an on-board Head Mounted Display (HMD).


Cygnus Arrival Preparation Operations: The crew completed Cygnus Stowage Preparation, an Onboard Training (OBT) Cygnus Robotics Onboard Trainer (ROBoT) self-study session, and a review of NG-20 Ingress Big Picture Words. These activities were performed in preparation for the planned capture and berth of the NG-20 cargo vehicle on Thursday, February 1st. 

Environmental Health System (EHS) Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Water Recovery System (WRS) Sample Analysis & Data Record: The crew performed an analysis of the Water Processing Assembly (WPA) using the TOCA. The TOCA unit oxidizes organic carbon species present in the water to carbon dioxide gas and measures the concentration using nondispersive infrared spectroscopy. Analysis of the potable water using the TOCA occurs on a weekly basis.

Emergency Egress Marker Glow Inspection: The crew inspected the Emergency Egress Markers in Node 1. These markers are in place in order to guide the crew in the case of a power outage and an emergency egress situation on the ISS. The inspection was done to assess the markers for damage, and the crew found all markers to be in good condition.

Completed Task List Activities:


Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • CRISPR Petri Harvest Support

Look Ahead Plan

Tuesday, January 30 (GMT 030)

  • Ax-3 Ham Pass (Ax-3)
  • Bone Health Actibelt Donning and Doff (Ax-3)
  • Circadian Light Data
  • Digital Voice Assistance Ops (Ax-3)
  • Endothelial Function Collection Setup (Ax-3)
  • ESA EPO Rexus/Bexus and Wisdomes (Ax-3)
  • Extremophyte CRISPR Fixation Into MELFI and Work Light Deconfiguration (Ax-3)
  • ICE Cube Media Set Prep and Sample Remove (Ax-3)
  • MESSAGE Ops (Ax-3)
  • MSL Calibration Cartridge Insert (Ax-3)
  • OMICS Archive Collections
  • Orbital Architecture PSS Assessment Questionnaire and Cognition Test (Ax-3)
  • Sleep in Orbit Battery Recharge and Don/Doff (Ax-3)
  • Smart Flight Suit Ops and Photo (Ax-3)
  • Vocalcord Data Collection (Ax-3)
  • VR Mental Care Charging
  • VR-OBT-2 Battery Charge (Ax-3)


  • NG-20 Launch
  • IFM Borescope Handover
  • PAM Facilitator Time
  • NORS QD Substance Sampling
  • OBT Cygnus ROBoT Session
  • IFM T2 MTL Hose Substance Sampling
  • JEM CGSE CO2 Gas Bottle Install

Wednesday, January 31 (GMT 031)

  • AC-2 Touch
  • ANITA Sample
  • AstroPi Power Swap (Ax-3)
  • Ax-3 Ham Pass (Ax-3)
  • Beta Amyloid Aggregation (Ax-3)
  • Bone Health Actibelt Donn and Doff (Ax-3)
  • CIR High O2 Bottle Replace (Joint)
  • Endothelial Function Collection and Ultrasound Measurements (Ax-3)
  • ESA Powerbank Charge (Ax-3)
  • Food Questionnaire (Ax-3)
  • Glacier-2 Desiccant Swap
  • ICE Cube Media Set Events (Ax-3)
  • GLACIER Ice Brick and Desiccant Replace
  • LSR R&R Dummy H2 Sensors Installed (Ax-3)
  • MABL-A Hardware Insert
  • NR Module-92 MFA Removal, Photo, MELFI Insert (Ax-3)
  • OMICS Archive Collections
  • Orbital Architecture PSS Assessment Questionnaire (Ax-3)
  • Ready Pasta Ops (Ax-3)
  • Sleep in Orbit Postsleep Doff, Questionnaire, and Donn (Ax-3)
  • Vocalcord Data Collection (Ax-3)
  • VR Mental Care Session
  • VR-OBT Session, Uninstall, and Questionnaire (Ax-3)


  • PAM Facilitator Time
  • Dragon Docking System Cleaning
  • HMS Tonometry Test
  • PCS Relocation
  • JAXA Laptop Terminal 4 USB Connection
  • IFM WHC UR and IF R&R

Thursday, February 1 (GMT 032)

  • ANITA-2 Sample
  • Astro Bit Gesture (Ax-3)
  • Bone Health Data Transfer (Ax-3)
  • ESA EPO Weightless, Sustainability Messages (Ax-3)
  • Food Questionnaire (Ax-3)
  • ICE Cube Media Set Event and Sample Remove (Ax-3)
  • ISS Ham Pass
  • Lumina Data (Ax-3)
  • MABL-A MELFI to SABL Inserts and Media Exchange
  • MERLIN Sample Transfer
  • NR Module-92 MERLIN Removal to MFA insert
  • OMICS Archive Sample into MELFI and HW Stow
  • Orbital Architecture PSS Assessment Questionnaire (Ax-3)
  • PK-4 Data to CMAU Laptop (Ax-3)
  • Sleep In Orbit (Ax-3)
  • Vocalcord Data collection (6) (Ax-3)


  • NG-20 Capture & Berth
  • PAM Facilitator Time
  • USOS Window Shutter Close
  • WHC Manual Fill
  • PCS Relocation
  • CBCS Stow

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • PAM Facilitator Time
  • EHS TOCA WRS Sample Analysis & Data Record
  • Generic Suitcase Relocate
  • HMS ISS EveryWear Medication & Nutrition Tracking
  • BioMole MinION 2.0 Power On
  • Cryo Glove Stow
  • JEM SLT7 Reboot
  • NG-20 Ingress Big Picture Words
  • OBT Cygnus ROBoT Self Study Session
  • Cygus Stowage Prep
  • Node 1 Emergency Egress Marker Glow Inspection
  • IFM CQ Ethernet Cable Replacement for Wired SSC
  • Russian Urine EDV Inspection
  • EHS CSA-CP Extended Maintenance [Deferred]
  • EMU Restraint Inspection
  • NORS N2 System Supply