ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/07/2023


BioFabrication Facility (BFF): Cardiac cells were inserted into the BioFabrication Facility and printing sessions were initiated. Using 3D biological printers to produce usable human organs has long been a dream of scientists and doctors around the globe; however, printing the tiny, complex structures found inside human organs, such as capillary structures, has proven difficult to accomplish in Earth’s gravity environment. To overcome this challenge, Techshot designed their BFF experiment to print organ-like tissues in microgravity, acting as a steppingstone in a long-term plan to manufacture whole human organs in space using refined biological 3D printing techniques.

Fiber Optic Production-2 (FOP-2): Print Sample S/N 1015 was setup in the FOP-2 facility in preparation of a print run. FOP-2 builds on previous work to manufacture commercial optical fibers in microgravity using a blend of elements called ZBLAN.  Earlier theoretical and experimental studies suggest ZBLAN optical fibers produced in microgravity exhibit qualities superior to those of fibers produced on Earth.  Results from FOP-2 could help further verify these studies and guide manufacture of high value optical fiber aboard the space station for commercial use.

Japanese Experiment Module – Exposed Facility (JEM-EF): The Multi-Purpose Experiment Platform (MPEP) was Installed onto the JEM Airlock Slide Table in preparation for J-SSOD-27 installation. JEM-EF is an external platform that can hold up to 10 experiment payloads at a time outside Kibo. The first JAXA instruments are Space Environment Data Acquisition Equipment-Attached Payload (SEDA-AP) and Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image (MAXI). The first NASA instruments will be a hyperspectral imager and an ionosphere detector.

Plant Habitat: The Plant Habitat Environmental Control System (ECS S/N-0003) was removed and replaced with ECS-0001 within the Growth Chamber. The Advanced Plant Habitat (Plant Habitat) is a fully automated facility that is used to conduct plant bioscience research on the ISS. It occupies the lower half of the EXpedite the PRocessing of Experiments to Space Station (EXPRESS) Rack and one powered International Subrack Interface Standard (ISIS) drawer, providing a large, enclosed, environmentally controlled chamber.

Sleep in Orbit: The ear electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors were removed and data recording was stopped before temp stowing the hardware. The Long-term Sleep Monitoring Before, During and After Extended Spaceflight (Sleep In Orbit) investigation studies the physiological differences between sleep on Earth and in space using ear-EEG based sleep monitoring.

SpaceWear Monitor: SpaceWear data was transferred to the ground and the hardware was stowed. The purpose of the Demonstration of a Wearable for Space and Extreme Environments (SpaceWear Monitor) technology demonstration is to prove the functionality of the Wearable Health Monitoring System by a crew member aboard the ISS.


SpX-29 Cargo Transfer Operations: The crew continued transferring science and supplies to and from the SpaceX-29 cargo vehicle in support of science and ISS operations. SpaceX-29 will remain docked with the ISS until December. 

ISS Very High Frequency-1 (VHF-1) Communications Checkout: A communications checkout was performed by the crew and ground teams between the US Orbital Segment (USOS) and Mission Control Center – Houston (MCC-H). ISS VHF-1 provides the emergency back-up in the USOS for ISS-to-ground communications. Communication checks to confirm good read backs were also performed with International Partners (IPs). These tests are completed annually to verify VHF communication with each VHF-equipped groundsite.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • WHC KTO Replace

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • High Beta Operations
  • N3 TCCS Data Gathering
  • ISS VHF-1 Comm Checkout Support Operations

Look Ahead Plan

Friday, December 8 (GMT 342)

  • AC2 Touch
  • Aquamembrane-3 Run
  • ARED-K USB Insert
  • Bacterial Adhesion and Corrosion BioCell Fixation
  • BFF Cassette swaps and Syringe Swap
  • CIPHER Measurement Ops
  • Fiber Optics 2 Sample Replace
  • Lumina Reboot and Data Transfer
  • Omics Archive Sample Collections


  • SpX-29 Cargo Transfer Operations
  • IMV Flow Measurement Survey

Saturday, December 9 (GMT 343)

  • NanoRacks Module 9 Ops 4


  • Crew Off-duty

Sunday, December 10 (GMT 344)

  • HRF Collection Setup


  • Crew Off-duty

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Sleep in Orbit post-measurement activity
  • HRF Generic Sample Operations [Aborted]
  • SpaceWear Monitor Operations
  • MPEP Installation to JEM Airlock Slide Table
  • Plant Habitat Operations
  • ESA Weekly crew conference
  • Fiber Optic Production 2.0 Operations
  • CIPHER ISAFE Operations
  • SpX-29 Cargo Transfer Operations
  • ISS VHF-1 Comm Checkout from USOS
  • BioFabrication Facility Operations
  • Aquamembrane-3 hardware Gathering