ISS Daily Summary Report – 2/01/2023


Fluid Dynamics in Space (FLUIDICS): The crew disconnected and stowed the Fluidics HDD and its cable from the CMAU Z-book laptop. The measurement of liquid displacement within a sphere in microgravity relates to a given kinematic representation of a spacecraft’s fuel tank. The FLUIDICS investigation evaluates the Center of Mass (CoM) position regarding a temperature gradient on a representation of a fuel tank. The observation of capillary wave turbulence on the surface of a fluid layer in a low-gravity environment can provide insights into measuring the existing volume in a sphere.

Sphere Camera-1 (SphereCam-1) : Sphere Cam1 hardware was set up to record video LAB Translation Filming Shot #7. SphereCam-1 uses a commercial off-the-shelf ultra-high resolution digital movie camera with a wide angle lens to collect footage in microgravity and evaluate technical performance of the camera. Investigators plan to use results to design and develop subsequent cameras for testing and, ultimately, provide a product that could support groundbreaking imaging of space with greater resolution, detail, and sharpness than anything currently available commercially.

TangoLab: TangoLab-3 and TangoLab-4 facilities were relocated to ExPRESS Rack 9B (COL1F2). Both facilities were powered up and photos were taken. Space Tango’s TangoLab lockers are reconfigurable general research facilities designed for microgravity research and development (R&D) and pilot manufacturing aboard the ISS. 

Veg-05: The plants growing in the two Veggie facilities were inspected, watered if necessary, and photographed. The Pick-and-Eat Salad-Crop Productivity, Nutritional Value, and Acceptability to Supplement the ISS Food System (Veg-05) investigation is the next step in efforts to address the need for a continuous fresh-food production system in space.


Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Preparation Activities: The crew continued preparation for the ISS Roll Out Solar Array (IROSA) Prep 1A Troubleshooting EVA later this week. The EVA Mobility Units (EMUs) and Equipment Lock were configured, the EVA Tools were configured and audited inside the Airlock, and the Pistol Grip Tool (PGT) batteries were installed. The EVA D5 and GoPro cameras and the EVA iPad were configured, and the crew reviewed the detailed EVA procedures and participated in a procedure review conference.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • [Deferred] MCC-M Transition to Reboost Mode
  • [Aborted] ACS MCS Configuration for Reboost
  • Crew Dragon System Checkout
  • Dragon Propulsion Valve EVA Close

Look Ahead Plan

Thursday, February 2 (GMT 033)

  • BFF Cassette Swap
  • None


  • IROSA Prep 1A Troubleshooting EVA

Friday, February 3 (GMT 034)

  • ADSEP Cassette Removal
  • BioFabrication Cassette Removal and Glovebag Install
  • Astrobee Stowage Clear and Prep
  • ELF Holder Hardware Gather
  • Food Physiology Diet Brief
  • HRF Veg POMS Questionnaire
  • MSG Facility Audit
  • Particle Vibration Setup
  • Standard Measures Cognition Test
  • Veg-05 Check and Root Mat fill
  • Z-T2 Ops


  • EVA Airlock Deconfig
  • EVA GoPro Downlink
  • EMU Water Recharge
  • EVA Camera Disassembly
  • EVA Debrief Conference

Saturday, February 4 (GMT 035)

  • Astrobee Stowage Replace and Off


  • Regenerative ECLSS Recycle Tank Drain

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Standard Measures Post-Sleep Questionnaire
  • HRF Generic Collection Ops
  • HRF Generic MELFI Sample Insertion Operations
  • HRF Generic HRF Centrifuge Ops
  • Equipment Lock (E-LK) Preparation
  • Extravehicular Activity Pistol Grip Tool Battery Installation
  • EVA Tool Configuring
  • EVA Tool Audit
  • EVA Procedure Review
  • TangoLab-3 Hardware Move
  • EVA iPad Preparation
  • Photo TV GoPro Setup
  • EVA Camera Turnaround
  • MELFI Dewar Audit
  • TangoLab-4 Hardware Move
  • Sphere Cam1 Hardware Gather
  • VEG-05 Plant Check/Water
  • Sphere Cam1 LAB Translation Filming Shot 7
  • Fluidics HDD disconnection from CMAU
  • EVA Procedure Conference
  • ISS HAM Kenwood Radio Power Down in Columbus
  • ISS HAM Radio Power Down in Service Module