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Hello everybody, and greetings from the NASA STEAM Innovation team. During our journey of discovery, together, we will be sharing and conversing with you as we test emerging technology products coming to market; hack hardware; and prototype software algorithms to visualize the universe. We will be describing our journey in many social and traditional media. So come find us! Contribute, collaborate and innovate with NASA scientists!!

In these blogs we intend to showcase how wonderful new technology can change our lives. The NASA STEAM Innovation Lab is essentially a hybrid makerspace where we invite NASA scientists, engineers and educators to explore and develop new ideas related to infusion of educational technology into STEAM. And these blogs are to engage with you as we explore, so that discussion of new ideas can benefit everyone.

We want to hear from you. YES YOU!! This is a collaborative project between us at NASA and you – our nations next generation of innovators. With great innovations comes great mistakes. This has been true throughout human history by our greatest men and women. We will not be afraid to show you projects that crashed alongside those that worked wonderfully – and neither should you. We will overcome the adversities that lay before us and together we will push and break technology barriers.

So, contact us and showcase your results with us!

Meet some of the NSSEC team.
NASA STEAM Innovation with girl scouts. June 2018.


6 thoughts on “Welcome, Welcome, Welcome”

    1. Thanks. The STEAM Innovation team hope you will find these useful for you to test new tech at home, the office or anywhere else. We will be releasing a new blog Every Friday. – So follow us!

  1. I’m looking forward to working with our team to post new blogs each week with ideas for Makers, Tinkerers, museums, Science Centers, after school Programs and more!! We soon hope to have 1-2 new NASA infused maker ideas each week.

  2. Dear Neel and Troy,

    I hope you are doing great. I am Sourabh Kaushal from India, I met with Troy in Bay Area Maker’s Faire in 2015. We started Smart Innovation Labs in India. There are different sections in lab including Electronics, Sensors, IOT, Arduino, Raspi, Drones, 3D Printer, Robotics, Mechanical tools, Hand Tools, Lathe machine etc.
    Please have a look at our lab : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsUy_W91YUU&t=23s
    Few of the projects maded under Lab :

    I hope you like projects made by students. Students also developed Can-Satellite and now they are working on Balloon-Satellite project.
    I was just thinking is there any way we can collaborate and work on some joint projects?


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