Innovation Team showcasing our latest at Fall AGU conference in Washington DC

Fall AGU 2018 conference is the largest Earth and space science gathering in the world, and the STEM Innovation Team are attending the conference in full force. The team just submitted numerous presentations in several sessions to showcase the variety and breadth of our work. So come find us to talk about all our new and exciting projects in December 10 – 14th.

The Fall AGU 2018, is an annual meeting that usually occurs in San Francisco. But for the first time in my career, the meeting has gone on the road and is coming to our nations capital, Washington DC, during December 10-14th.

This tremendous meeting, that has roughly 20,000 attendees, includes leading scientists from around the world as well as educators and innovators. As part of the meeting, this week was the deadline for submitting abstracts to present our exciting new developments.

We are presenting on many different ideas that the Lab has developed of over the last year and the topics are:

Troy Cline [ID# 436479] –  Exploring Science Data with NASA’s STEM Innovation Lab: Explore, Create, Share

Bryan Stephenson [ID# 448107]  –  Exploring Earth’s Magnetosphere in Virtual Reality

Kyle Boyer [ID#468090] – Visualizations of Volumetric Datasets in Virtual Reality: Benefits and Constraints

Lani Sasser [ID# 448107] –  Using 3D Printers and Paper Cutters to Motivate your Audience with  NASA Science and Big Events

[EDIT: I did not add everyones title to keep the blog succinct. But now I am adding a few more highlights below from the team]

Trae Winter [ID# 454871]  –  The Tactile Sun: Creating a Direct Pipeline from Observations to Accessible 3D Prints

And from other members:

  • The Great American Solar Eclipse 2017: New Results and Follow Up
  • 3D Printing in Earth and Planetary Science Education and Outreach
  • Call to Action: NASA Science and Learning Collaborations
  • From Either/Or to Yes/And: Increasing Indigenous Participation in Science by Simultaneously Cultivating STEM and Cultural Identities
  • Citizen Science: Engaging a Wider Community to Better Understand Our Planet

So come find us at the meeting, or tell us what exciting topics you are involved in.

2 thoughts on “Innovation Team showcasing our latest at Fall AGU conference in Washington DC”

  1. Sir, My new findings are on UNIVERSE and Space . These findings are new one. Need your guidance where I can submit my Ideas and findings to NASA Scientists directly, so that it can be reviewed. For sure these Ideas & findings are new one.

    1. Dear Munish,
      NASA scientists and engineers regular support publications of new innovations and ideas through the peer review system of journals around the world. In addition, NASA personnel often travel to international scientific meetings. I would suggest that you begin collaborations with a scientist or engineer local to you, and begin submitting abstracts as conference proceedings and then to journals. The local scientist can help you navigate through the scientific process, and then either the scientist or you can attend a relevant science workshop in the hope of meeting a NASA scientist that is also knowledgeable in area of your innovation.


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