Solar Tour Pit Stop #5: Earth’s Magnetosphere

Earth’s Protective Shield

Today on our solar tour, we’re exploring the magnetosphere – the last stop before heading into space! Earth’s magnetosphere is created by our planet’s molten core and protects us from the solar wind, the constant stream of radiation and charged particles coming from the Sun!

We’re not alone (magnetically speaking)

Earth isn’t the only object in our solar system with a magnetosphere! This protective shield may be essential for the development of conditions friendly to life, so finding magnetospheres around other planets is a big step toward determining if they could support life.

In this story, learn how not all magnetospheres are created equal.

Magnetic Sun

Earth has a magnetosphere – and so does our Sun!

Before becoming a Delta State University professor and director of the Wiley Planetarium, solar scientist Maria Weber studied how magnetism makes its way to the Sun’s surface by connecting what we see on the surface to what’s happening below. This could help scientists predict solar storms, protecting people and technology on Earth and in space.

Maria Weber Shares the Wonders of Physics and Astronomy

Onward to space!

NASA studies the magnetosphere to better understand its role in our space environment, which can help us learn about the nature of space throughout the universe.

Credit: Trond Abrahamsen

Tomorrow on our solar tour, we’ll head out into space.

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