Solar Tour Pit Stop #9: The Solar Wind

The Solar Wind

Ah, the solar wind – that steady stream of particles our Sun sheds to space. The solar wind fills every nook and cranny of interstellar space, pelting planetary atmospheres and shaping their long-term fate.

Space weather

Hey Parker, how’s the weather out there?

There’s weather in space – but we’re not talking rain or snow. The solar wind can trigger magnetic storms with dangerous effects on astronauts, satellites and even our power grid.

Curious about space weather?  Your questions, answered.

The Solar Wind at Earth

“If the Sun sneezes, Earth catches a cold.”

The solar wind keeps us in touch with what’s happening on the Sun. More on how it affects us here on Earth and how Parker protects itself in space.

Solar wind speed

Even the slowest solar wind travels about 186 miles per second.

At that speed, we’ll be at our next stop in a jiffy!

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