Solar Tour Pit Stop #11: Near the Sun

Near the Sun

We’re nearing the end of our solar tour, which means we’re getting closer to the star of the show! We sent Parker Solar Probe to the Sun to investigate some of our star’s biggest mysteries. The closer we get, the more discoveries we make.

The Sun’s hottest mystery

One of the big questions we hope to answer with Parker Solar Probe is the coronal heating problem: the mystery of why the Sun’s atmosphere is much, much hotter than the surface below – just the opposite of what we would expect. In this story, learn more about one of the hottest questions in solar science. 

Parker Solar Probe’s first discoveries

So far, Parker Solar Probe’s discoveries include zig-zagging magnetic switchbacks and our solar system’s elusive dust-free zone. Revisit the mission’s first batch of results.

You’re getting warmer…

Now that we’re approaching the Sun, we have just one more stop to go on our solar tour where we have a big announcement!

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