Big News

Something exciting is going on with the Taking Up Spaceblog. For one, we’re branching out. We’ve added a TakingUp Space Facebook page and @NASAblogTUSTwitter feed to let you know when new posts are up and to update you whenarticles and profiles about students involved in NASA are posted on the ForStudents9-12 and HigherEducation pages on So go check those out, “like” us and follow usso you can stay on top of what’s going on here on the blog.

The second thing, though, is even bigger! We’re talking tothe space station — as in, we’re going to have a live downlink with astronautson the International Space Station during the next space shuttle mission. We’regoing to be posting some of the subject areas and questions we’re thinkingabout asking on the TakingUp Space Facebook page, and we want you all to help us decide what weshould ask. We’re getting everything together to start posting things soon (like in the next few days), sobecome a fan of the new Facebook page and help us choose the questions. Follow us on Twitter and re-tweet thisunique opportunity to all your friends.