What Do You Want Us to Ask?

I mentioned the other day we’re going to be talking toastronauts on the space station but have I mentioned how excited I am about this incredible opportunity?!? I’m thrilled atwhat we’re getting to do, and I’m especially glad that we’re using social mediato get as many students involved as possible.

I’ve written several times for NASA’s For Students pagesabout educational downlinks, where astronauts on the space shuttle or on theInternational Space Station call down to answer questions from students onEarth. There were astronautsMichael Lopez-Alegria and Suni Williams talking to students at the AdlerPlanetarium in Chicago, a downlinkwith students from Punahou School in Hawaii, and earlier this year TennesseeTech alum Barry Wilmore talked to students in his home state. It wasthrilling to see students have that opportunity, and I’m excited we’re able tobring that experience to this blog and the many high school and collegestudents out there who are interested in and involved with NASA.

Three students wearing gold and purple Tennessee Tech football jerseys
Students wait to ask aquestion of astronauts on the space station during a live
downlink at Tennessee Tech. Image Credit: Dean Carothers/TTU Photo Services

So here’s how this is going to work: During the STS-133space shuttle mission I’ll be talking to some of the crew and asking themquestions that Taking Up Space readers want to know. We’re polling you on whatquestions you want to see asked on our new TakingUp Space Facebook page. Follow along as wesuggest questions we may ask and let you vote on which ones you’d like to seeasked.

Then tune in to NASA TV during the STS-133mission and watch the downlink live! We’ll have the date and time a littlecloser to time for the mission. In the mean time, go to our Facebook fan pageand let us know which questions you like. Share the poll with your friends onFacebook, and use the Taking Up SpaceTwitter feed to help spread the word.

10 thoughts on “What Do You Want Us to Ask?”

  1. Hi my name is Andressa, I appreciate the work you have done ,and I’ve been following all the achievements you have made. I’d like to know one thing,: why not tell us the truth about what’s really out there? about every kind of life you’ve found there? and also here. people are not dumb, they know what they see, and in the last 60 years they’ve ‘been seeing many things in the sky that nobody can explain.

    We know almost everything. we know about NASA’s files, area 51 , there are secret bases in almost every country. we know that. so why don’t you tell us the rest of this gr8 story. theres no reason to hideit from everyone, it really wont shok us, if one day the government come to public and say: ” there’s intelligent life in other planets in the universe , and maybe in another universes.”

    thank you NASA for all youve done to earth. bu WE WANT THE TRUTH.
    ( i didnt want to disrespect you )

  2. why do we see the same stars day after day year after year both in the northern hemisphere and in the southern?

    age 7

  3. What do you think? Planet X really exist?
    I would like to know the answer to this question for further study.

  4. please read this

    hello I am is not good on english so am come to write in swedish if you have a one man as can read this.

    A jag undrar varför inte ni bygger stora space . Om det kommer liv utåt ska ni sitta där å förhandla medan dom skjuter på oss. om vi bygger stora space nu så kan vi försvara oss. om allt ska kosta så kanske ni har bara råd till 1-3 space så om vi tar fram mycket med matrial nu så kan vi bygga många space så kan vi försvara oss.

    en sak till om ni kan bygga stora glas kumpoler på mars å plantera växter o djur inne i dom

    om vi ska kunna åka ut i rymden och hitta flera planeter som den ni har hittat nu så får det inte få kosta något om det ska kosta så kommer vi inte ut i rymden för än ca 2030

  5. I noticed that travel through space by natural means is when a black hole takes in planets at one end and produces stars at the other side; also when black holes explode giviing the big bang effect. Now of course we are at a point in evalution where we could use cold fusion or if needed will even attempt with nuclear means the ignition of a black hole so that the star forms on this side of our universe at this time. Planet travel in the past consisted of the moving of asteroids from all over the universe until caught in the gravitation of a black hole such as jupitor or moving past the black hole and getting caught by the gravitation of the sun. My question is simple. If the earth was an asteroid how large are the largist potential planets we might one day find?

  6. Hey!! I wanna become a part of NASA an am keen interested in becoming an astronaut..the problem is tht I’m from PAkistan and I’m not sure that U ppl will ever give a chance to us ( pakistanis). but I still believe that one day I’ll be an important part of NASA.. so kindly help me ..tell me how to study for becoming an astronaut and what should I study…..

  7. Hi i m ankit. Here i write this 2 know what is there in Bermuda triangle. A high gravity or some thing alps.
    And i hard that NASA have plain to take students to space all around the world.
    if it is true than i want to know more about it please.?
    (please reaply)

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