I Have a Question

The deadline to have our questions selected for the ISSdownlink is coming up on Tuesday, Oct. 12. Here are the questions we’ve polledyou about so far. Go to the NASATaking Up Space Facebook page and click on the Poll tab to vote for yourfavorites.

A favorite astronaut pastime isviewing Earth. What do you most like to look for?

What TV shows or sports are youkeeping up with while away on the mission?

Are there any basic tasks that aremuch harder or much easier to do in space?

As space crews become more diverse,are there any language barrier issues on missions?

What kind of medical procedures canyou do in space?

How has the station changed sinceyou were first there?

What’s the most challenging part ofthe STS-133 mission?

What’s been the most exciting partof the STS-133 mission?

What do you think is the coolestthing about Robonaut 2?

What types of tasks will robotsperform on the International Space Station?

What do you think is some of themost valuable science to come out of the space station so far?

If a student today were interestedin doing space research, what field(s) should they study?

What do you think is the greatestlegacy of the space shuttle program?

If you could pick any flight in thehistory of the shuttle program to have flown on, which would it be?

2 thoughts on “I Have a Question”

  1. HI

    1) Why NASA Going above the earth but not towords down in to SEA . Is there any thing beyond the SEA or after SEA .

    2) Can Sound energy in SPACE can Be conveted to any form of energy

    if yes in to which form

    3) We can see what is above the earth , but is there any thing below earth .

  2. Hi
    1) if a astronaut missed in space is there any chance to get back to shuttle .

    2)for how many days the oxygen cylender works

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