Unveiling the Power of Open Science for Indigenous Communities

Join us on August 10, 1 p.m. EST, for the NASA Transform to Open Science (TOPS) monthly forum,  “Unveiling the Power of Open Science for Indigenous Communities,” in honor of World Indigenous Peoples Day.  

Featuring speakers from NASA’s Indigenous People Initiative, SERVIR Amazonia, and Dr. Sierra Brown of Million Concepts LLC; a TOPS curriculum writer and member of the Shinnecock Nation, this forum will delve into the incredible ways open science is empowering indigenous communities. The speakers will also discuss how these communities benefit from open science practices and share insights into the remarkable work being done by these teams and the open science community at large. 

Open science plays a crucial role in empowering indigenous communities by providing them with access to scientific knowledge and data, as well as tools that can support their sustainable development and cultural preservation efforts. By sharing their unique perspectives, traditional knowledge and valuable insights, indigenous communities can contribute to scientific research and policy discussions, ensuring that their voices and perspectives are included and valued in decision-making processes.

Register now to secure your spot and participate in the enlightening Q&A session that follows the presentations. This event is open to the public, so spread the word and be a part of this transformative conversation.

Join Us Virtually for the “Accelerating the Adoption of Open Science” NASA/CERN Summit!

In celebration of the Year of Open Science initiative, NASA and CERN are hosting a week-long hybrid summit titled  “Accelerating the Adoption of Open Science,”  at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, from July 10-14.  We invite you to participate virtually in this remarkable gathering where experts and stakeholders from the open science community gather to advance open science policies and practices.

The primary aim of the “Accelerating the Adoption of Open Science” summit is to foster collaboration, innovation, and the exchange of ideas among attendees. As a virtual participant, you will have the opportunity to listen to keynote presentations by speakers from NASA, CERN, and other renowned scientific institutions from around the world, while engaging in panel discussions on various aspects of open science. These talks will provide valuable insights into the importance of open science and its potential impact on the scientific community.

Event Highlights:

Keynote Presentations: Gain inspiration and knowledge as leading experts discuss the significance of open science and its implications for scientific research. 

Panel Discussions: Engage in panel sessions where experts will address challenges and opportunities in the adoption of open science. Gain valuable insights and perspectives on various aspects of open science, including data sharing, collaboration, and reproducibility. As a virtual participant, you can submit questions in advance or join live Q&A sessions.

To join the “Accelerating the Adoption of Open Science” summit virtually, visit the event website. Register today and be a part of the future of scientific research. Together, let’s accelerate the adoption of open science and shape the scientific landscape for years to come.

Exploring the Power of Open Science: Join NASA and CERN Experts for a Community Forum on May 11

Join us on May 11 at 1 P.M. EST for a Community Forum on the power of open science, brought to you by NASA’s Transform to Open Science (TOPS) initiative. We’re thrilled to bring together experts from NASA and CERN to explore the transformative impact of open science on fostering greater international collaboration and accelerating scientific progress.

At this forum, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with thought leaders in the field and discover the incredible potential of open science in shaping the future of space exploration. Our speakers include Dr. Chelle Gentemann, Program Scientist for NASA’s Transform to Open Science, Kim Hurst from NASA’s Office of International and Interagency Relations, and Kamran Naim, Head of Open Science for CERN.

Throughout the forum, we’ll discuss a range of topics, including the benefits of open science for collaboration and discovery, the challenges and opportunities of working with international partners, and the incredible feats being accomplished by NASA and CERN using open science to further scientific discovery.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in the field and discover the power of open science in shaping the future of space exploration. Register now to secure your spot, submit your questions, and join us for this exciting event!