Nutty Season

I can’t help but wonder . . . . is this the nutty season?

A family hoax about a little boy trapped in a helium balloon rigged up to look like a UFO . . . .

Proposals that the US Government intentionally send people on a one way trip to Mars . . . .

There is an urban myth that these things come in threes. 

What else could be coming down the pike that is so . . . nutty . . . .


13 thoughts on “Nutty Season”

  1. NASA’s current direction with Constellation being overturned – that would be nutty, stupid, dumb and no urban myth. Hope Ares 1x flys as expected. I think the sight of Ares 1x lifting off with the Shuttle on the other pad will give us all some hope for the future – that will be no urban myth !!

  2. Lets hope its not Whitehouse HSF policy.

    Its looking like it will take the LCROSS team to December to report on what the ejecta was composed of. Whatever the findings, I think there is enough curiosity about what the Moon’s poles may contain that they are worthy of some human exploration.

    Therefore, the international program must be the key reason for the delay in releasing the HSF Committee final report. The NASA visits to the Chinese manned space program are a very interesting development.

    I think Chinese participation in a NASA led international space program is appropriate, but technology transfer to China is not. A Government system based on patronage between Party officials and between officials and the populace holds dangers for democracies – The two great political poles are democracy and patronage. On that basis, dual use technologies should not be transferred as part of HSF program.


  3. What about the folks who declared LCROSS to be a military attack on the Moon People, or feared it would knock the Moon out of its orbit? Do they count?

  4. Wasn’t the same one way trip once proposed for Apollo? I recall that NASA were approach with an idea to get someone onto the moon’s surface ASAP and supplies would be sent until they could work out a way to get him back….

    Anyhow, it’s always nutty season somewhere. Just look at some of the UK Governments proposals………

  5. Nutty… two seasoned airline pilots decide to play with their laptop computers instead of fly the airplane.

  6. I could think of a few politicians that I might like to nominate for a one way trip to Mars. Just kidding of course. 🙂

    Thanks Wayne for all your interesting blogs.

  7. Not extending the shuttle and ISS would be nutty. There are fewer issues extending shuttle than creating a new rocket. I love the shuttle! Deorbiting the ISS would be nutty. And wasteful

  8. I watched the balloon thing flying along and couldn’t help being impressed. It was apparently well-designed and constructed to retain its shape against internal gas pressure. Despite considerable buffeting, it maintained a stable gondola-down attitude throughout the flight. I would suggest that NASA take a closer look at the design. As for the designer, the mob mentality is demanding that he do some jail time and that is what will probably happen.

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