Blogging: A new adventure!


I really appreciate the start to the conversation.  In fact, I am overwhelmed by it.  Pardon my ignorance of the technique, I hope to learn fast.

A couple of logistical notes:  all NASA Blogs, if comments are allowed, are moderated.  That means that if you write a comment, it comes to me and I have to approve it for posting.  So don’t send multiple copies of the same comment, please.  Also, posting comments is only one of my duties and sometimes (like this morning) it may be a couple of hours before I get back to this to read and approve posts.  Finally, there are a couple of rules, down at the bottom.  So far I have only not posted one comment because it derogated an individual by name.  I may need to keep folks on topic in the future.  I would really like NOT to play referee and post all the comments, but that is not the way the system works, so I’ll try to be as loose on the rules as I can be.

GREAT COMMENTS.  Wow.  Over the next several weeks I intend to explore many of the topics raised in these first few posts in some detail.  Bear with me if I don’t get to your favorite comment right away.

This is going to be fun and educational.  I am so impressed with this first day.  What a hoot.